Whether you are running a business or small home-based work, you need to manage your products. These iPad apps have been designed to do that for you, quickly. These iPad catalog management apps have been designed with software that digitalizes your content in a unique way.

Get all the features and latest software integrated in a single app. The app guides you to make unique catalogs for your customers and gain more business.

Best Catalog Management iPad Apps

Best iPad Catalog Management Apps:

#1. iCatalog Lite for iPad

iCatalog Lite iPad App IconiCatalog app allows you to display custom catalogs and take in orders at the same time. The app comes with easy interface, making management quick and flexible. You can create your customized catalogs for separate customers. You can view, edit or delete the catalogs as required. You can manage the tax codes, stock sales and costs of the products in catalog itself. The app gives you the option of putting pictures or slideshows of products in catalog. The app monitors all aspects regarding clients’ orders. You can even add customer’s information such as payment terms, sales, taxes, geolocation of customer etc.

Price: Free
Download iCatalog Lite for iPad

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#2. catalogueapp

catalogueapp iPad App Iconcatalogueapp allows you to provide design catalogs as per customer’s need. You can make customized catalogs by providing the required content such as text, images, video or slideshows. The app also supports all type of files like PDF, 3D modules that can be used to leave a mark in trade events and shows. The app comes with mQuest software that is helpful in gaining customer feedback and surveys. The app helps you in adding client’s requirement and orders quickly. It supports various languages; hence, you can change languages in presentation with ease.

Price: Free
Download catalogueapp

#3. CReaM Tab

CReaM tab iPad App IconCReaM Tab app is a catalog app-cum-sales app. It can be used on-the-spot to create catalogs or add customer’s information. You can even work offline with help of this app. The app can be synchronized to your Dropbox for creating back-ups. CReaM Tab comes with built-in tutorials that help in building various catalogs. You can add photos, documents, videos and other documents in support of your catalogs. It helps in taking client’s order and helps in managing CRM. You can buy additional 100 products catalogs from in-app purchases for $24.99.

Price: Free
Download CReaM Tab

#4. Handshake Sales Rep Order & Catalog App

Handshake Sales Rep Order & Catalog iPad App IconThe app makes order-entries and catalog-making easy. You can upload images to your catalog within seconds, as the entire process is fast and reliable. The color variants, product minimums, and case packs are fully supported by the app. You can synchronize the app with your team to make internal transfer of files quick. The app comes with security mode to ensure your data is safe.

Price: Free
Download Handshake Sales Rep Order & Catalog App

#5. Showcase Sale

Showcase Sales iPad App IconWith this app, you can create and edit the catalog anytime and anywhere. You can add or delete products, their images, enter promo, offer and other such information efficiently. The app makes it easy for you to manage catalog and sales material. You can synchronize this app with representatives so that they can easily access the information for your customer.

Price: Free
Download Showcase Sale

If you find an app that should have made this list, feel free to add it in the comments below so our readers can know about it too!