Best iPad Mini 5 Kickstand Cases in 2019: Ensure Stability and Protection of Your Mini Tablet

Kickstand case offers enough stability to your iPad when your both hands are occupied. To make FaceTime calls, watch videos, and read eBooks on your iPad mini 5, you need the best kickstand cases of 2019.

Kickstand cases have always been helpful to people, who own large-screen mobile devices. There is always a demand for such cases among iPad and iPhone (plus-sized devices) users. If you have got the 2019 iPad mini, you probably need a case with a kickstand to watch videos, movies, and slide shows. Want to buy one? Check this list of the best iPad mini 5 kickstand cases.

Kickstand provides better stability while you are making or receiving FaceTime calls. Moreover, it is the best way to read iBooks on your device. Instead of holding your iPad mini in your hand, you can place it on a desk or table, and browse pages of your favorite iBook.

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10 Best Kickstand Cases for iPad Mini 5 in 2019

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#1. Rantice

Rantice iPad Mini 5 Kickstand Case

Apple Pencil support in iPad mini 5 gives birth to the need of a kickstand as users may like to sketch something on their mini-tablet. Rantice has manufactured a perfect kickstand case for your mini 5. A glaring feature of this case is three-layered protection; there are two PC frames and a soft silicone layer. This provides a shockproof design to enhance protection.

The kickstand doesn’t cover the logo of your iPad mini, so you can proudly show your tablet to all. Silicone and PC materials make this case rugged and protective.

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USP: Three-layered armor
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YWXTW Kickstand Case for 2019 iPad Mini

To make a strong kickstand case, YWXTW has used high-quality thermoplastic polycarbonate and non-slip silicone material. Since it is a non-toxic material, the case is child-friendly. This case boasts long-lasting color and kids cannot deform it.

YWXTW has crafted a kickstand with unique bracket design, which is perfect for FaceTime calls and video watching. For better viewing, YWXTW has three different adjustable angles; to watch movies & entertainment, adjust the kickstand at 60 degrees, and for news, keep it at 45 degrees.

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USP: Child-friendly
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SUPCASE Kickstand Case for iPad Mini 5

SUPCASE is a popular brand of iPhone and iPad accessories. This kickstand case is taken from the popular Unicorn Beetle Pro series. SUPCASE has precisely designed this case, leaving enough space to use Touch ID on the tablet. The case also lets you access other ports, controls, and buttons easily.

This full-body case has a fold-out kickstand, which makes it easy for you to read eBooks and watch videos/movies. Built-in screen protector safeguards your tablet’s touchscreen from scratches.

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USP: Full-body rugged case
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#4. YMH

YMH Kickstand Case for iPad Mini 5

YMH presents a heavy-duty shockproof hybrid case that provides rugged protection to your mini iPad. This full-body protective case has quality materials and non-slip silicone. To make it kid-friendly, YMH has used non-toxic material.

The bracket design is perfect for FaceTime calls and video watching. Further, your kids would love to bring the tablet to school as this case is suitable for classroom tasks.

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USP: Heavy-duty case
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#5. Whitegeese

Whitegeese iPad Mini 5 Kickstand Case

Whitegeese has manufactured a magnetic leather case for your iPad mini. This case displays a smart design as you can access all the features and controls of your iPad without removing the case. There is a tray holder, which supports two standing positions – vertical and horizontal.

For the protection, Whitegeese has used high-quality PU leather, which safeguards the device from falls, bumps, fingerprints, scratches, and dust.

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USP: Leather magnetic case
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TOPSKY iPad Mini 5 Kickstand Case

Full-body protection for your iPad mini 5 is must as your premium device is exposed to countless perils like scratches, drops, and shocks. TOPSKY has manufactured a kickstand case that fits the bill. This heavy-duty, rugged and shockproof case is made of soft TPU back cover, which gives you anti-slip grip and scratch protection.

Dual layer hard PC keeps your tablet protected against drops and bumps. TOPSKY has designed this case with extreme precision as all the buttons and ports can be accessed easily.

USP: Ideal for classroom tasks
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ACEGUARDER Kickstand Case for iPad Mini 5

An adjustable kickstand and soft silicone are two notable features of this ACEGUARDER case, which flaunts a feminine design. For your teenage daughter, this kickstand case made of soft silicone is a perfect iPad mini accessory. This durable case crafted from non-toxic materials.

ACEGUARDER has used lasting colors, which do not fade even after using for a long time. Adjust the angles of your iPad, and you can watch videos, slideshows, read books, and enjoy FaceTime calls.

USP: Unique kickstand design
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#8. EC-Touch

EC Touch 2019 iPad Mini 5 Kickstand Case

The floral pattern on this case immediately declares it a woman’s companion. This case plays a dual role of a simple case and a kickstand case. When you open the folio of this slim case, you can adjust that upper cover in multiple angles.

EC-Touch kickstand case has an auto sleep/wake function, which saves battery life of your iPad mini. Unlike other kickstand cases, this one offers full-screen display and hassle-free operation.

USP: Hassle-free operation
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AOKER Kickstand Case for 2019 iPad Mini

AOKER has made this iPad mini kickstand case from hard PC material. A heavy-duty case is shockproof and can resist high-impacts with its TPU bumper. For your watching of movies, videos, photos, and other contents, AOKER has built a foldable kickstand.

Even as it is a kickstand case, you can quickly access all the ports, buttons, and function on your iPad mini. The ports are covered, and therefore, your tablet is safe from dust and dirt. Profile of this case is sleek and classic as it showcases premium design.

USP: Hard plastic front
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#10. Spigen

Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 5 Kickstand Case

Spigen is arguably the best iPhone and iPad kickstand case makers. For your latest iPad mini 5, this durable kickstand is the best option as it boasts flexible TPU and hard PC. The two materials form a double layer of protection on your iPad mini.

Strength of this kickstand does not kill the style; check the carbon fiber accents and technical details of this case. The only minus is that you have to use Spigen’s screen protector on your iPad mini.

USP: Stylish design
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That’s all friends!

Although kickstand cases look sturdy in profile, they are an excellent choice for users, who keep their iPad mini with them always. Cases with kickstand fulfill the dual purpose of protection and stability of your mini-tablet.

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