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iGBAccessoriesBest iPad Mini 5 Cases in 2024

Best iPad Mini 5 Cases in 2024

iPad mini has eventually got an update. Though the tablet hasn’t got high-end specs, the support for Apple Pencil (1st-gen), A12 Bionic processor and advanced Retina display panel make it more elegant and powerful than ever before. If you have decided to get this ultra-portable tablet, chances are high that you may already be exploring the best iPad mini 5 cases to present your device an impressive suit. Having taken a close look at many contenders, we’ve chosen some of the most appreciable covers that are designed to look cool on the 2020 iPad Mini. So, let’s navigate through the lineup to choose the most suitable companion for your compact device!

1. Ztotop

Ztotop iPad Mini 5 Case

Ztotop has come up with a classy folio case for iPad mini 5. The case flaunts smooth synthetic leather exterior with neat craftsmanship.

And with the anti-slip interior lining, it enables the tablet to fight out regular bumps and scratches effortlessly. There are multiple grooves so that you can position your iPad in the desired angle.

It also has a built-in organizer pocket wherein your cards and documents can rest securely. Besides, you can use the elastic strap to hold your device comfortably.

USP: Vintage design
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2. ESR Urban Premium

ESR Urban Premium iPad Mini 5 Case

Give your iPad a classy profile to look authoritative. ESR Urban Premium is the sort of case which gives a vintage appearance to your iPad.

What makes it an adorable pick is the Oxford material with the knitted textile weave. Plus, it also has a solid PC casing to endure bumps.

There are a couple of anti-slip grooves to boost your viewing experience. And thanks to the strong magnets, Urban Premium works consistently with the auto sleep/wake function.

USP: Professional design
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3. ESR Yippee

ESR Yippee iPad Mini 5 Case

Do you prefer a minimalist profile? If yes, ESR Yippee could be a good option for your ultra-portable tablet.

The case features clear design and comes with a durable polyurethane exterior. With the inclusion of a soft microfiber inner shell, you can expect this sleek cover to resist scuffs.

Thanks to the frosted finish and grippy design, your hand will feel more comfortable to hold the Mini. Lastly, the cutouts and the buttons all seem to be on point to let you control your device without any hassle.

USP: Clear design
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4. Snugg

Snugg iPad Mini 5 Case

Should you want to go for a top-notch keyboard case for your 2019 iPad mini, you should keep in mind this offering from Snugg. It has a very sturdy construction and comes with a 360° rotatable design.

Thanks to the multi-angle adjustments, you get more comfortable media watching and typing experience. The keys are responsive and provide the needed tactile feedback to speed up typing.

Lastly, Snugg claims that the case keyboard case delivers long battery life. So, you won’t have to power it up too frequently.

USP: 360° rotatable design
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AVIDET iPad Mini 5 Case

Yet another clear case for iPad mini 5. Due mainly to the pretty soft material, this cover provides a much better grip. And with the form-fitting construction, it wraps around the tablet perfectly.

Though it’s incredibly sleek, the cover should be able to keep your device protected from scratches. Lastly, the cutouts are made to be precise so that you will be able to access the Lightning port and speakers easily.

USP: Ultra-clear design
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6. Veco

Veco iPad Mini 5 Case

Imitation denim design creates a strong impression for Veco’s iPad mini case. A combination of elegance and fashion imparts a stylish look; almost a book-style appearance. Veco has created a scratch-resistant, anti-slip, anti-crease, and sweatproof case for your mini tablet.

PU leather exterior prevents scratches from damaging your iPad. For protection against shocks, drops, and impacts, Veco has used soft TPU back cover and microfiber interior.

USP: Imitation denim design
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DTTO iPad Mini 5 Leather Case

DTTO offers a premium leather case with Apple Pencil holder for your mini iPad 2019. The multi-functional design of this case boasts built-in leather hand strap, pencil holder and organizer pocket. The hand strap allows you to hold your iPad in the most comfortable position while you are using your tablet. The organizer pocket stores some essential stuff like your business cards, currency notes, etc.

DTTO has made this case from the durable, premium synthetic leather exterior and inner soft TPU. There are some inner multiple slots to set up horizontal stand angles for FaceTime calls, watching movies, and typing long text messages.

USP: Organizer pocket
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8. Hocase

Hocase iPad Mini 5 Folio Case

Hocase brings floral design on a PU leather to create a smart case for your iPad mini 5th generation. This microfiber lining hardback cover flaunts unique mandala flower pattern, which adds feminine charm to the case.

In a day, you meet a lot of challenges; your iPad should be prepared to face all the action. Durable polyurethane leather and microfiber lining protect your iPad mini from many perils.

USP: Mandala flower pattern
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JUQITECH iPad Mini 5 Case

JUQITECH uses honeycomb pattern grid in this case to dissipate heat. This is an essential feature for any iPad case as pro users keep working on their iPads for long hours. Precise openings allow complete access to all the features including buttons, speakers, and cameras.

During your hectic schedule, you may forget to carry your Apple Pencil; for this reason, JUQITECH gives a dedicated slot to insert your stylus. Thus, you can use your Apple Pencil whenever you wish and your premium pencil never gets lost.

USP: Honeycomb pattern grid
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10. TiMOVO

TiMOVO iPad Mini 5 Case

Apple introduces Apple Pencil support in its latest iPad mini 2019. This has inspired many parents to buy this mini tablet for their kids. But without any supportive case, kids are not able to use the stylus. TiMOVO fills this gap with its slim and soft case. The case can be converted in a tri-fold stand, hence, kids can use Pencil on their iPads.

The translucent frosted back protector guards your device against scratches. This slim and lightweight case doesn’t add any bulk to your iPad, and therefore, you can easily carry your tablet anywhere.

USP: Stable tri-fold stand
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There you go! I guess your iPad has finally got a deserving cover. Would you mind sharing a few tidbits about it?

Stay Tuned In For More…

As we are going to review a ton of accessories for iPad Mini, so stay tuned in with us so that you don’t miss out on them. Rest assured, we will also add more worthy covers in this lineup as and when they are available.

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