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Best Apple Watch Bumper Cases in 2024

Bumper cases for iPhones have been of great help as they bestow the much-needed safety of your phones from unexpected damage. What about having bumper cases for the Apple Watch as well? Besides giving your watch excellent security, they can be a substantial addition to your watch. Let’s head over the jump to bargain some of the best bumper cases for the Apple Watch!


M MYECOGO 38mm Apple Watch Series 2, 3 Bumper Case

M MYECOGO manufactures high-quality anti-slip and shockproof cases for your Apple Watch. It has used soft TPU material, which makes installation quite a breeze. This case is extremely transparent, which displays your watch’s original design.

This case is made of eco-friendly TPU, which is non-slip as well. One of the glaring features of this case is it does not hamper the usability of your Apple Watch and still you get external surface protection for your device.

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2. Defense Edge Bumper Case from X-Doria

Defense Edge Apple Watch Bumper Case from X-Doria

Defense Edge is a solid bumper case for your Apple Watch. It has been made with aluminum exterior and rubber interior lining and is fully equipped to protect your precious watch from any shock or unwanted scratches. It features a snap-on design for a quick installation on your watch. You can take it off instantly as well.

It comes for both Apple Watch sizes 38mm and 42mm. It has the same retail price for both models. This bumper case is available in bronze as well as silver colors. Its pre-order has begun.

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3. Spigen Ultra-Thin Liquid Crystal

Spigen Ultra-Thin Liquid Crystal Apple Watch Case

Made from quality TPU material, this Apple Watch bumper case from Spigen should last long. It is quite flexible and offers a form-fitting look to your Apple Watch. It is lightweight and doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your watch. You can remove and install it effortlessly.

This bumper case should stand up to your expectations both in terms of providing your watch much-needed protection from scratch or damage and adding a nice profile to your precious wearable device. And at the price you may pay for it, this case is affordable too. This model is available for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch.

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4. Spigen Exact Fit

Spigen Exact Fit Apple Watch Case

This Spigen Apple Watch case has been made from premium polycarbonate material. It perfectly fits your Apple Watch. There is no extra bulk to take away the charm form your attractive watch. The slim appearance allows this case to be a beautiful addition to your watch.

Exposed buttons and band insert make sure you don’t have any inconvenience while using your watch. It’s available for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch.

Give this case a try, if you want an elegant protective case for your Apple Watch.

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5. fSCPA

fSCPA 42mm Apple Watch Series 2, 3 Bumper Case

Apple Watch is your prized possession, and you would like to flaunt it proudly to your friends and colleagues. But what if a case overshadows the awesomeness of your smartwatch? For this purpose, fSCPA has designed an ultra-slim case for your Apple Watch. This case is just 0.3mm thick and it fits on your watch like a glove.

In spite of its slim profile, this case protects your Apple Watch from all corners and sides. With 99% transparency, this case boasts touch sensitivity.

USP: Touch sensitivity
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6. V85

V85 42mm Apple Watch Series 2, 3 Bumper Case

Installing a case on your Apple Watch can be a challenging job if you are not using the V85 case. This case is known for its easy installation because of its flexible TPU. Moreover, the material makes it easy access to all buttons of your watch.

V85 has used durable material to provide full protection. The shock-absorbing case protects the sides and edges of your Apple Watch from bumps and drops.

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LELONG 38mm Apple Watch Series 2, 3 Bumper Case

LELONG has designed a perfect case for your Apple Watch. Once you install the case, you can easily charge your watch; apart from charging the watch, you can insert a new watch band conveniently. To prevent water marks, LELONG offers a small dot on the screen protector.

Your watch’s screen is protected by the built-in screen guard; never worry about scratches and collisions. Make sure you install the case before you start any sports activities.

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BOTOMALL for Apple Watch Case

This robustly featured protective case is exclusively made for Apple Watch Series. Defend your Apple Watch from unexpected damage with this excellent and durable TPU case.

A slim case is available in different colors. You can buy more than one case to change every day. A precisely cut out cover allows you to access the digital crown and side button effortlessly.

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SIRUIBO 44mm Apple Watch Series 4 Bumper Case

SIRUIBO brings bumper cases for all versions of Apple Watch. You can ensure all-round protection with this soft and slim watch case is made of lightweight material to add little bulk to your watch. The case is nearly unnoticeable with its profile.

For easy installation and removal, SIRUIBO uses soft rubber material to manufacture this bumper case. When you install or remove the case, you are least worried about the damage of your watch. A downside of this case is that it will reduce the touchscreen interface (nearly 2%).

USP: Easy installation
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10. Mkeke

Mkeke 42mm Apple Watch Bumper Case

Mkeke has come up with a bumper case, which protects your watch and its screen as well. This shock-absorbing case has raised edges to reduce the shock when you drop your watch accidentally. The elevated edges keep the watch face above the ground, and thus, prevent any damage to the screen.

Flexible TPU doesn’t cause any hassle while you are installing or removing the case. Full-body protection ensures security against drops, scratches, and bumps.

USP: Elevated edges
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