A few days back, my Apple Watch magnetic charging stopped working and won’t charge the watch. I tried to make it work, but when the cable refused to get back into action, I had no other option but to look for some alternatives. These are my best Apple Watch chargers with the magnetic charging cable that works with Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3.

These Apple Watch chargers are strongly built and provide quick charging. Besides, they offer secure charging solution. Head over to find out more about the top Apple Watch charging cables.

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Best Apple Watch Charging Cables and Chargers

Best Apple Watch Charging Cables [Work with Apple Watch 1, Series 2, and Series 3 as Well]

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#1. OPSO

OPSO Apple Watch Charger

OPSO is made to be very durable and offers safe charging solution. It incorporates MagSafe technology with inductive charging.

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With Apple MFi certification, it’s fully compatible to charge the smartwatch. The charging cable comes in 1 feet and 6.6 feet length. Besides, this Apple Watch charger is completely tangle-free and supports all Apple Watch models (Series 1, 2 and 3.)

USP: Highly efficient charging
Price: $25.99 on Amazon.com
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#2. Poweradd

Poweradd Apple Watch Charger with Cable

Poweradd is a two-in-one package and comes with a charging dock and a magnetic charging cable. It’s Apple MFi certified and offers secure charging to the watch. The stand provides 90 and 37-degree adjustable angles to ensure you have the better view of your watch while it’s charging.

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Soft silicone pad safeguards the Watch from scratch. Besides, the rectangle base and non-slip mats offer more stability, enabling the stand to hold your Apple Watch securely.

USP: 90 and 37-degree adjustable angles
Price: $33.99 on Amazon.com
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IQIYI Apple Watch Charger

IQIYI is a reliable magnetic charging cable for Apple Watch. With the integration of MagSafe charging technology and inductive charging, it powers up the smartwatch fast and securely. The strong magnet holds the watch firmly.

IQIYI comes in three variants: 1 feet, 3.3 feet, and 6.6 feet. Hence, you have the option to choose either long or small cable based on your need. Additionally, it supports all the models of the Apple Watch and comes with the 12-month warranty.

USP: Original Apple Magnetic Module
Price: $25.99 on Amazon.com
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UGREEN Apple Watch Charger for Series 1, 2, and 3

When it comes to efficiency, I put UGREEN at par with the best. The magnetic charging cable delivers 1A output, which is good enough to fully power up your smartwatch in just 2.5 hours.

The well-built cable has been fortified by MFi certification to not only offer rapid charging but also protect the watch from common hazards like overcurrent. 3.3 feet length should be quite sufficient for normal usage. On top of all, UGREEN is backed by a solid 18-month warranty.

USP: Apple MFi Certified
Price: $25.99 on Amazon.com
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#5. Hipo

Hipo Apple Watch Charger for Series 1, 2, and 3

Hipo is ideally geared up to provide a long-lasting charging solution to your Apple Watch. Due mainly to the strong magnets, the charger immaculately holds the smartwatch for hassle-free charging. Besides, the dock also defends the watch against scrape.

Apple certified cable doesn’t let common threats like short circuit and overvoltage damage your watch. Thanks to the 6.6-feet length, the cable offers you more flexibility. Lastly, Hipo is supported by a 12-month manufacturer warranty.

USP: 6.6-feet long cable
Price: $30.99 on Amazon.com
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#6. Apple

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

Apple’s magnetic charging cable may be slightly more expensive than most charging cables in the market, but it does offer more reliability and safe charging. With the perfect MagSafe technology with inductive charging, it makes charging hassle-free.

The Apple Watch charger is completely sealed and doesn’t get tangled. Due to the strong magnetic, it perfectly holds the watch while juicing it up. As it’s just 1m long, you can easily carry it in your small pocket.

USP: Secure charging
Price: $29 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
Buy it from Apple

#7. MPIO

mpio Apple Watch Charger for Series 1, 2, and 3

MPIO is simply a fine charger that can get your work done without any issue. Combining MagSafe technology with inductive charging, this Apple Watch charger is made to offer better charging solution. Besides, it also shields the watch from common dangers like overvoltage.

Robust magnets allow it to spotlessly hold the watch for quick charging. The ability to deliver 1A output puts at par with the finest ones. Additionally, 3.3 feet cable won’t let you complain in most situations.

USP: 1A output
Price: $25.99 on Amazon.com
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LXORY Apple Watch Charger for Series 1, 2, and 3

Pick out LXORY to not just charge your smartwatch with good speed but also give it a comfy stand to rest. The watch dock sports a compact and well-built design.

Courtesy foldable design, you can choose your favorite charging position. Either place the watch flat on the table or lifted up to activate nightstand mode for a more comfortable viewing angle. 3-feet MFi certified cable can stand up to your task with good effect. That’s not all; you have two colors to choose from silver and black.

USP: Foldable design
Price: $33.90-$35.50 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

#9. dodocool

dodocool Apple Watch Charger for Series 1, 2, and 3

I have found dodocool to be a top-notch charger on all fronts. With all the bases covered, you can’t go wrong with it. Four and a half stars out of more than 100 reviews do show how much appreciation it’s getting from users.

With the foldable design, you can charge and display your Apple Watch either in a flat position or at an angle of up to 45 degrees. Thanks to the compact design, you will feel comfortable to carry the charger. Besides, nonslip base offers the desired stability to the dock.

USP: Compact design
Price: $31.99 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

#10. CyberTech

CyberTech Apple Watch Charger for Series 1, 2, and 3

CyberTech possesses all the qualities of a superior charger. Whether it’s the neat design, the ability to provide efficient charging or MFi certification, it has you fully covered. Besides, you can conveniently adjust it to have optimum viewing angle.

The charger also supports nightstand mode to transform your watch into a bedside time-telling piece. To ensure your watch doesn’t fumble, it has four anti-slip mats to stand erectly on any surface.

USP: 37°adjustable angles for different occasion
Price: $31.99 on Amazon.com
Buy it from Amazon

That’s it!

Your Pick?

Which one of these Apple Watch cables have you chosen to power up the smartwatch? Let us know its name and the reason why you have picked it.

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