Best Desk Pads and Mats in 2019: Soft-Textured Desktop Mats to Keep Workspace Neat

Want to keep your workspace neat? We've assembled some of the finest desktop pads of 2019 to help you choose an ideal mat. So, explore the lineup to pick out a suitable one right now!

The last thing that most of us want to see at our workspace is the cluttered desk. It, kind of, dampens the whole spirit. So, what’s the better way to keep the workspace clean and also put unwanted scratches at bay?

Just like a well-design stand and even a standing desk, desktop mat can go a long way in making your working space look organized and stop accidental spills from spoiling the entire thing. We’ve taken a close look at some of the best desktop pads and mats to help you choose an ideal one that can suit your specific taste.

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Apart from shielding the desk against scuffs, these desktop blotters can also make it a bit more convenient to write. And with a variety of designs to boot, picking the one that can get along perfectly with a specific decor isn’t a big ask. Let’s see what’s more they have in store!

Best Desktop Pads and Mats in 2019

#1. Satechi

Satechi Desk Mat and Pad

Satechi desktop pad has got a pretty simple and neat design. Made of high-quality synthetic leather, this desk mat feels nice to the touch.

The pad provides a comfortable space for both typing and writing. Plus, it also offers enough space for your mouse to rest securely.

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Talking about durability; this pad can resist stain and also protect the desk from scratches. Moreover, you can easily clean it.

USP: Synthetic leather with the smooth finish
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KINGFOM Desktop Pad & Mat

This offering from “KINGFOM” has a refined appearance. Carved out of high-grade PU leather, this desktop pad has a soft-textured surface. As a result, you will feel comfortable while writing.

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You can put your keyboard, mouse on it and still have some space left to keep a teacup and a small notebook. Thanks to the soft flannel anti-skid foam, it rests securely on the desk.

You can trust this desktop mat to safeguard the surface against scuffs. Besides, you will be able to clean this PU leather pad with ease.

USP: Anti-skid foam back
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#3. Ilyapa

Ilyapa Desktop Mat and Pas

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Unlike both the desk mats above mentioned, this one is made of plastic. Sporting a slim and refined design, it can make a good match with your workspace.

Ilyapa pad has a smooth textured finish, thereby offering comfy feel. It’s scuff resistant and can also prevent spills from spoiling your working area.

Another notable feature is the heat resistance. And thanks to the durable construction, this desk protector can last longer.

USP: Durable construction with heat resistance
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ZBRANDS Leather Desk Pad and Mat

Featuring a sleek and aesthetic profile, “ZBRANDS” boasts several impressive qualities. First and foremost, the pad has a large dimension. That means you can put your MacBook, mouse, headphone comfortably.

The second, it’s reversible. While one side sports a smooth surface, the other has a rugged finish. So, depending on your convenience, you can use any of the two sides.

Regarding protection, ZBRANDS can shield your desk against scuffs. Furthermore, the anti-skid rear side enables it to stay perfectly placed on any surface like wooden, glass or plastic.

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USP: Reversible design
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#5. Casa pura

Casa pura Desk Mat and Pad

Have a liking for vibrant design? This mat from “casa pura” can be a nice pick for you. It’s beautifully made and comes in 13 color variants including pink, orange, red, dark blue and more. So, you choose the one that can liven up the look of your workspace.

Beyond the looks, casa pura pad is carved out of top-grade polypropylene material. It’s non-slip and 100% recyclable. And with the smooth exterior, your palm will like resting on it.

USP: Modish profile
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NADAMOO PU Leather Desk Mat and Pad

Showcasing a classy design, NADAMOO features all the qualities to be your favorite pick. What I have found really adorable in it is the incredibly soft-textured surface. Hence, you will have a more comfortable time while taking a note.

The dual-layered construction reinforces the durability. As a result, it can be expected to fight out scratches with ease. Lastly, NADAMOO desk blotter comes in a couple of colors like black and gray.

USP: Pro-looking design
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#7. NPET

NPET Leather Desk Pad and Mat

When it comes to producing high-quality desk blotters, “NPET” is second to none. One of the highlights of this mat is the water-resistant quality. As a result, it’s fully capable of protecting your working area from spills.

The other quality that makes it a fine option is the soft exterior where your hands feel comfy while writing a note or resting. Packed in with rubberized back, it doesn’t skid.

Thanks to the multi-layered structure, NPET’s desk pad is more equipped to keep scratches at bay.

USP: Water-resistant
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#8. BUBM

BUBM Desk Mat and Pad

Courtesy a slim and sophisticated design, BUBM can seamlessly fit into any decor. This desktop protector is ultra-large, ensuring your notebook, mouse and other stuff can comfortable be placed.

The PU leather material plays a vital role in making it so useful. Aside from providing a more comfy feel, it can also fight out the regular scuffs. Besides, the matte finish helps it retain the elegant look for long.

On top of all, BUBM is available in seven colors including dark blue, pink, white and more.

USP: Matte finish
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PLENTY Desk Pad and Mat

Should you wish to get a high-quality leather desktop blotter, give serious look to PLENTY. It has a professional design and has enough space to let you keep all the required things.

Being quality leather, it’s anti-slip and offers the needed care to not just your notebook but also the desk. So, things like random spills and scuffs won’t ruin your workspace. Furthermore, the non-slip base helps it fit any surface like wood and glass.

USP: High-grade leather
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#10. Artistic

Hide-Away PVC Desk Pad and Mat

Artistic desktop mat is unique in its own right. What has caught my eyes in this pad is the hidden compartment where you can store your business cards and confidential notes.

There is also a penholder to ensure your writing time remains a pleasing experience. The textured surface makes sure your hand gets the needed comfort.

Just like most of its rivals, Artistic blotter can fight out stains with ease. So, you can expect your desk to remain protected from the unwanted scuffs.

USP: Hidden compartment
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Quartet Glass Desk Pad

Many a time, we get stuck in work and forget to do small things. If you don’t want to miss out on essential things you have to do, Quartet would be a useful addition to your desktop gear.

You can keep it between your computer and keyboard. Then, you will use it to note down something you have to do. It’s slightly angled to help you write a bit more conveniently.

There is a pull-out drawer where you can put tiny stuff to prevent the desk from being cluttered. Lastly, it’s well-built and makes an appreciable match with your pro-environment.

USP: Well-built design with a useful drawer
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That’s pretty much it! So, these are our top desktop protectors.

What’s your favorite?

Picked out an ideal blotter? We would be really glad to know something about your mat and the qualities that you’ve found noteworthy in it.

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