Best iPhone 7 Plus Slim Cases in 2021

Best iPhone 7 Plus Slim Cases

Slimmest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Cases from SkinCaseConsidering your craving for the sleek profile, these best iPhone 7 Plus slim cases have been lined up. Whether its elegance or design, they can effortlessly stand up to your wish. Of course, they can’t provide the ultimate protection, but when it comes to making an instant impression or enhancing the look and feel, slim cases are way better than their peers.

  1. totallee
  2. AnsTOP
  3. BodyGuardz
  5. Spigen
  7. Silk
  8. Caseology
  9. iCOCEN
  10. Yoyamo
  11. Maxboost

#1. totallee

totallee iPhone 7 Plus Slim Case

What stands out the totallee slim case is its thin look—just 0.02-inches. The polypropylene material is highly durable. Thanks to the semi-transparent material, your iPhone’s original design will continue to weave magic.

The brushed finish offers better grip that doesn’t let your smartphone slip out of your hands. It is capable of keeping scratch away. The sleek case comes in five colors like white, gray, navy blue, black and deep green.

Lastly, totallee comes in eight colors like white, gray, navy blue, black and deep green.

USP: Ultra-slim design
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#2. AnsTOP

AnsTOP iPhone 7 Plus Slim Case

AnsTOP is both ultra-thin and stylish. Being just 1mm thin, the slim case settles on beautifully with the iPhone. The split-type design enhances its appearance.

Matte finish reinforces its durability. You can bet in this case to defend your smartphone against scratch. The thin case comes in four good-looking colors like red, gold, black and rose gold.

USP: Matte finish
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#3. BodyGuardz

BodyGuardz iPhone 7 Plus Silm Case

Using the Unequal impact resistance technology, BodyGuardz case for iPhone 7 Plus justifies its name perfectly. This is the same technique used by athletes to avoid injury. Even with such toughness, the case is pretty slim and also transparent.

The lips of the case are slightly raised around the display and the camera. Further securing them from getting scratched while lying on the desk. On a closing note, there are three variants of the case available while writing this.

USP: Unequal impact resistance technology
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#4. HUMIXX Skin Series

Humixx iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus Thin Case

If you admire the sleek design, you will HUMIXX Skin Series cases very impressive. Thanks to the matte finish, it looks pretty shiny.

With just 0.05mm thickness, it hardly adds any bulk to your smartphone. But don’t go by its delicate outer shell. This slim case can protect your smartphone from scrape. Smooth-textured surface feels comfy in the palm, offering better grip. On top of all, you have seven attractive colors like dark blue, pink, black to pick from.

USP: Smooth-textured surface
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#5. Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 7 Plus Case

Would you like to buy a case with an ultra-sleek look with stylish design? Spigen Slim Armor can be a readymade deal.

Strengthened by dual layers of soft TPU and extremely tough PC material, it has the power to absorb shock. The air cushion technology won’t let scratch harm your smartphone. The kickstand is primed for the landscape viewing. Slim Armor comes in seven charming colors.

Moreover, Slim Armor comes in nine charming colors including gunmetal, black, red, rose gold and more.

USP: Built-in kickstand
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TORRAS iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus Slim Case

TORRAS is as endearing as any slim case in the market. It fits all the edges of the smartphone; offering a silky touch feel. Despite being so delicate, you can trust TORRAS to resist scuff.

The buttons feel very crispy, while the cutouts ensure you have easy access to all the functions of your device. And with eight charming colors like blush gold, lucy red, etc. on the disposal, you won’t have difficulty in choosing an ideal fit your iPhone 7 Plus.

USP: Slim fit
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#7. Silk

Silk iPhone 7 Plus Slim Case

Are you searching for a wallet case with extremely slim appearance? Silk, with the svelte profile, can give your elegant look to an iPhone 7 Plus a run for its money.

It features high-grip textured sides that not only provide better grip but also prevent drops. This thin wallet case can let you keep three cards. Silk wallet case comes in three colors.

USP: Card Slot
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#8. Caseology Parallax Series

Caseology Slim Case for iPhone 7 Plus

With the slender look coupled with enchanting design, Caseology Parallax Series slim case deserves to partner your phablet.

The trendy geometric pattern enhances its appearance. The soft coating not only boosts its durability but also prevents scratch. The flexible TPU sleeve and structured polycarbonate bumper guard against drops. Parallax Series is available in six colors.

Furthermore, Parallax Series is available in six colors such as burgundy, red/black, matte black, etc.

USP: Shock absorbing design
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#9. iCOCEN

iCOCEN iPhone 7 Plus Slim Case

The case from iCOCEN is made using soft TPU material that precisely absorbs the shock from normal falls or bumps. Besides just the protection, the case has a carbon fiber texture design on the back, which gives you a firm grip while holding in hands. Also, it looks stunning when lying on the desk.

There are precise cutting on the case to access all the ports and functions of the iPhone. The only downside of this case is that there are no color choices, except black.

USP: Stunning design
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#10. Yoyamo

Yoyamo iPhone 7 Plus Slim Case

If you like to use your iPhone without a case, but also want some protection for it, then you should surely have a look at Yoyamo’s slim case. It is so thin that it feels as if there’s no case at all. When it comes to protection, it would be unfair to expect a strong impact resistance. However, you can expect a scratch-less surface on the iPhone.

Besides that, the precise engineering allows you to access every port on the iPhone 7 Plus without any trouble. Lastly, there are no color choices to make, except default black.

USP: Incredibly thin
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#11. Maxboost Vibrance Series

Maxboost Slim Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Maxboost Vibrance Series is bestowed with a fashionable design. The svelte profile enriched with superior construction makes an instant impression.

The covered corners, as well as raised edge, keep your smartphone safeguarded from accidental fall and scratch. The soft fabric interior absorbs shock. The perfect cut-outs allow easy access to ports and buttons.

Besides, Vibrance Series cases are available in six nice-looking colors like white/champagne gold, turquoise/champagne gold, etc.

USP: Ultra-clear design
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That’s all for now!

Wrap up

Choose one of these ultra-slim cases to protect your phablet from scratch and give it a sleek suit to flaunt its design. With so many impressive options available, you will be able to find out the most suitable companion for your smartphone. Rest assured, I will keep on updating this post to ensure you can easily access the top-notch slim case for your iPhone 7 Plus.

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