We’ve covered iPad Air docking stations. There are also a plethora of cases that will work as a stand for the iPad. But nothing beats specifically-designed iPad Air stands.

Unfortunately, either the market demand for iPad stands is low or there aren’t many manufacturers involved in making a stand for the iPad Air. There are very few good-quality iPad stands on the market but there’s ample potential and promise judging by the way products show up. We tried to pin down the best iPad Air stands currently available in the market. Here’s that list:

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Best iPad Air Stands

Best iPad Air Stands: Smartly-designed Stands for your iPad Air/iPad mini

#1. Slope by Dekke

Slope by Dekke iPad Stand
Slope from Dekke is an atypical stand. It uses microsuction to hold your iPad Air (and iPad mini). Sure it sounds precarious and risky but reviews point out that the Slope stand for iPad Air and iPad mini is one of the coolest new-age accessories for the tablet.

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The microsuction technology has a lot of advantages for the stand. To begin with, it makes the stand enormously sleek. The glossy silver finish gives it a look that resembles Apple’s trademark design aesthetic (Mac, iPads). And most importantly, it keeps the stand light-weight.

While using microsuction isn’t new, the design itself is quite impressive and novel. The sleekness is amazing and it goes hand-in-hand with iPad Air’s thinness. It’s almost insane, the way this stand works. Nothing holds the iPad and yet, the iPad is held on to very strongly. (and the absence of anything holding the iPad in its place keeps the iPad very safe from scratches)

Price: $49.99 (iPad Air) | $44.99 (iPad mini)
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#2. MiStand

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MiStand Stand for iPad Air

The MiStand was the first microsuction stand we stumbled on Kickstarter (prior to Slope). There’s one big difference between Slope and MiStand: flexibility. Slope’s design fixes the iPad orientation. MiStand comes with a ball-socket arrangement that lets you rotate the iPad Air to any degree. This makes it perfect for both reading (portrait) and watching movies (landscape) on the iPad without having to remove/refix it on the stand (as in the case of Slope).

MiStand’s design also includes two microsuction patches instead of a single large one. The latter seems far more safer and better in terms of design. Nevertheless, MiStand has a cool look too with its metal finish. There are also multiple color options. The last time we checked the website, the stand was slated for shipping in March 2014 if you ordered now. Read our review of MiStand here.

Price: £49.00
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#3. Thoughtout Stable Coil Pro

Thoughout Stable Coil Pro iPad Air Stand

Thoughtout Stable Coil PRO is a cool, ingenious coil-stand for the iPad Air (and other tablets).  It’s probably the only truly flexible (literally, too) iPad Air stand ever. It is a coil that can be twisted to whatever shape you want, with a head which serves as the iPad Air base.

The coil, while being completely flexible, is also hard and strong. You can wind the coil around to make a circular base, or have it inserted between mattresses. This makes it an efficient and flexible iPad stand that you can use anywhere. It’s a steel construction with a very fluid design.

Price: $94.99
Buy Thoughtout Stable Coil PRO

#4. TechMatte

TechMatte iPad Stand

TechMatte is basically a universal stand for tablets, mini-tablets and even smartphones. It’s designed to fit the iPad Air too. TechMatte features a simple design but works great. There are no clamps and holders and the likes: you just open the stand and place your iPad on it.

In order to secure the iPad in its place, TechMatte comes with non-slip grip tabs and liners. It doesn’t work like microsuction but kind of replicates this behavior to hold the iPad securely even as you swipe through apps and websites.

The TechMatte also lets you keep the iPad Air in landscape mode for videos, movies and presentations. The stand is smaller than most others (which makes it very easy to carry anywhere) and it’s also very light-weight.

Price: $9.99
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#5. iBlason iPad Air Armorbox

iBlason iPad Air Armorbox

i-BLASON’s iPad Air Armorbox is not really a stand. It’s a case that features the peculiar kick-stand. Going this way, however, we have a lot of case stands for the iPad Air and even the typical smartcover can be used as a stand for the iPad Air. The i-BLASON Armorbox, however, features a hybrid design that includes three layers of protection: a screen protector, a polycarbonate hardshell and a silicone outershell. Unlike Otterbox defenders though, iBLASON is light. And much less military-grade.

The kickstand is what interests us. It’s the opposite of a thin, almost-not-there kind of a design. It is sturdy and keeps the iPad Air in the landscape mode. Although made of plastic, the kickstand is quite sturdy, in keeping with the general make of the armor shell.

Price: $39.99
Buy Armorbox for iPad Air

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Did we miss a good iPad Air stand that should’ve been mentioned here? Let us know in the comments!