The iPad has come a long way since the time it was introduced. Apparently, it's no more just the tablet for checking mail, watching videos or browsing the web and playing some really cool game. It's a gadget of choice for productivity, for work.

Sales reps are increasingly finding the iPad very useful in their work. This is quite easy to figure out: the iPad has some of the best apps for salespeople.

These include document processors, payment processors, catalog apps, CRMs and much much more.

iPad Apps for Sales Reps and Salespeople

Best iPad Apps for Sales Reps and Sales People

There's a ton of these apps, and while some of them are good to go, a handful of them are perfect because they answer one particular thing perfectly. All said, if you're a sales rep, you might want to stock your arsenal with various apps for various purposes. A one-app-fits-all-problems is still evasive.

#1. Handshake Sales Rep Order & Catalog App HD

Handshake Sales Rep Order iPad AppThere are two things that Handshake Sales Rep Order does fine: writing sales orders and presenting/managing a catalog. For all its simplicity, the app is quite powerful and is currently being used by a lot of salespeople around the globe. You get to manage your catalog better and write orders faster. That's the USP.


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#2. CloudOn for presentations

CloudOn iPad AppCloudOn sometimes needs absolutely no introduction. Introduced as bringing Microsoft Office to the iPad, the real power of CloudOn comes out on the iPad when you get to create documents: word, powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets, etc. It's obviously one of the must-haves if you're a sales rep doing a lot of document editing. CloudOn's great with Dropbox integration too.


#3. Salesforce

Salesforce iPad AppIf you use, you apparently have heard of their iPad app. While Salesforce towers over almost every other CRM out there (perceptions differ, but this is a general consensus), these guys have got a ton of iOS apps. The main one – Salesforce Mobile – connects you to your account and lets you manage it from anywhere. This is another must-have but only if you use


#4. SlideShark

SlideShark iPad AppWhile CloudOn does indeed let you handle presentations, nothing beats SlideShark when it comes to full-fledged sales presentations. Apple's own Keynote is good, yes, but ultimately, when you're talking about just a simple app that lets you view and share presentations – seamlessly – SlideShark tops the list. Note that it doesn't let you create presentations. It just helps you view them, share them and broadcast them.


#5. MileBug

MileBug iPad AppTraveling a lot and got to report the miles? MileBug helps you track this effectively. It removes all complexities out of the equation and helps you just track the distances you've traveled. The free version does only 10, but you can export the first 10, delete it from the app and start all over again for free. Reports can be exported as CSV or HTML files. And the app's reports are in IRS-complaint formats, so life's made easy.


#6. Square Wallet

Square Wallet iPad AppSquare Wallet processes payments on-the-fly. You get the card reader and the app, and then the whole payment processor in your hand takes care of every aspect of payment processing. You can bill customers/clients right on the spot without having to worry about anything. The app has been flying high for quite a long time now.


#7. Repzio

Repzio iPad AppRepzio is again a full-fledged CRM. It's a complete package. I've heard a lot of good things about Repzio's iPad app that stands as the front-end for its complete CRM solution. I feel their packages are a bit pricey, but they've got some really solid support and system in pace.


#8. Sales Kit

Sales Kit iPad App IconSales Kit is a simplified interface for showing your product catalog, processing orders, managing clients and data through your iPad. All data is synced to your Sales Kit account that can be managed via the web browser. Features like offline processing, easy catalog management, and invoices make the app quite a tool for salespeople on the move. Read in-depth review of Sales Kit.


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