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iGBAccessoriesBest iPad Air stands to buy in 2024

Best iPad Air stands to buy in 2024

Packed with an M1 chip, 5G connectivity, and a new front camera, iPad Air 5 is one of the most powerful tablets and almost comparable to a PC. Besides, watching movies on its 10.9-inch screen is an absolute delight, and this experience elevates with an iPad stand.

iPad Air stands are fairly easily accessible, but it’s a task to choose the best out of all the options. We have made it quite easy. Below, we have shortlisted the best iPad Air stands. These are also compatible with previous iPad Air models.

1. Twelve South HoverBar Duo for iPad – Editor’s choice

Twelve South HoverBar Duo for iPad

Twelve South HoverBar Duo is an iPad Air stand with one of the best designs. It has been designed keeping usability in mind and comes with a weighted base and a shelf clamp that can be bolted on when needed using the included wrench.

Moreover, the weighted desktop stand provides a firm base to the iPad stand and features a handy cutout to place Apple Pencil.

One of the best features of Twelve South HoverBar Duo is its flexibility. Both vertical and secondary arms can be adjusted to any comfortable viewing. Its rotating holder can be moved around 360°, making it perfect for watching movies, attending Zoom calls, etc. However, I feel that assembling it could be difficult for some.

Finally, it also cares about your iPad and has silicone inside the clamps to prevent surface damage. You can read more about Twelve South HoverBar Duo in our detailed review.


  • Highly flexible
  • Minimalist and thoughtful design
  • Sturdy build quality


  • The shelf clamp could have been thicker
  • Assembling might be complicated for some

Check out on: Amazon | Twelve South

2. Lamicall Tablet stand – Most stylish iPad Air stand

Lamicall iPad Air Stand

Lamicall Tablet Stand combines durability with convenience. Crafted using spaceflight Al-Ti alloy and super high strengthened alloy steel material, this iPad Air 5 offers unmatched strength, extreme durability, and is lightweight. Besides, its minimalist and sleek design are aesthetically pleasing as well.

With its adjustable viewing angles, you can place your iPad in horizontal and vertical positions for watching movies. Further, sturdy stainless steel gear offers a maximum controllable way to watch the iPad at different viewing angles.

Rubber pads and the feet of the dock are designed to ensure that iPad does not get scratches from daily usage or sliding the iPad between the hooks.

Its sturdy base provides good support when placing it on an even surface. The space between the bottom hooks also makes it easy to access the charging port while the iPad is upright on the stand.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Infinite viewing angles
  • Rubber pads at the bottom and top


  • Cannot be folded
  • Might wobble if you type or press on the screen with force

Check out on Amazon

3. UGREEN tablet stand holder – Foldable Stand

UGREEN iPad Air Stand

Want to carry your iPad Air with a stand while traveling, but the stand doesn’t fit in your bag? Well, the Ugreen tablet stand holder comes with a foldable design that solves this problem.

With a highly portable size of 4.7″ x 4.2″, the UGREEN tablet holder can easily slip into your pocket. Its multi-angle adjustable feature allows you to adjust viewing angles from 15° to 100°. The iPad Air stand can hold the tablet at a comfortable angle so that you can enjoy watching movies, attending calls, and browsing the internet.

Further, it is made of premium ABS material that imparts enough sturdiness to keep the iPad in place. Its stylish and curvaceous design makes it the perfect iPad Air accessory. It also comes with silicone pads on the bottom to protect the tablet and stand from scratches caused due to sliding.


  • Stainless steel gear ensures that it does not slide back
  • Anti-slip silicone
  • Foldable and portable design
  • Available in two colors


  • The rear leg/support has no rubber protection
  • iPad Air might not fit in with a thick cover

Check out on Amazon

4. Kabcon adjustable aluminum holder – Best for drawing

KABCON Tablet Stand for iPad Air

Kabcon adjustable aluminum tablet holder is where your search ends for a sturdy iPad Air stand. Made of spaceflight Al-Ti alloy and super high strengthened alloy steel material, the stand for iPad Air is extremely stable and offers unmatched sturdiness and durability.

This stand is neither too big nor too heavy to carry. If you are an artist who likes to draw on your iPad, Kabcon’s tablet holder, with its highly reliable and sturdy design, ensures that the iPad does not wobble while you draw.

The stand’s bottom lip features rubber cushions to avoid any scratches while placing or removing the iPad from the stand. Extra rubbers are also provided in the package. You can also fold it to a smaller 7x7x2 size to put it into your backpack without taking up much space, unlike other iPad stands.


  • Highly sturdy
  • Extra rubber cushions at the bottom
  • Foldable design


  • iPad with a protective case might not fit
  • Difficult to adjust the hinge

Check out on: Amazon | Kabcon

5. OMOTON T2 iPad stand – Sturdy design

OMOTON iPad Air Stand

Often iPad users complain that they cannot use a stand with their iPad’s case. Omoton T2 iPad stand holder has long arms to keep your iPad Air firmly, even with a thick case. Its hollowed design is perfect for allowing airflow during prolonged usage.

With a 270° rotating angle, the Omoton T2 stand offers an adjustable viewing angle. Made of premium, reinforced aluminum alloy, the iPad Air 5 stand securely supports the tablet and ensures it does not wobble or fall out of place. Moreover, the stand’s weighted base ensures stability on every surface.

This iPad Air stand also comes with soft silicone pads at the back and hooks to safeguard your iPad from scratches. The bottom is also covered with rubber pads to prevent sliding off.


