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Radio Frequency Identification allows a business entity to locate and find their objects through unique tags in them. Depending on the range, the app will read and give you all details in context to the particular app.

You can define and schedule your products efficiently, making your business grow. You can even find out the zone and see the last time where these products/people were.

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Best Free RFID Apps for iPad

Best Free RFID iPad Apps

#1. RFID Track

RFID Track iPad App IconRFID Track app allows you track assets having RFID tags. The app requires Track Plugin v2.12, Indigo Pro v6.x, RF-Watchv2.11 or RFID hardware by iAutomate.com. With help of this app, you can see people and assets in limited range used by the app. It allows you to see the status of tracked assets or people. You can send the details or screenshots of the tracked objects or person via e-mail. You can manage zones with different colors and refresh the data.

Price: Free
Download RFID Track

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#2. RFID Web Wedge

RFID Web Wedge iPad App IconThis app has been designed to scan and enter the tags into different webpages. This app is compatible with 1128 Bluetooth UHF Reader. You can scan and enter the tag in a single shot. The app can convert the data into ASCII text format from the coding. You can either create tags in EPC format or user-friendly format as per industry need. The scan function can be prolonged and stretched so that large tag data can be inserted in easy swipe.

Price: Free
Download RFID Web Wedge

#3. RFID Explorer

RFID Explorer iPad App IconRFID Explorer will swiftly provide you the list of tags nearby. The app works well with 1128 Bluetooth UHF Reader. You can create and make tags with help of this app. You can even male customized tags in the memory bank of the app. The app comes with ASCII protocol that makes the data reading easy and flexible. You can view the send, receive data of the app, and put in other supporting information.

Price: Free
Download RFID Explorer


IDBLUE RFID iPad App IconIDBLUE RFID app allows you to read and create tags. The app is compatible with software such as IDBLUE.HF and IDBLUE.UHF. The app will give you various details regarding the tags like Device timeout, prolonged scanning, Bluetooth timeout, mode of disconnection etc. The app has user guide and demo video included that helps in using the app and creating tags.

Price: Free

#5. iCarte Reader

iCarte Reader RFID App IconiCarte Reader can turn your iPad into an RFID when enabled. However, this app helps in reading the MIFARE tags. The app when conjoined with MIFARE tags provides data in three modes: Hexadecimal, ASCII or Unicode. You can easily read and write the MIFARE tags with help of this app. It will provide all the details of the tag that are displayed in favor of any object or person.

Price: Free
Download iCarte Reader

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Feel free to comment on any of the mentioned apps, or add some more in the comments below.

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