Best EQ Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

iPhone’s built-in EQ can do only so much. If you’re an audio freak, you want total control over the Equalizer or at least more presets so you can experience better sounds. Fortunately, this is one of the areas Apple decided to keep open for developers.

So we have a bunch of amazing Equalizer apps for the iPhone (and iPad). We picked ten of the best with a combination of free and paid apps. Let’s pick out the most user-friendly EQ for your great music experience!

#1. Boom

Boom EQ Apps for iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The Boom is exactly what you want to perfectly fine tune your music to your heart’s liking. With it, you will experience the real magic of 3D surround sound at its top quality. The personalized equalizer presets offer you the needed freedom to get the best out of your music. With several handy features like audio intensity control and customized playlists, it enhances your music experience big time.

Price: In-app purchase plan starts at $0.99

#2. Equalizer & mp3 Music Player

Equalizer & mp3 Music Player iPhone App Screenshot

Let’s put it out of the way; I look at this equalizer app for iOS as a complete package. It claims to deliver 3D sound that can bring plenty of fun to your music.

With the 10-band equalizer, you can customize your music to suit your demanding taste. And there are 20 presets to add more fun to the play.

A full-fledged media player and sleep timer ensure you have got all the basic features to amplify your music time. Another notable feature of this app is the support for multiple audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, etc.

Price: In-app purchase plan starts at $2.99

#3. Equalizer+

Equalizer+ iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are music junkie, you are sure to love the Equalizer+ app while using it on the iPhone. The app not only improves the sound quality according to your needs but also adjusts the sound automatically. The more you customize the sounds, the more the app will learn.

There are as many as 23 awesome inbuilt effects in the app, and they are the acoustic, bass booster, classical, dance, hip-hop, etc. So customize the sound and keep rocking!

Price: In-app purchase plan starts at $2.99

#4. Evermusic Pro

Evermusic Pro iPhone and iPad Equalizer App Screenshot

What has compelled me to go for Evermusic Pro is the ability to not just spice up music time with features like an audio equalizer and bass booster but also enhance the overall experience.

It’s a top-notch MP3 music player that ensures your music time never hits a roadblock–even when you are offline. With the built-in playlist manager, you will be able to keep your tracks perfectly in line with your taste.

ID3 tags editor comes in handy when you need to edit the audio tags with ease. However, the best thing about Evermusic Pro is that you will be able to use it as a nice audiobooks player.

Price: $4.99

#5. MolaEqualizer

MolaEqualizer EQ Apps for iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The Equalizer+ app is used to change the sound effects, but the MolaEqualizer app offers a lot more additional features. As it is possible to amplify the sound up to +20dB, you can hear the low sound recordings in a high tone.

Auto gain adjustment is also available to make sure that the output is perfect. It also has an option of displaying the lyrics while playing the song and moreover, you can scroll the lyrics too. This is a free app but, you can also purchase the pro version to remove some restrictions.

Price: $2.99

#6. Equalizer Fx

Equalizer Fx iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When it comes to improving music and audio quality, “Equalizer Fx” is a top-notch option. You can use this app to adjust the sound effect levels easily. It lets you apply equalizer effects based on music genre.

Make your own custom preset using the 5 band equalizer controller. Get the best out of bass booster to enhance the music quality.

It also offers visual effects to let you adorn your soundtracks. What’s more, you can create and manage your playlists as well.

Price: In-app purchase plan starts at $1.99

#7. Denon Audio

Denon Audio EQ Apps for iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Denon Audio is actually a companion to the Music Maniac(TM) headphones. Also, it’s not actually an EQ app, but it does come with a powerful EQ to help you control your music. Denon connects to the Music collection on your iPhone well and has quite a lot of controls that will keep you busy, tweaking.

Price: In-app purchase plan starts at $1.99

#8. Equalizer

Equalizer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one is quite popular among audiophiles. There’s just too much in the app to list out, but the key thing is that the EQ is powerful, you can import presets via email (or send them) and a terrific interface to control everything right from the app.

Equalizer lets you fine-tune the EQ curve for your left or right ear. You get to choose from more than 10 pretty good presets, and there is also a super handy spectrum analyzer to visualize music.

Price: $3.99

#9. Equalizer Pro

Equalizer Pro iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Having given “Equalizer Pro” a long spin, I can say that this app can ramp up your music time. Features like 10-band equalizer offer you more flexibility, while several neat presets to ensure you have plenty of options for experimentation.

Not to mention the powerful audio player that’s designed to provide complete control over the playback. Besides, the app lets you manage your playlists and media library.

Thanks to the support for several mainstream audio formats including mp3, m4a, wav, wma, wv, ape, ogg, flac, aiff, aac, au, Equalizer Pro has you covered.

Price: In-app purchase plan starts at $0.99

#10. MolaPlayer

MolaPlayer EQ Apps for iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

MolaPlayer has a simple user-interface and lets you control your music with the needed comfort. It’s designed to carry out the task of speed control, equalizing and pitch control smoothly. It allows you to play any repeat intervals. The auto gain adjustment keeps cracking sound away. If you want an easy-going equalizer, it’s a good option to have.

Price: In-app purchase plan starts at $2.99

That’s pretty much it!

Your favorite EQ app?

Now that you have explored some of the finest EQ apps for iOS, let us know about the ones that are going to enhance your music experience.

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Best Equalizer Apps for iPhone and iPad
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