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Best Email Apps for Mac to Simplify Your Life (2024)

The right email app for Mac can transform your relationship to your inbox, especially if you’re juggling multiple accounts and projects. It’s time to take control of your email by simplifying and streamlining how you get your most important messages and keep out the spam and clutter. Manage both your personal and professional communication better with these best email apps for Mac.

1. Editor’s Choice – Spark

Spark Email Mac App Screenshot

If email is stressing you out, this app is here to help. It boasts a modern minimalist design that’s fast, intuitive, and collaborative. It makes it easy to always see what’s most important, automate the stuff that’ takes too much time, and create a personalized experience.

The smart inbox allows you to prioritize and categorize your email in a way that works best for you. It’s especially great for the workplace thanks to its innovative collaboration features such as writing emails together using the real-time editor and inviting teammates to discuss emails and threads.

What we love: The personalization options, powerful natural language search, and convenient integration.

What could be better: Although the interface is well-designed and intuitive, there are many different options, which creates a steep learning curve. It would be better if there were a quicker way to learn your way around the app.

Price: Free


2. HEY

HEY Email Mac App Screenshot

From the team that gave the world the popular team management app Basecamp, Hey is an email service and app designed to reinvent digital communication. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to switch over from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and the other major providers.

What sets it apart is a screening system that lets you decide who gets to email you. When someone messages you for the first time on your account, they land in The Screener, from where you decide if you’d like to let them through to your inbox or not. Pretty nifty!

Further, for $99/year, you get some neat features like read receipt blocking, email screening, reply later reminders, etc.

What we love: This service gives you a whole new fresh start with email and is a must-try if you want to declutter your life and start over. It boasts some pretty nifty features.

What could be better: You are obligated to use a new email address with this service. It would be nice if it had functionality to add existing email accounts too.

Price: $99 per year for Personal Plan (14-day free trial)


3. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Email Mac App Screenshot

If you use Microsoft apps for work, this email app is the best choice for you as it requires a Microsoft 365 subscription. It’s ideal for keeping control over your inbox at work and home.

It offers easy access to emails, files, and your contacts and calendar across all your accounts. Further, it displays your most important messages first and has smart filters that make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

What we love: Enhanced performance and functionality that’s easy to use, understand, and customize as you like.

What could be better: Sometimes, there are sync issues across devices, and the interface could be more intuitive.

Price: Microsoft 365 Subscription starts at $69.99


4. PostBox

PostBox Email Mac App Screenshot

Postbox is mainly designed for professionals. It offers one of the fastest email search engines, which is an essential factor to have when you need to find files, images, and other attachments.

This app comes with a built-in Quick Bar option, which will help you move a message, copy a message, switch folders, tag a message, label a message in Gmail, or even switch folders with just a few keystrokes. Moreover, this email client for Mac comes with more than 20 themes.

Postbox offers a trial period to test it, and if you are not satisfied with its features, you can easily give up its service to get back the entire invested amount. This email client app for Mac is available at $29/year.

What we love: Really clean interface, and highly customizable options, excellent search, coupled with fast and efficient tech support.

What could be better: It does not support macOS keyboard shortcuts, so you have to learn other shortcuts, which is inconvenient.

Price: $29/Year


5. MailTrim

Mailtrim Email Mac App Screenshot

MailTrim is an efficient and secure email app that’s ideal for teams and businesses. It boasts a unified intelligent inbox that makes it a breeze to stay on top of messages and keep things organized. You can even create a customized view and filter out unimportant ones for better time management.

Further, you can safely backup all your important mail into a centralized archive, from where you can search and retrieve messages instantly. With support for much native and third-party integration (Google Drive, DropBox, etc.), this app stands out as a robust solution for your email needs.

What we love: Customized views, excellent integrations, and a multitude of options to manage, prioritize, and organize your email.

What could be better: It’s not suitable for personal use, more of a business-centric app for professional teams.

Price: Free


6. Airmail 4

AirMail 4 Email Mac App Screenshot

Airmail boasts a clean design and was designed from the ground up to provide a quick, modern email experience that allows you to get stuff done without interruption or delay. This promises to bolster productivity.

It supports all major email services, and you can easily switch between accounts. Reply to incoming messages within seconds and enjoy many other features like custom actions, a customizable layout, and more.

What we love: The developers have really put in work to decide which features need to be easily accessible and which can be hidden deeper in the UI.

What could be better: The search functionality could be faster because it lags at times.

Price: Free ($2.99 per month for Pro)


7. Canary Mail App

Canary Email Mac App Screenshot

This email app for Mac boasts a nifty email tracking feature that lets you know when your message is opened at the receiving end. It’s a pro-user feature that you never knew what you wanted.

It supports all the leading email providers, and there are lots of other options like templates, custom snooze times, custom thread actions, customized fonts, etc. Finally, snooze and ‘to-do/pin’ option assist with inbox-zero, whereas ‘follow-up’ comes in handy too. On the whole, it’s a stable and reliable email app that and is worth the price.

What we love: Lots of standout features that make it different from the rest, such as read receipts, To-Do, Follow-Up, Read Activity, and more.

What could be better: For messages to multiple people, it does not specify who has opened your email. Further, it could do with other little tweaks like viewing PDF within the mail and saving multiple attachments at once.

Price: Free ($19.99 for Pro)


8. Newton Mail

Newton Mail Email Mac App Screenshot

Here’s a simple yet powerful app that helps professionals and teams go through their email twice as fast. It minimizes complexity and helps you manage emails efficiently.

It also offers email tracking to get read-status for every email you send. Get notified about which recipients read your mail, and schedule emails to be sent later so that you can manage your time better.

What we love: The combination of a minimalist interface with a variety of pro features and excellent sync capabilities.

What could be better: Notifications can be a bit buggy at times, and the search could be improved.

Price: Free


9. Spike Spike Email Mac App Screenshot

Email becomes more intuitive and conversational with Spike. It’s simplistic, fast, secure, and convenient. You can easily manage your tasks by creating, managing, tracking, and setting reminders from them right from your inbox.

Further, you can create, share, and collaborate on documents from within your email too. This makes it an excellent option for teams and professionals. The built-in chat is ideal for discussing ideas too. You can even create a group chat instead of managing multiple email threads.

What we love: It simplifies email by making it feel like texting by removing the extraneous bits and making quick replies.

What could be better: Sometimes, the app crashes when trying to attach files. This could be fixed, and more options could be added, like the choice to include a signature within an email without navigating to Settings each time.

Price: Free


10. Blue Mail

BlueMail Email Mac App Screenshot

Check out this secure, fast, powerful, and beautifully designed email app capable of handling an unlimited number of email accounts from any provider. It’s easy to navigate and user-centric, making it an excellent choice for any heavy email user.

It features unified folders, sharing emails, clusters, and more. Moreover, the setup just takes seconds to complete. You can add any account with support for all email protocols, including IMAP, SMTP, Exchange ActiveSync, EWS, and POP3.

What we love: Super easy and quick setup and clean interface, straightforward to navigate for any user with all the essential features.

What could be better: It needs certain modern features like Snooze or Delayed Send, which are standard on many other apps.

Price: Free


Top Email Client Apps for Mac to Manage Your Emails

So, what is your Mac email app of choice? Which one of these have you tried and is there any that we left out? Share your thoughts in the comments below. You might also like to check out the best business apps for iPhone and iPad.

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