  • Two vertical pivot points
  • Reinforced aluminum alloy material
  • Non-skid base


  • Difficult to charge iPad in portrait mode
  • Tapping the iPad too hard could push the arm back into a lower position

Check out on Amazon

6. Pitaka magnetic stand – Wireless charging base

PITAKA Magnetic Tablet Stand Holder Adjustable iPad Stand

Pitaka magnetic tablet stand is the best iPad accessory if you want to use your iPad in hands-free mode. The stand’s magnetic holder attaches your iPad and holds it securely in position.

A strong magnetic field ensures that the iPad does not wiggle when writing, drawing, typing, or enabling the full-screen view. The stand can be tilted 32.5° up and -5° down to easily achieve viewing angle as per your requirement.

Pitaka’s iPad stand is made of zinc alloy, Aluminum alloy, and aramid fiber. Thus, it’s sturdy, durable, and its modern aesthetic holds the charm to accentuate your workplace. Additionally, the iPad stand’s base is wireless charging-enabled. You can charge your Qi-based smartphones or earbuds at up to 15W charging speed.

Moreover, Pitaka offers a bundle of iPad accessories to help you work more efficiently in an organized manner. You can check out our PitaFlow for iPad Pro review to learn more.


  • Firm magnetic attachment to secure iPad in its position
  • Adjustable viewing angles
  • Supports Qi charging


  • Can’t charge phones with bigger display
  • The base needs to be assembled using screws

Check out on: Amazon | Pitaka

7. AboveTEK retail kiosk iPad stand – Rotatable base

AboveTEK Retail Kiosk iPad Stand

AboveTEK retail kiosk iPad stand is a business-oriented stand for docking iPad at restaurant shop point of sale, office home desk, etc.

Further, its 360° rotatable base and iPad bracket holder combined with a folding arm provide unparalleled adjustment for typing or showcasing without missing any viewing angles. The iPad, when placed between the brackets, can be easily switched from portrait to landscape mode in a second.

Besides, both the bracket holders are padded with rubbers to prevent scratches. Holders of the iPad Air stand can be detached with the simple push of a button, making it easy to carry.

The base of this stand is sturdy and weighted. Thus, preventing the tablet from tipping over even when you type or press hard against the screen.


  • 360° rotatable design
  • The stand can be unscrewed
  • Heavy weight bottom base


  • Too many moving parts
  • It only rotates clockwise

Check out on: Amazon | AboveTEK

8. Lisen tablet stand and holder – Height adjusting stand

LISEN Tablet Stand and Holder Adjustable

Lisen tablet stand and holder is just the stand you would need to keep your iPad at eye level. Its science-based design with a height-adjustable rod allows you to find the most comfortable viewing angle for any activity. The bendable metal rod is 360° adjustable between the range of 10.2″ and 20.7″.

Thanks to its adjustable iPad Air stand, you can bid goodbye to “text neck” and bad posture.

Further, Lisen has focused on three major design aspects that make it sturdy and durable: strengthen elastic silica metal clip, sturdy and thickened all-metal support rod, and upgraded solid all-metal round base with thickened EVA pad.

This makes it super stable. It also comes with thick silicone pads on the back and both sides to protect your iPad against surface scratches. Its hollowed-out design makes all the iPad ports accessible through the stand.


  • Heavy-duty base and anti-slip design
  • Thick silicone pads to prevent scratches
  • Height adjustable and bendable rod


  • Assembling might be complicated
  • You need to protect your fingers from clamps while putting the iPad on or off the stand

Check out on: Amazon | Lisen

9. INVZI MagFree Magnetic iPad Stand – MagSafe-compatible

INVZI MagFree Magnetic iPad Stand

INVZI MagFree Magnetic iPad Stand is the most modern iPad Air stand to purchase. Its magnetic-floating design makes it the top-notch choice for FaceTime calls, Zoom calls, and watching movies.

The adjustable hinges offer a height adjusting feature to adjust the stand’s height at your desired position. Also, its 360° rotating shaft elevates your iPad to the perfect suitable display effect. This allows you to place the iPad in vertical and horizontal positions without compromising viewing angles.

The all-aluminum integrated design ensures there are no screws in the stand’s base. The magnetic area of the stand is large and features a strong magnetic force keeping your iPad in place and avoiding apps rotation while using.


  • Compatible with MagSafe
  • Excellent magnetic strength
  • Soft silicone material at the bottom


  • No screw-holes for tightening the hinges
  • Expensive in comparison to others

Check out on: Amazon | INVZI

10. Anozer adjustable and foldable stand – Fully foldable design

Anozer adjustable and foldable stand for iPad

While most iPad Air stands are a pain to carry around, Anozer adjustable and foldable aluminum iPad stand is different. It can be folded to pocket size, and its small footprint makes it the perfect travel companion. The aluminum alloy body and rubber pads at the bottom ensure it does not wobble on a flat surface.

Its two easily adjustable hinges allow for different viewing angles you want to adjust while watching movies, attending FaceTime calls, or browsing the internet.

Further, the stand also features a cutout for charging port to charge your iPad without removing it from the stand. Anti-slip silicone pads offer protection against scratches.


  • Non-slip pads
  • Fully foldable design
  • Highly sturdy aluminum alloy body


  • Hinges are tight to operate

Check out on Amazon

That’s it!

This wraps our list of the best iPad Air stands. However, this is not an exhaustive list, and we’ll keep updating this with other options in the future. Which are you planning to buy? Share in the comments below.

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