Best iPhone 7 Plus Battery Cases in 2023

Best iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus Battery Cases

iPhone 7 Plus initially had excellent battery life, but with use, the battery capacity tends to decline. If you are facing the wrath of low-battery way too often, one of these iPhone 7 Plus battery cases might be a great solution. A great benefit of an efficient battery case is that you don’t have to carry along a power bank and a charging wire everywhere. When in need of some extra juice, just switch on the power button.

  1. Swaller Ultra-Slim Battery Charger Case
  2. Protective Battery Case from Alpatronix
  3. NEWDERY Wireless Charging Battery Case
  4. 5500mAh Protective Battery Case from Lonlif
  5. Anernai Liquid Silicone Battery Charger Cover
  6. Mophie Wireless Battery Case
  7. 8500mAh Smart Battery Case from VOOE
  8. JUBOTY Battery Case With Magnetic Top

1. Ultra-Slim Battery Charger Case from Swaller

iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case from Swaller

Aesthetics are something that I noticed first in this cover. The liquid silicone exterior lends a comfortable tactile sensation, and the ultra-slim design only adds 0.24 inch to your device.

Despite the slim profile, Swaller manages to pack a powerful 5000mAh battery. This 120% additional power means that it gives an extra 25 hours of talk time or 15 hours of Internet surfing. An advanced chip keeps track of the device’s safety by preventing overheating, short-circuit, and overcharging.

USP: Ultra-slim design
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2. Alpatronix Protective Battery Case

Alpatronix Protective Battery Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Thanks to the two-layer casing and bumper frame, once encased, your device is protected against daily bumps and dints. Not just that, the UL certified battery ensures the safety of iPhone’s battery and the users as well.

The case also offers 100% compatible with iOS updates, Apple Pay, and Bluetooth headsets, thanks to the certified connector chip. It also enables seamless data transfer via the included micro USB cable. Most importantly, all this and more features are packed in a slim, lightweight, and compact design.

USP: Slim design
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3. Wireless Charging Battery Case By NEWDERY

NEWDERY iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

A 5000mAh battery case that can add 150% battery life to your iPhone and can also make it Qi-compatible. Thanks to this piece of tech, you can now charge your iPhone 7 Plus via a compatible wireless charger.

The case also doubles as a 360° protective layer for your device. Raised bezels keep the screen and camera lens protected, whereas advanced chips keep issues like overheating, short-circuit, and overcharging at bay. Along with that, NEWDERY extends support to lightning earphones, Bluetooth headset, car charge, data-sync, and simultaneous charge and data-sync.

USP: Integrated circuit design
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4. Lonlif 5500mAh Protective Battery Case

Lonlif iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

If you are a frequent traveler who doesn’t get any chances to charge the iPhone frequently, then this case is perfect for you. With 5500mAH battery, you’ll never run out of power while traveling. The four LED indicators will help to evaluate the remaining power on the case. For safety, the case features protection from overcharging, overcurrent, and overheating.

In addition to the above-said features, you don’t need to remove the case to sync your device with your Mac, or PC. Lastly, there are three color choices available.

USP: 5500mAh battery
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5. Anernai Liquid Silicone Shockproof Battery Charger Cover

ANERNAI iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

Anernai battery case for iPhone 7 Plus is made using natural silica gel. Under the hood, it flaunts a massive 5000mAh battery that can charge your device multiple times. On top of that, it can simultaneously charge and sync your device with Mac or a PC. The best part about this case is that even with the massive battery, it is comparatively slimmer.

Besides that, the case has a slightly raised front, protecting your screen from scratches. Lastly, there are three vibrant color options available: Red, blue, and black.

USP: Slim design
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6. Wireless Battery Case from Mophie

mophie juice iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

Enough praise about the traditional battery case! Time to go for a wireless charging case to power up your smartphone more comfortable.

With the support of Qi and other wireless charging technologies, mophie juice pack lets you charge your iPhone wirelessly. It features 2,420 mAh battery which provides 60% additional power to your smartphone. LED enables you to instantly check out the remaining power.

Moreover, this new-age battery case is available in five colors including black, blue, gold, rose gold and the sensational product red.

USP: Charge Force Technology
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7. VOOE 8500mAh Smart Battery Case

VOOE Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 Plus

The key purpose of VOOE is to provide tons of additional charge to your iPhone. The powerful 8500mAh battery delivers a fast and secure charging solution. Talking about the design, it’s a bit on the slimmer side and makes for a decent match.

As far as cutouts are concerned, they are pretty much on target. Therefore, you won’t run into issues while charging or using your iPhone. Plus, the three color options, including black, red, and pink, let you pick out matching suits for the phablet.

USP: 8500mAh battery
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8. JUBOTY Battery Case With Magnetic Top

JUBOTY Battery Case for iPhone 7 Plus

More than just a power bank, the JUBOTY battery case can also become a stable kickstand case. The magnetic top can be placed as a bracket to enable handsfree horizontal viewing experience. The removable cap also allows smooth and easy installation and removal.

The 4200mAh battery lends 153% life to your cellphone. In a way, the case takes complete care of your rising needs by combining extra juice and handsfree viewing in one package.

USP: Magnetic top
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That’s all!

Signing Off

So, pick out a powerful battery case to add a lot of additional battery life to your iPhone. It will let you browse the web, play high-octane games and watch movies with more freedom. You won’t have to worry about charging your device time again.

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