iPhone’s built-in EQ can do only so much. If you’re audio freak, you want total control over the Equalizer or at least more presets so you can experience better sounds. Fortunately, this is one of the areas Apple decided to keep open for developers.

So we have a bunch of amazing Equalizer apps for the iPhone (and iPad). We picked seven of the best with a combination of free and paid apps.

Best Equalizer Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best EQ Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Equalizer+Equalizer Plus iPhone and iPad AppIf you are music junkie, you are sure to love the Equalizer+ app while using it on iPhone. The app not only improves the sound quality according to your needs but also adjusts the sound automatically. The more you customize the sounds, the more the app will learn. There are 9 inbuilt effects in the app and they are acoustic, bass booster, classical, dance, hip-hop etc. So customize the sound and keep rocking!

Price: Free
Download Equalizer+

#2. MolaEqualizerMolaEqualizer iPhone and iPad AppThe Equalizer+ app is used to change the sound effects, but the MolaEqualizer app offers a lot more additional features. As it is possible to amplify the sound up to +20dB you can hear the low sound recordings in a high tone. Auto gain adjustment is also available to make sure that the output is perfect. It also has an option of displaying the lyrics while playing the song and moreover, you can scroll the lyrics too. This is a free app but, you can also purchase the pro version to remove some restrictions.

Price: Free
Download MolaEqualizer

#3. Denon AudioDenon Audio iPhone & iPad EQ AppDenon Audio is actually a companion to the Music Maniac(TM) headphones. Also, it’s not actually an EQ app but it does come with a powerful EQ to help you control your music. Denon connects to the Music collection on your iPhone well and has quite a lot of controls that will keep you busy, tweaking.

Price: Free, $2.99 (In-App; you need this to use the EQ features)
Download Denon Audio

#4. EqualizerEqualizer App for iPhone and iPadProbably the closest competitor to Equ, this app is quite popular amongst audiophiles. There’s just too much in the app to list out but the key thing is that the EQ is powerful, you can import presets via email (or send them) and a terrific interface to control everything right from the app.

Price: $2.99
Download Equalizer

#5. EQ 10EQ 10 Equalizer iPhone and iPad AppFor about a dollar less, you get this audio player with EQ and FX built in. It’s not much if you compare it with Equalizer or EQu but it’s solid with some really clean EQ controls. The best thing about EQ 10 is that it has a very simple interface unlike most other EQ apps which are usually cumbersome.

Price: $1.99
Download EQ 10

#6. EQuEQu App for iPhoneIt’s blasphemy to put EQu somewhere at the bottom of the list but consider this as balancing out the bias that EQu garners for itself. It’s undeniably the best EQ app out there. Oh wait, it’s comparable to Equalizer but then, if you’re a stickler for neat interfaces and cool features, EQu is the app you’re looking for.

Price: $2.99
Download EQu

#7. EQ PlayerEQ Player iPhone and iPad AppOn the other hand, if you’re not yet willing to shell out money for an EQ app, this should be it. But beware: you get what you pay for but EQ Player is a good start for some decent EQ-ing.

Price: Free
Download EQ Player

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