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There is no point in having the most sought-after smartphone like iPhone 11 if you can’t flaunt it to the fullest, is it? While protection does matter to a great extent, at times, it feels nice to go sleek for an eye-catching look. 

Granted, skins are not for butterfingers. But those who choose accessories to amp up fashion quotient, the incredibly slim and attractive wraps are the way to go. And if you are one of them, you would admire our collection of the best iPhone 11 skins and wraps as they appear more appealing to the eyes than their counterparts available in the market. 

Though you shouldn’t expect much from a pretty slim skin in terms of protection, it is more than good enough to fight out scratches. And with the soft-textured surface, it provides a grippy and comfy feel to the touch. With that in mind, let’s head over to find out what these wraps and skins have in store for your iPhone 11!


Galaxy Cosmo Nebula Purple Stars iPhone 11 Skin Wrap

Just a glance at this stunning iPhone 11 skin and you know that it can make an impressive pair with your smartphone. It’s pretty thin, form-fitting, and snaps around the device perfectly. 

The high-definition graphics further enhance its appearance. And with the precise cutouts, the wrap offers easy access to the dual camera on the back and Lightning port. 

Talking about grip, “It’s a skin” has a soft-textured surface that provides a non-slip grip. As for durability, the vinyl material is more than capable to resist scuffs and also resist wear and tear. 

USP: Non-slip grip
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2. Skin With American Flag Design from IT’S A SKIN

American Flag Merica USA Pride iPhone 11 Skin Wrap

This nice-looking wrap stands out on many fronts. First and foremost, the skin flaunts American flag design, which gives it a unique appearance. 

The second, it has a compact design and features high-definition graphics that further enhance the appearance. And third, made of soft material, the skin has a smooth surface that provides comfy hold.

For additional protection against stain and fingerprints, the company has added durable lamination. Therefore, the skin can keep scuffs away also retain the shining American flag design for long.

USP: Additional safeguard against scuffs and fingerprints
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3. Awesome 80s from MightySkins

Awesome 80S iPhone 11 Skin Wrap

Showcasing a funky design, MightySkins grabs the eyeballs straight away. And rightly so as the wrap has a different look. 

With the laminate vinyl material, the skin has an incredibly thin form-factor. For all having such a thin profile, it is up to the mark when it comes to resisting stain. 

The other quality of vinyl material is that it’s more comfortable to hold courtesy the soft-touch finish. So, the 6.1-inch smartphone will rest easy in your hands, and there will less chance of accidental slips.

USP: Soft-touch finish
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4. MightySkins Wrap With America Strong

America Strong iPhone 11 Skin Wrap

Yet another wrap for iPhone 11 from the MightySkins. Though it also flaunts America Strong design, it is slightly different from the one mentioned above. 

The solid colors coupled with top-notch graphics make it a great pick for the folks who believe in the big American dream. Aside from the shining appearance, the wrap has also got a scratch-resistant surface. As a result, the skin continues to look impressive for long. 

What’s more, laminate vinyl also feels nice to the touch, ensuring your fingers find it convenient to grip the smartphone. 

USP: Thin yet protective design
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5. Rainbow Waves from MightySkins

Rainbow Waves iPhone 11 Skin Wrap

Should you want to go for a little more protective skin without cutting down on fashion quotient, Rainbow Waves would be a hot pick for you. I like the rainbow waves design as it looks pleasing to the eyes. 

So, times when you want your smartphone to be the apple of everyone’s eyes, it would fit into the billing really well. And that too without putting the protection against scratches on the backburner. Thanks to laminate vinyl, it’s got a bit more resistance to thwart scuffs and fingerprints.

USP: Attractive design
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6. dbrand Signature Skin

dbrand Signature iPhone 11 Skin Wrap

Rounding up the best skins and wraps for iPhone 11 would be incomplete if I don’t mention the offerings from dbrand. As always, the company has come with a range of high-quality wraps for not only the budget iPhone but also the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

In terms of design, Signature Skins exhibit a svelte design and fits around the smartphone like a snug-fit glove. They have perfect cutouts and also feature a textured finish for a non-slip hold. And just in case you think that these skins are too thin, let me tell you that they are good enough to resist scuffs as well.

USP: High-quality material with grippy design
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7. Slickwraps

Slickwraps Carbon Fiber iPhone 11 Skin WrapSlickwraps Carbon Fiber iPhone 11 Skin Wrap

When you talk about premium skins and wraps, Slickwraps is the one that comes into the picture straightaway along with dbrand. And rightly so as the accessory maker produces top-notch skins. And its wide range of wraps for iPhone 11 simply continues the legacy. Oh, not to mention, its offerings for iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are equally adorable.

The wraps look and feel premium courtesy the high-grade material. They have a soft-touch finish and neat cutouts. But what sets them apart is the vibrant designs and the availability in a wide range of color variants. So, it doesn’t matter which iPhone 11 color variants you are using; you would find a befitting pair for the device. 

USP: Premium look and feel
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8. Giraffe Skin from MightySkins

Giraffe Skin Wrap for iPhone 11

There is a lot to like in this skin from MightySkins. First and foremost, the wrap has a giraffe design, which gives it an altogether different look. But what gives it an edge over many other rivals available in the market is the laminate vinyl material. 

The laminate vinyl not only makes it more durable but also prevents accidental slip-off. Beyond durable material, the cut-outs look in line for a form-fitting look. Add to that the high graphics, and you have a skin that can live up to the billing fairly well.

USP: Incredibly sleek design
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9. Red Chevron from MightySkins

Red Chevron Skin Wrap for iPhone 11

If a dark color is your thing, you are going to love this skin from MightySkins. The combination of three colors like red, black, and white gives it an eye-grabbing look. So, when the skin is on, you can expect your smartphone to steal attention with little effort. 

Just like its other siblings, it is also made of laminate vinyl material. So, you can trust the wrap to not only amp up style statement but also keep your iPhone protected from scratches. Overall, Rev Chevron is one of the coolest skins you can get for your iPhone 11 right now.

USP: Dark colors
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10. Wild Nature Skin from MightSkin

Wild Nature Skin Wrap for iPhone 11

Willing to add some wild nature element to the look of your iPhone? This one would be worth giving a try. The wrap is quite thin but free of bubbles. Thus, you won’t have any problem while installing it on your device. 

Unlike the wraps made of rubber or silicone, the vinyl material is a bit more stain-resistant and also offers better hold. As for the cutouts for the port, dual camera, and speakers, they look fine. So, accessing the holes and the camera shouldn’t be a pain.

USP: Impressive design with precise cutouts
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So, that’s all about our top wraps and skins for iPhone 11!

What’s Your Pick? 

It’s always better to be spoilt for choices rather than have only a few options to pick from. The one obvious advantage of it is that you can weigh your options and find the most suitable pair. And that goes a long way in making a smart buy. 

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By the way which is your favorite skin, and what are the qualities that you have liked in it?

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