Best iPhone 7 Plus Battery Cases: Juice Up Your Phablet Elegantly

Whether it’s providing more than 100% battery life or the stunning design, this best iPhone 7 Plus battery cases stand out of the rest. Let’s explore them all to choose one for your smartphone.

We all know that iPhone 7 Plus has got an hour of extra battery life as compared to its predecessor. However, the battery of 5.5-inch phablet can’t last too long if you indulge in playing some of the most power-sucking games or use the device extensively. Hence, you will need to juice up your ultra-large smartphone a bit frequently.

Do you like to charge your iPhone more often? Personally, I hate to put my device for charging. As I use my smartphone a lot, playing with some of the most jaw-dropping racing games, or watching online videos, the smartphone needs to be powered up at least a couple of times a day. That’s why; I use battery case to not only help me juice up my iPhone with optimum ease but also let me use my device without any interruption.

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Willing to discover some of the best battery cases for iPhone 7 Plus? (Want to explore best iPhone 7 battery cases instead? Check out this post.) Here you go!

Best iPhone 7 Plus Battery Cases

#1. BStrive

BStrive iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

It’s always great to have tons of extra juice in the tank as it offers more freedom to explore the web or go for the endless shooting spree in your favorite FPS. Loaded with a monstrous 7300mAh battery, BStrive promises to be a powerhouse for your smartphone. Despite having such a huge battery, the case doesn’t look bulky at all.

Aside from delivering tons of extra power, it also keeps dangers like overcurrent and short-circuits away. The embedded magnets make this case fully supported to work with magnetic car mounts. So, if you use a car mount for a more convenient hands-free experience, this cover would seamlessly fit into your needs.

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USP: Support for magnetic car mounts
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#2. VinPone

VinPone iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

VinPone offers you a powerful battery pack equipped with 7000mAh built-in lithium polymer battery. This FCC, CE, and RoHS certified battery pack gives you extra standby time to your iPhone 7 Plus. Its portable design allows you to charge your device anytime and anywhere.

Unlike other battery cases, which are not precisely designed, this one from VinPone comes with an accurate design with precise cutouts. You can quickly and easily access all the essential ports, buttons, and controls on your iPhone 7 Plus. Advanced sync-through technology lets you sync your phone to your Mac or Windows computer without removing the case.

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USP: Advanced sync-through technology
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JUBOTY Battery Case for iPhone 7 PlusHave a liking for dark colors? If yes, JUBOTY is your thing.

The cover has a snug fit profile and comes in multiple attractive colors like rose gold, blue, purple. Aside from the slim design, it also comes with a good 4200mAh Li-polymer battery that delivers plenty of extra juice to the smartphone.

You can detach the upper part of the case to use it as a handy stand. Lastly, JUBOTY slim battery case comes with a 24-month warranty.

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USP: Slim design
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#4. Vorcsbine

Vorcsbine iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

I like the compact and shock-absorbing design of this battery case from Vorcsbine. The cover claims to be a 360-degree shield of your smartphone.

The 4000mAh battery is strong enough to offer over 120% additional charge to your iPhone. Thanks to the integrated circuit design, it also protects your smartphone from dangers such as overcharging.

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Plus, the buttons are tactile and easy to press, whereas the cutouts are very precise.

USP: Integrated circuit design
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#5. Trianium Atomic Pro

Trianium iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

Trianium’s praiseworthy Atomic Pro stands tall on all aspects as a highly efficient battery case. The case looks pretty compact and makes a form-fitting match with the iPhone. All the cutouts are precise, while the buttons feel responsive. Therefore, you won’t have trouble using your device or syncing it with your MacBook.

4200 Li-polymer rechargeable lets you browse the web up to 12 hours, which is quite sufficient for normal usage. With regard to protection, Atomic Pro sports shock-resistant bumper design that reinforces the construction and also enables it to fight out the impact. That’s not all; the battery case is supported by the lifetime warranty.

USP: Protective bumper design
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SUNWELL iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

SUNWELL battery case has an incredibly slim design that helps it make a dashing match with your phablet. The 4000mAh battery adds 120% extra battery life to your device. There are four LED lights which allow you to instantly find out the battery level.

With the snap on design, you will install and remove the case without any hiccup. The power level indicator shows how much charge your device has left. Built-in magnetic metal design helps it work with magnetic car mounts. Furthermore, SUNWELL comes in three nice-looking colors like black, red and rose gold.

USP: Built-in magnetic metal design
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#7. mophie juice pack

mophie juice iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

Enough praise about the traditional battery case! Time to go for a wireless charging case to power up your smartphone more comfortable.

With the support of Qi and other wireless charging technologies, mophie juice pack lets you charge your iPhone wirelessly. It features 2,420 mAh battery which provides 60% additional power to your smartphone. LED enables you to instantly check out the remaining power.

Moreover, this new-age battery case is available in five colors including black, blue, gold, rose gold and the sensational product red.

USP: Charge Force Technology
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#8. Fengxa

Fengxa Battery Case for iPhone 7 Plus

It is not just your battery case that powers up your iPhone 7 Plus. Fengxa has manufactured a case that helps you in more than one way. You can protect your phone with this powerful battery pack and ensure 360-degree security from scratches.

A notable feature is a kickstand. Many battery case makers fail to understand a simple thing: users like to watch videos, photos, and play games on a large screen device. For this purpose, a strong battery case is required to keep the phone charged for a long time. This 8000mAh battery case adds more than 200% battery life to your phone so that you can use it for a long time.

USP: Kickstand
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#9. HETP

HETP iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

Providing tons of additional charge to your iPhone 7 Plus is the central purpose of HETP. The powerful 8500mAh battery delivers fast and secure charging solution. What adds more value to its profile is the CE and RoHS certifications.

Talking about the design, it’s a bit on the slimmer side and makes a decent match with the iPhone. As far as cutouts are concerned, they are pretty much on target. Therefore, you won’t run into issues while charging or using your iPhone.

Plus, the three color options including black, red and pink let you pick out matching suit for the phablet.

USP: CE and RoHS certifications
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#10. Wavypo

Wavypo Battery Case for iPhone 7 PlusThis offering from Wavypo has got both the sleek design and the robust battery to be a good pick. First and foremost, the 5500mAh battery offers over 150% extra juice (more than 12 hours of web browsing, over 8 hours of talktime).

The protective IC circuit and CE and RoHS certification make it one of the most secure battery cases for the iPhone 7 Plus. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about threats like short-circuiting and overcurrent.

With the four LED lights, tracking the power status is quite simple. Furthermore, Wavypo comes in three colors like black, blue and red.

USP: CE and RoHS certification
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Signing Off

So, pick out a powerful battery case to add a lot of additional battery life to your iPhone. It will let you browse the web, play high-octane games and watch movies with more freedom. You won’t have to worry about charging your device time again.

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