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iGBAccessoriesBest iPhone 11 Pro Max sleeves in 2024

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max sleeves in 2024

Well, the accessories makers came up with sleeves for the iPhone. And users were quick to insert their large devices inside this pouch. Not yet convinced with this innovative idea? You can check my list of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max sleeves. Also called a pouch, these sleeves are made of different materials: genuine leather, synthetic leather, microfiber, neoprene, and others.

1. Dockem

Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Max Sleeve

Dockem is a famous brand for crafting high-quality sleeves for plus-sized smartphones. This elegant sleeve is for the biggest iPhone in the 11 series. Made of premium synthetic leather, the sleeve imparts a professional look and feel. A versatile product that comfortably fits in your jeans and gels well in professional environments at offices, conferences, seminars, events, etc.

Along with your iPhone, you can carry your plastic money; Dockem provides two separate card slots to store credit/debit cards or social IDs. You can also store driver’s license, access cards, subway swipe, and more. Before you insert your iPhone in the sleeve, you may need to remove its case; however, the sleeve is compatible with screen protectors.

USP: Slim design
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2. Dockem Luxe Wallet Sleeve

Dockem Luxe Wallet Sleeve for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Dockem once again! This time the brand has come up with a wallet sleeve made of premium synthetic leather fabric with canvas twill. The material creates an elegant and professional look to your iPhone. Unlike the above sleeve, this has four card slots – two slots on each side.

For your convenience, Dockem has attached an elastic pull tab. By using this tab, you can remove your iPhone easily. And your iPhone retracts back to the sleeve when you release the tab. Dockem has used a small magnet on the pull tab so that the tab is attached in place on the sleeve.

USP: Pull tab
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3. fitBAG

fitBAG iPhone 11 Pro Max Sleeve

fitBAG brings handsewn sleeve for your iPhone. This sleeve case perfectly fits on your iPhone 11 Pro Max and gives a tight hug to your device. However, you cannot use any other case, bumper, or cover when you put your iPhone in this sleeve; the sleeve is compatible with a screen protector, though.

Made in Germany, the sleeve has microfiber lining for display cleaning. The expertly sewn sleeve comes with a two-year warranty. Protect your premium device against dust, scratches, and light impacts.

USP: Automatic display cleaning
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4. Jlyifan

Jlyifan Slim Sleeve for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Jlyifan presents a slim iPhone sleeve made of neoprene material. This shockproof pouch looks simple but has excellent features. A functional, flexible, and stylish sleeve absorbs shocks and secures your iPhone in the pouch. Slide your phone quickly, and take it out with equal comfort.

The sleeve can accommodate your 6.5-inch device without scratching the screen. Once your phone is inside the pouch, it is guarded against bumps and scratches. Experience a rough-and-tough texture of the sleeve.

USP: Flexible and stylish pouch
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5. Crazy Horse Craft

Crazy Horse Craft Italian Leather Sleeve for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Crazy Horse Craft’s sleeve takes you close to nature. The pouch is made of Italian veg-tanned Crazy Horse style leather and 100% German wool felt. But it is not an all-style-no-function case. For your comfort, the brand has stitched two pockets to store credit/debit card and cash on the front and back.

Since the maker has used 100% wool felt inside, it wipes your iPhone screen every time you remove the device. For the protection of your iPhone, there is 2 mm felt, which guards your phone against bumps. Over a while, rubbed leather will change color, and the sleeve will look antique.

USP: Rubbed leather
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HAPPER STUDIO iPhone 11 Pro Max Italian Leather Sleeve

Apart from marble, Italy inspires artists with its high-quality leather. This iPhone sleeve is a perfect example of unique craftsmanship and boundless creativity. The pouch is hand-crafted and gives you a superior feel. To make it a timeless beauty, the brand can personalize the sleeve by engraving your name, initials, or a logo.

Inside the pouch, your iPhone is entirely secure against spills, chips, drops, cracks, scratches, and other damage. If you are worried about your iPhone’s accommodation in this case, you can send the model type to HAPPER STUDIO, and they will customize the sleeve for you.

USP: 100% customizable
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7. Dockem

Dockem Leather Sleeve for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Last but not least, Dockem’s executive sleeve. Impress everyone in the boardroom by putting your iPhone in this premium sleeve. The case is made of synthetic/vegan leather with microfiber lining. An extremely slim profile highlights the real beauty of your iPhone. Available in dark and light brown variants, this sleeve is just 2mm thick; however, the padding gives enough protection from bumps, scratches, and dust.

Dockem has designed a simple sleeve, which does not have any clasps, buckles, bands, or any other attachments. Once you use this sleeve, you won’t go back to traditional cases.

USP: Simple design
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That’s all folks!

Summing up…

People have a penchant for iPhone accessories. Sleeves for iPhone are the choice of a few. For a bigger iPhone like 11 Pro Max, a sleeve can be ideal protection. A perfect blend of style and strength, sleeves can be the best companion of your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Which sleeve are you going to buy for your iPhone 11 Pro Max? Let us know about your choice in the comments section below.

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