Best iPhone 7 Plus Designer Cases in 2019: Gorgeous Suits for Your Phablet

These best iPhone 7 Plus designer cases of 2019 would certainly appeal you if you want to buy your smartphone a captivating cover.

Designer cases are carved to arrest attention. They may not have the power of a heavy-duty case, but they have the enviable charm to stand out of the rest. To give your iPhone a favorite look, you would like to scroll through this list of best iPhone 7 Plus designer cases.

Unlike other cases, these designer suits don’t come at a hefty price. What’s more, they have been prepared to offer basic protection to your smartphone and retain its splendor for long. Let’s go across to handpick the right case for your smartphone!

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Best iPhone 7 Plus Designer Cases in 2019

#1. SmartLegend

SmartLegend iPhone 7 Plus Designer Case

SmartLegend designer case has a beautiful appearance. The floral pattern adds more charm to its profile.

The form-fitting design looks eye-catching on the iPhone. TPU frame offers minor protection from drops. The raised lips shield screen and camera from scratch.

The delicate look does have the ability to safeguard itself when it matters the most. From all angle, it’s a reasonable deal at a competing price.

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USP: Form-fitting design
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#2. Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 7 Plus Designer Case

Rebecca Minkoff designer case flaunts a fashionable look. The holographic confetti glitter brings adds more flair to it.

Compact design pairs elegantly with your ultra-large iPhone and the metallic buttons improve the user experience. The clear back lets the iPhone express itself without any interference.

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If your phablet craves to make its presence felt effortless, this smartly designed case can be a hot pick for it. The price may seem to be just a bit too high, but the case does come with something special.

USP: Holographic confetti glitter
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#3. Unili

unili iPhone 7 Plus Designer Case

Unili delivers elegant luxury PU leather designer case for your plus-sized iPhone. Equipped with cardholder slots, this case precisely fits on your device and protects it against scratches, dust, shocks, and fingerprints.

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Once you install the case, you can quickly access all the buttons and ports of your device – thanks to the precise cut-out of Unili’s designer case. Sheer luxury and elegance, Unili has crafted a strong and tough case for your iPhone.

USP: Wear-resistant
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#4. OtterBox

OtterBox iPhone 7 Plus Designer Case

OtterBox is known to manufacture robust cases with minimum aesthetics. For a change, the brand has surprised its users with this designer case for iPhone. The firefly graphic on this case creates stylish looks; moreover, the design keeps the case pocket-friendly as it never hampers your phone’s functions.

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For protection, OtterBox has used dual-material construction that absorbs shocks. The beveled edge provides a necessary elevation to the touchscreen of your iPhone.

USP: Pocket-friendly design
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MOSNOVO iPhone 7 Plus Designer Case

Both in terms of design and durability, Mosnovo case stands up to the mark. The floral henna paisley pattern beautifies its appearance.

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Two layers of construction help the designer case withstand the challenge of drops. The scratch-resistant print retains its appeal for long. The shock-absorbing TPU bumper and sturdy polycarbonate back panel make it more capable. The slim profile becomes on iPhone stylishly.

Mosnovo designer case should live up to your expectation from every all aspect. What makes it a great buy is the ability to keep its beauty secure for long.

USP: Shock-Absorbing and Scratch Resistant
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#6. NIS Industries

NIS Industries Designer Case for iPhone 7 Plus

NIS Industries presents a unique design that enhances its shocking value. One look at this case and you won’t be able to check other cases. The flexible body of this case absorbs shock; TPU material protects your iPhone from impact, drops, and shocks. On top of this, the case doesn’t add bulk to your device.

The graphic on this case is inimitable; NIS Industries has used unique graphics printing technology to design this case. It is precisely designed case to allow you quick access to all essential ports and buttons.

USP: Semi-gloss finish
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#7. SelliPhone

SelliPhone iPhone 7 Plus Designer Case

Have you displeased your lady love? You can persuade her with SelliPhone’s luxurious designer case. With its embroidered rose flower pattern, this case is exclusively crafted for girls and women of discerning taste. For convenience, SelliPhone has attached a wrist strap to hold your precious iPhone securely.

SelliPhone has used high-quality soft TPU to make it professional and lightweight. The classic style of this case precisely fits your cell phone. Easy installation and precise cut-out provide extra comfort while you are using your iPhone.

USP: Luxurious design
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#8. Velvet Caviar

Velvet Caviar Designer Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Velvet Caviar offers a range of impressive designs and colors in the iPhone case. With 20 beautiful designs and vibrant colors, Velvet Caviar is a leader in manufacturing designer cases. This holographic pink, blue marble case is made for girls and women. The drop-test certified case is designed in New York City artists.

Velvet Caviar has used the highest grade materials and laser printing technology to create fantastic marble design. Apart from design, Velvet Caviar has paid enough attention to protection as the case is made of shockproof TPU bumper and PC plate.

USP: Laser printing
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#9. Cover Affair

Cover Affair iPhone 7 Plus Designer Case

Cover Affair brings a handmade item for you. Using a state-of-the-art printing process, Cover Affair gives you the best printing quality as the brand uses high-definition ink and other printing equipment. Since Cover Affair has used top quality polycarbonate, the case is shatterproof and durable.

Like other Cover Affair cases, this one is also waterproof. Moreover, the case protects your phone from ultra-violet rays. The slim fit case offers full access to all ports and buttons on your iPhone.

USP: Handmade case
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#10. Weiduka

Weiduka iPhone 7-8 Plus Designer Case

Weiduka’s crystal steel tempering glass floral pattern sets it apart from other designer cases in this list. The painted clear style bumper protection is added with TPU to make this case stylish and strong. It is a combination of 9H tempered glass and soft TPU, which protects your iPhone in every season.

Perfection in crafting this case enables you to access all function holes like headphones, camera, speaker, mic, etc. easily. Wireless charging compatibility is a notable feature of this case.

USP: Supports wireless charging
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That’s all! Which one of these designer cases is the best of the lot? We would like to know your views in the comments below.

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