8 Best clipboard manager apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best Clipboard Manager Apps for iPhone

The built-in iPhone clipboard manager is quite a decent one. However, it has some notable limits, especially considering the fact that it can only store one copied information at a time. However, a third-party clipboard manager app for iPhone or iPad removes these limitations and makes your user experience much better.

So, I’ve curated a list of the best clipboard managers that will provide you with more features than the regular iOS clipboard manager. Without further ado, let’s check out the entries!

  1. Paste
  2. CLIP+
  3. iPaste
  4. Copy Better
  5. SnipNotes
  6. Anybuffer
  7. Yoink
  8. Clipboard

1. Paste – Editor’s choice

Paste clipboard manager app for iPhone

Paste is one of the best iOS clipboard manager apps for a reason. Its seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem is one of its biggest and most impressive features. If your Apple devices are using a single account, Paste will sync across all your Apple devices to ensure that you never lose your information again.

Whether you’re copying text, files, images, or links, Paste ensures that all your information since the app’s usage will be saved. This allows you to access them at any time, whether you need the data from a month ago or a year. Thus, your clipboard capacity is extended far beyond the usual iOS clipboard manager.

Moreover, the app ensures that your data is protected, as you can choose which apps Paste is allowed to use for storing information and data. Apart from this, the intelligent search feature allows you to access information that you may not completely remember. Even if you forget, the app won’t!

Finally, the at-a-glance feature shows you a preview of all your texts in a large app window. This gives you the power to access your work, edit, save, and adds speed to your workflow.

Unfortunately, app users have been facing issues with the subscription model lately. I recommend you wait until these issues are ironed out, to purchase the premium version. Or you can check out a Setapp subscription for a better offering.


  • Excellent integration with the Apple ecosystem
  • Data is protected
  • Complete editing access


  • Subscription model needs improvements

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


2. CLIP+ – Perfect link with Safari and Siri

CLIP+ iPhone clipboard manager app

CLIP+ is a highly underrated app for the number of features that it provides. More importantly, it links perfectly with your phone’s Safari browser and Siri. With Safari, the clipboard will keep an account of all your saved links in Safari’s “Shared Links” tab.

For Siri, the clipboard allows multiple shortcuts that you can use through Siri. While these features already make it a great clipboard, CLIP+ also comes with iCloud sync, thus saving your information across multiple Apple devices.

Another nifty feature of the app gives you instant access to your clipboard using the Today Widget. And my personal favorite is the fact that you can preview images for any URLs that you receive.

You no longer have to open the URL to see the sent image. This is a great feature that can be useful in a myriad of situations. Overall, there’s little doubt that this app is one of the best clipboard manager apps for iOS. However, it’s rather difficult to use and has a steep learning curve.


  • Integrates well with both Safari and Siri
  • iCloud syncing available
  • A convenient picture preview feature


  • Complex learning curve

Price: $2.99


3. iPaste – Great for iPad

iPaste clipboard manager tool for iPad

Although iPaste is a decent clipboard manager for iPhone, it’s more optimized for iPads. So, try this one if you’ve got an iPad and want a good clipboard app.

The most significant factor that makes iPaste an excellent choice is its lightweight. While the user interface is simplistic, it gets the job done, and there’s no added fluff to make the process more complicated. Additionally, you can organize all your clippings into groups based on a shared category!

When using iPaste on an iPad, it provides a split screen mode that’s very handy when you want to work quickly. This view allows you to drag and drop your required data, whether you’re inserting it onto iPaste to save it or into an app to input required credentials.

Nonetheless, the simplistic UI and limited functionality can be problematic for more advanced users.


  • Lightweight and doesn’t hog resources
  • Split screen mode is handy
  • Simple user interface


  • Limited features

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)


4. Copy Better – Easy to use

Copy Better iPhone clipboard manager app

Many iOS clipboard manager apps tend to have extensive and advanced features that can be off-putting to beginners. Sometimes, you just need a clipboard manager app that does the basics well and provides a few improvements over the original clipboard manager app.

If you relate to this, Copy Better could be the clipboard manager app that you were looking for. This app’s UI is definitely on the simpler side, and its features, though not very extensive, are just enough for someone who wants to increase their productivity.

With this app, you can save and edit the clippings from your system and even create new ones directly from the app itself. Moreover, these clips can be images, default texts, or formatted texts. You can also save these clips into folders and mark your favorites for easier access.

It also comes with its own keyboard that makes it easier to paste clips onto different apps. While the app does provide a Siri extension, there’s no cloud syncing. So, I’d recommend this app only to those who want to use a clipboard manager app on a single device.


  • Simplistic interface makes it easy to use
  • Great for beginners
  • Organizational features are a plus


  • Lacks syncing with iCloud

Price: Free


5. SnipNotes – Loaded with features

SnipNotes iPhone clipboard manager app

From an app that provides the basic features, we move on to a clipboard manager app that provides a huge range of features. If you’re someone who likes to format their notes and clippings, this app is for you.

The app integrates with iOS, macOS, iPad, and Apple Watch. So, you can even dictate your notes, whether through your phone or the Apple Watch. Moreover, you can capture the notes on your clipboard and move them between apps, thanks to the split-screen feature on iPads.

