Best Catalog Management iPad Apps in 2021

Best Catalog Management iPad Apps

Whether you are a student, sales representative, or distributor, you would need these best iPad catalog management apps to keep everything in perfect order. Luckily, these catalog management tools are designed to be smart and make your task of taking control of your library painless. You can add, edit, and manage items effortlessly. Sync your files with the cloud to keep them securely and access them quickly from anywhere. To prevent others from intruding into your files, use passwords, or Touch ID to lock the app. Find out what’s more these catalog apps can do for you!

1. Libib

Libib iPad Catalogue Management App Screenshot

Libib is a pretty useful app that lets you take complete control of your catalog and keep it streamlined. You can use the barcode scanner to add items instantly. One notable feature of this app is that it lets you add multiple types of libraries.

Since all of your data is synced directly with Libib’s website, it remains secure and accessible from any of your devices. The clean interface coupled with the simple features makes it very useful.

Price: Free

2. Handshake

Handshake iPad Catalogue Management App Screenshot

Due mainly to the ability to make presenting catalogs and to write orders fast and easy, “Handshake” is a must for sales representatives, manufacturers, and distributors. You can sell several lines in one go and be able to manage orders for your entire sales team with little effort.

Besides, you get the option to set up sales territories and have complete control over the customer list. It lets you set prices by customer groups. Check out the real-time inventory count and keep track of it.

Price: Free

3. Pepperi Sales Rep

Pepperi Sales Rep iPad Catalogue Management App Screenshot

“Pepperi Sales Rep” is bang on target when it comes to letting you have the needed control over catalog management. Thanks to the ability to manage catalog super easy, it’s beneficial for wholesale distributors, branded goods manufacturers, field agents, and sales managers, etc.

There are multiple catalog books for different currencies as well as sales channels for your products. Use the swipe controls to scan the high-quality photos of your products. The multiple view options and customizable fields bring more convenience to the play.

Price: Free

4. CatalogIt

CatalogIt iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Want to simplify the process of cataloging? “CatalogIt” can be the right answer to your needs. You can quickly create entries and manage them with ease. As it allows multiple users per account, you have the complete freedom to collaborate with your friends.

Based on your specific requirements, you can keep all of your entries fully organized. With the top level of encryption, CatalogIt ensures all of your data remains secure.

Price: Free

5. Stockroom Inventory

ClickOrder LITE iPad Catalogue Management App Screenshot

Here’s a straightforward and easy-to-use app to manage your catalog or inventory. You can create custom templates to represent different kinds of items, so it’s easy to adapt to your unique business needs.

Further, you can define custom fields according to your needs to track across all items or a subset of items. It makes the entire process of managing your inventory a whole lot easier and hassle-free. While the app lacks advanced features, it’s perfect for the average small business or solo entrepreneur.

6. Media Catalog

Media Catalog iPad App Screenshot

Do you want to keep your media like movies, videos, music, and games neatly organized on your iOS device? “Media Catalog” is the best answer to your need.

You can group the catalog as per the catalog type and genre. It also provides you the option to print your catalog. Moreover, it allows you to export your catalog as a PDF file. You can send the file to your friends via WhatsApp and post it on your Facebook.

Price: Free

7. MyStuff2 Pr‪o

MyStuff 2 Pro best catalog management app for ipad

No matter what you’re cataloging, this app makes it easier. You can organize your collections, music, movies, books, video games, electronics, jewelry, appliances, office supplies, etc. It can come in handy to know exactly what you own.

However, bear in mind that the free version is severely limited. You can only add 15 items to it and have to upgrade to Pro to get the full benefit of this app. The best part is you can define custom categories and set them up any way you want to fit your unique needs.

Price: Free ($8.99 for Pro)

8. Showcase Sales

Showcase Sales iPad Catalogue Management App Screenshot

The Showcase Sales is primed to be an impactful catalog management tool which makes it exceptionally user-friendly for salespeople and marketers. Whether it’s adding, editing products and prices or offering promo, it lets you get your work done fast and seamlessly.

With the effective content management system, you can handle sales material and digital catalog with aplomb. Since it also works offline, your important work won’t be interrupted even when the internet goes for a toss.

Another notable feature that makes this app right on the money is the support for multiple languages including English, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and more.

Price: Free

9. CREAM deal

CREAM deal iPad Catalogue Management App Screenshot

The CREAM deal app is a catalog app-cum-sales app which lets you promptly create orders for your customers. You can easily add selected item to the cart, specify the amount and offer the discount. It allows you to set flexible price and manage discounts without any hassle. There is also an option to attach invoices and company logo.

The free version of the app allows you to handle three customers and present 20 products. You will need to upgrade to the pro version to use this app without any restrictions. (Unlimited Products Catalog: $27.99, 100 Products Catalog: $24.99.)

Price: Free

10. BookBuddy: Library Manager

BookBuddy Catalog Management iPad App

This one’s perfect for the students, librarians, readers, and writers out there – a handy way to catalog all your precious books! 

It’s fun and easy to use, allowing you to quickly find any book in your library, share your favorites, and keep track of those you have lent or borrowed.  

The free version has a 50 book limit, and the Pro version boasts excellent features such as seamless sync across all your devices using iCloud or Dropbox. You can add books to your library by scanning the barcode or searching Google Books. I especially love how you can multitask seamlessly on an iPad with full Split View support. 

Price: Free ($4.99 for Pro) 

That’s all!

What’s your favorite?

Now, make the best use of these handy catalog management apps to keep your library in perfect order. It pays to keep everything fully organized. I’m sure these apps will stand up to your task and deliver the goods to you with elan.

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