Best iPad Apps for Sales Reps & Salespeople: iPad for Business

Accelerate sales and boost your performance! Scroll through this top list of the best iPad apps designed for sales reps and salespeople to let them bolster sales and carry out their task with utmost ease.

The iPad has come a long way since the time it was introduced. Apparently, it’s no more just the tablet for checking mail, watching videos or browsing the web and playing some really cool game. It’s a gadget of choice for productivity, for work.

Sales reps are increasingly finding the iPad very useful in their work. This is quite easy to figure out: the iPad has some of the best apps for salespeople. These include document processors, payment processors, catalog apps, CRM and much much more.

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Best iPad Apps for Sales Reps and Sales People

There’s a ton of these apps, and while some of them are good to go, a handful of them are perfect because they answer one particular thing perfectly. All said, if you’re a sales rep, you might want to stock your arsenal with various apps for various purposes. A one-app-fits-all-problems is still evasive.

#1. Salesforce1

Salesforce1 Business iPad App Screenshot

I rate Salesforce1 very highly. It’s designed to be a must for Salesforce users. The latest version of the app allows you to take full control over campaigns. You will add new statuses and edit them easily.

The app allows you to view forecast and collaborate with teams seamlessly. You can filter data and track down specific reports. Most significantly, you will view and edit your records even offline.

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Price: Free

#2. MileBug

MileBug Business iPad App Screenshot

Traveling a lot and got to report the miles? MileBug helps you track this effectively. It removes all complexities out of the equation and helps you just track the distances you’ve traveled. You can set up multiple vehicles and even create accurate your expense report. Reports can be exported as CSV or HTML files. And the app’s reports are in IRS-complaint formats, so life’s made easy.

You can try out the free version of the app that lets you track 10 trips at a time.

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Price: $2.99

#3. Onsight Sales

Onsight Sales Business iPad App Screenshot

Want to bolster your sales performance? Onsight Sales can be a super handy option for you. It excels in accelerating your ordering process.

With this app, you will be able to show products to your customers and create orders quickly. The attractive catalogs showcase your products elegantly. Better still, it works even offline so that you will continue to work without any interference.

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Price: Free

#4. RepZio

RepZio Business iPad App Screenshot

Repzio is made to be a real deal for both salespeople and manufacturers. What stands it in good stead are the easy-to-use features that allow you to handle your task with consummate ease. You will comfortably generate and scan barcodes. By letting you take orders fast, it not just saves your precious time but also simplifies the task. What’s more, it’s integrated with multiple important tools like Quickbooks, NetSuite, SAP, Sage Mas, BlueLink, SalesForce, etc.

Price: Free

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#5. Order Taking

Order Taking Business iPad App Screenshot

The one word that can ideally describe this app is “versatile.” It enables sales reps to take orders, present catalogs, keep a tab on inventory, quickly access customers’ records & order history and more with optimum ease. You will easily find out the most viewed products and get to know the favorite products of your customers.

Provide exclusive offers to promote your products. Use the charts and statistics to have the right insight about how things are going on. Moreover, the app works even offline to ensure your work doesn’t have disturbance.

Price: Free

#6. Pepperi Sales Rep

Pepperi Sales Rep Business iPad App Screenshot

Pepperi is a top notch CRM tool. With this app, you will be able to present impressive e-catalogs, carry out in-store merchandising activities, take orders, speed up sales through upselling and cross-selling and more effortlessly. It also allows you to fill out customer visit forms and surveys.

You can check out customers’ past activities and sync vital data with Outlook. What’s more, the app enables you to manage and schedule calls, meetings, and messages that bring more convenience into your work.

Price: Free

#7. Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator Business iPad App Screenshot

Are you in quest of a more effective tool to plan and manage your territories? Sales Navigator can let you get the best out of your daily schedules. With this app you will smartly plan your trips and be able to optimize your daily routes with drop-in visits as well as calendar appointments.

You will comfortably send email, set up meetings, take notes, send emails and view websites right from within the app. More importantly, you can even create custom groups to prioritize contacts to simplify the task.

Price: Free

#8. SalesRabbit

SalesRabbit Business iPad App Screenshot

SalesRabbit is exactly what you need to accelerate your sales and take full control of CRM. With the use of videos and other vital presentation tools, you will be able to present your products more convincingly.

The app allows you to map out existing customers to let you save plenty of time and carry out a task with more convenience. You can receive, upload and create leads on the fly. Assign sales territories, track sales rep locations. Furthermore, you can use custom filters to find out opportunities and check out trends.

Price: Free

#9. Sales-Kit

Sales-Kit Business iPad App Screenshot

Sales Kit features a simplified interface for showing your product catalog, processing orders, managing clients and data through your iPad. All data is synced to your Sales Kit account that can be managed via the web browser. Features like offline processing, easy catalog management, and invoices make the app quite a tool for salespeople on the move.

Price: Free

#10. SlideShark

SlideShark Business iPad App Screenshot

As far as presenting and sharing adorable presentations are concerned, SlideShark is considered to be a very dependable option. What perfectly sets the tone for it is the intuitive UI and simple yet very effective functionality. It’s integrated with multiple cloud storage services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Box etc. It lets you annotate slides and even broadcast your presentation to remote attendees. As the app also works in offline, you will be able to carry out your work without any stoppage.

Price: Free

Signing Off

I hope these apps have been able to pass your acid test with flying colors. Whether you want to track your data, bolster performance or bolster sales, these apps can stand up to the task with élan. Besides, they are easy-to-use and offer more reliable user-experience.

So, which one have you picked up to speed up your sales or empower your performance? Do let us know your valuable feedback with us.

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