You don’t have to worry about a constant internet connection to access your notes and clippings. The app also saves all of your notes offline, so you can access your clippings whenever needed. SnipNotes also checks your clippings and instantly provides intelligent recommendations, such as addresses for buildings.

The app also integrates with other apps on your phone, such as Maps and Calendar. Whether you’re checking the distance on the map through a saved address or setting an event on a particular date through your clipping, SnipNotes always has some useful suggestions.

While it does have a large range of features, SnipNotes has one issue – syncing. The syncing process is rather slow when compared to other similar apps.


  • Allows offline saving of clippings
  • Provides intelligent recommendations
  • Integrates with other apps for added convenience


  • Slow syncing process

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


6. Anybuffer – Excellent organization

Anybuffer clipboard manager app for iPhone

A clipboard manager app’s job is to organize clippings properly. With Anybuffer, this feature is taken to the next level. With iCloud sync and the app’s saving features, you won’t have to go through the pain of losing data ever again.

Moreover, the Smart Shelves feature helps you organize all of your data based on their categories. Apart from this, you’ll notice that Anybuffer has quite a simple UI. However, this is deceptively simple.

Behind the simple yet elegant UI is the power of Contextual Menus. Additionally, the Spotlight feature hastens the process of finding the exact clipping you’re looking for!

Widgets, Share Extensions, and Shortcuts comprise the rest of the app’s features. Overall, it provides an exceptionally well-organized user experience you won’t forget anytime soon. However, despite the iCloud sync feature, sharing between devices is rather clunky.


  • Great organizational features
  • Spotlight feature makes searching for information easy
  • Widgets can be used to check clippings instantly


  • iCloud integration could have been better

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


7. Yoink – Always available

Yoink clipboard manager app iPhone

As eccentric as the app’s name is, Yoink is known mostly for one particular aspect – the drag and drop feature. While other iOS clipboard manager apps also provide this feature, they can be clunky to use.

With Yoink, you don’t have to shift between apps to copy and paste your clippings. Yoink is always by your side! Moreover, it supports clippings of all kinds. Web texts, emails, URLs, videos, or locations it doesn’t matter. Yoink can save anything and everything.

As I mentioned earlier, Yoink is always ready. So, all you need to do is drag over your clipping to the Yoink screen integration, and your information will be saved. Since the app also syncs with iCloud, you can access your content from any Apple device you own.

Furthermore, the app comes with its own keyboard. This makes the clipping and saving operation much more intuitive and straightforward. Unfortunately, the organizational system in the app isn’t great. Since you can’t put your items into specific folders, you’ll have to scroll around to find what you’re looking for.


  • Exceptional drag and drop features
  • Instant information saving
  • Comes with its own keyboard


  • Organizational system is subpar

Price: $5.99


8. Clipboard – Decent security protocols

Clipboard app for iPhone

Clipboard manager apps tend to store some sensitive information. With this aptly named “Clipboard” application, you can be sure that your sensitive information is safe and secure.

While this app offers all the basic amenities, you’d expect from an app of this nature, its biggest draw is the security protocols it implements. With the tap of a button, you can clear all your content to protect your privacy.

Moreover, even if you’re sharing important and delicate information such as emails, IBAN, or account numbers, the data has a level of encryption to ensure that it stays out of the wrong hands.

The app is quite underrated and prides itself on its simplicity and security features. However, for more advanced users, the lack of extensive features can put them off from using it.


  • Simple and elegant UI
  • Completely free to use
  • Good security features


  • Lacks some advanced tools

Price: Free


Why you might need a clipboard manager app for iPhone

A clipboard manager app for iPhone can ensure convenience and security. These apps allow you to copy and paste any type of information directly or store them for later use. Thus, they save time by removing the step that requires you to switch back and forth between the source and destination apps.

Additionally, since the iOS clipboard manager can only store one piece of data at any given moment, these apps can be a boon. If you’re not entirely convinced, you can check out some of the extra benefits of these apps below:

Check your saved data

Since the iOS clipboard manager doesn’t save previous data and overwrites them, you might struggle to check your older information or content. With clipboard manager apps, this problem is solved. These apps sync to iCloud and save every piece of data you’ve ever copied.

Saving passwords

Considering the number of accounts and apps we use today, it’s often difficult to remember the passwords to all of them. Using just a singular password for each app isn’t safe, and even minor changes in passwords can be difficult to remember after a long time.

iOS clipboard manager apps save your passwords and keep them secure so you can check them when needed.

Organize data

This is a highly important advantage of clipboard manager apps. Many apps come with “shelves” or features that help you organize your content based on importance or categories.

This makes it easier to retrieve your information when needed, as you don’t have to scroll around for minutes on end to find what you need.


If you’re into researching, collecting bits and pieces of information or content from multiple tabs can be confusing. You either have to write them separately or keep a mental account of what information is available on which website.

Instead, with clipboard manager apps, you can gather all the required information in one place and compile them the way you want.

Hopefully, these points give you a better understanding of the benefits of clipboard manager apps and whether you need to use apps of this nature.

Final remarks

So, what did you think of this list of clipboard manager apps for iPhone and iPad? I’ve also included a couple of apps for iPad and Mac since the Apple ecosystem integration might call for such a situation. If you’ve got other such apps in mind, tell me more about them in the comments!

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