Trust a developer to figure out how much powerful the flashlight of an iPhone is and then create an app that exploits it to the max.

That’s what Best Flash Light is all about. It’s a power-packed, feature-rich flashlight that has a ton of features to enable the flashlight for various purposes.

Best Flash Light iPhone App Review

Best Flash Light App for iPhone

Best Flash Light by RV AppStudios isn’t a normal flash light. It isn’t minimal, for starters. It has a few features that might be really interesting to you. Between intermittent flash and timed flash, there’s a set of features that makes the Best Flash Light worthy of a purchase. Right now, as of this writing, the app is available as a free download for a limited time.

The Features of Best Flash Light App:

#1. One-tap switch on. Simple, large button on the app switches on the LED flash. But that’s not all.

#2. You can control the intensity of the flash light with the slider under the LED ON button.

#3. Auto-switch on based on the orientation of the device: tilt the iPhone to landscape mode and the LED turns on automatically.

#4. Timer: Set the flashlight to actually flash at set intervals. A slider lets you control the frequency.

#5. Flashlight with a zoom function that lets you see things magnified.

#6. Clap-to-switch ON function: audio-based toggling. Clap to switch on/off the flashlight.

There are plenty of minimal flashlights on the Store. If you’re only looking at an easy toggle, you might prefer them but this is as good as it gets. Unlocking the app gives additional features which we didn’t have to explore really. The free version by itself has some pretty neat features.

I think the app lives up to its name. Out on the App Store, it’s the best flash light ever.

Compatibility: iPhone 5, 4, 4S, 3GS (not optimized for iPhone 5 but works)
Price: Free (for a limited time)
Download Best Flash Light