Apple Watch docking stations have already lined up to embrace the most advanced watch ever made. Designed to not only provide comfortable charging but also immensely enhance Apple Watch’s usability, charging stands couldn’t have been better prepared.

If you have pre-ordered a gorgeous Apple Watch, you might be hunting for a quality docking station to enrich its usability. How about having a sneak peek at some of the best docking stations for your Apple Watch? Let me walk you through the small roundup of your wish-lists!

Best Apple Watch Docking Stations

Best Apple Watch Docking Stations

#1. OOCKZYOOCKZY Apple Watch DockOOCKZY Apple Watch dock has built up to offer your Apple Watch supreme comfort and easy charging solution. It comes in three exclusive designs to make a match with the appeal of the three Apple Watch models. Aluminium edition is for Apple Watch Sport, stainless steel edition is for Apple Watch and gold edition is for Apple Watch Edition.

This dock has machined recess which ensures your Apple Watch charger fits perfectly. The micro-suction pad is equipped to hold the Apple Watch charger securely. Cable channel keeps charging cable hidden from view. If you pre-order it on Kickstarter, you’ll get $15-$60 discount off its commercial price.

Price: Aluminium kickstarter price $46 including shipping – retail will be $58; stainless steel kickstarter price $57 including shipping – retail will be $74

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#2. SpigenSpigen Aluminium Apple Watch Docking StationSpigen docking station perfectly holds your Apple Watch allowing viewable angles. You can easily use your watch while it is being comfortably charged. It has been built with quality aluminum.

It has a sleek design and spots a minimalist look. If you are looking for an affordable charging stand with all the needed features, you can try it out.

Price: $24.99 [$19.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
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#3. NevitechNavitech Apple Watch Docking StationNevitech charging dock has an integrated charging technology that uses Apple Watch’s inductive charger to charge Apple Watch efficiently. Just put your watch on the dock and leave the rest to it.

It features an IC chip that prevents your watch from being overcharged. Once your watch gets fully charged, the IC chip automatically goes into saver mode.

This wood oak stand can be comfortably placed at anywhere for charging. It is compatible with all the Apple Watch models. If you are willing to have a powerful charging stand for your watch, it is the one which deserves a serious look.

Price: $44.99 [$34.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.]
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#4. HEDock from Howard ElectronicsHEDock Apple Watch Docking StationHEDock Apple Watch charging dock has been made from quality aluminium. It is equipped to charge your Watch fast with high efficiency. You can comfortably interact with your watch while it is being charged. Its minimalist profile goes along nicely with your watch.

The urethane coating ensures your precious watch has best comfort and remain protected from scratches. The charger seat has been designed to hold your watch while charging. The silver color makes this charging dock look pretty.

Price: $29 ($49 MSRP)
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#5. TimelessMomentTimelessMoment Apple Watch Docking StationTimelessMoment docking station for Apple Watch has been designed to charge your Apple Watch at its best comfort. It has been made from premium Italian leather. The arch shape of this docking station allows you to place it easily anywhere you want. Its cable is beautifully hidden inside.

To power up your Watch, simply put it on this charging stand. The magnets securely hold your watch while charging. It provides four color options red, white, orange, black and white. Its shipping will begin from 1st of May.

Price: $129
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#6. Wood Charger Stand From P & GP and G Apple Watch Wood Charger StandMade with high quality wood and rubber, this Apple Watch charging stand is robust. It is hand crafted and lets you charge your watch quickly. To charge your Apple Watch, put the cable through its top slot and place the charger into its circular pocket. It is available in black color.

If you want a strong docking station for your Apple Watch and ready to compromise on some modern efficiency, you can go for it.

Price: $35 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#7. Mophie’s Watch DockMophie Apple Watch DockMophie Watch Dock strives to make a match with the unparallel elegance of Apple Watch. It has long-lasting aluminium construction along with high quality leather accents that define its superior looks. Just put your Watch on this dock and let it charge your precious wearable comfortably. As the charging cable is hidden inside this dock, there is no room for cable clutter.

It has somewhat elevated and angled position that allows you to conveniently use your Apple Watch while charging. This dock is compatible with all the Apple Watch models and bands. You can pre-order it now. It will ship from 24th of April.

Price: $59.95
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#8. Dodocase Charging DockDodoCase Apple Watch and iPhone DockThis is a 2-in-1 versatile charging dock designed to charge not just Apple Watch but also iPhone. Made with Baltic Birch wood, this dock should last long. It features a hidden storage compartment to let you keep headphones, cables and extra watch straps.

As Apple Watch’s inductive MagSafe charger has been integrated into this dock, you wouldn’t have any inconvenience in powering up your watch. Simply lay flat your Apple Watch on the dock to charge. To charge your iPhone, place it into the carved divot. It provides many cable routing options.

The extra bookplate corners assist in placing it securely wherever you want. This dock can hold all iPhone sizes and easily fit most iPhone cases. If you want more than just a handy charging dock for your Apple Watch, you should have a go at it.

Pre-order price: $59.95 (MSRP $79.95)
Read more information at

#9. Unify DockUnify Apple Watch Docking StationUnify Dock has been designed to offer optimum charging solution to not just your Apple Watch but also your iPhone. Carved with premium aircraft grade aluminium, this Apple Watch dock has both the quality and class you would look for. It features a single cord that is capable of charging your Watch as well as iPhone efficiently.

Unify Dock is lightweight and very simple to use. It fits iPhone 5 or later even with most third party cases. This dock seems to have the promise to be a good option for your Watch; provided you are willing to go some extra mile.

Price: $199
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#10. TOOPOOTTOOPOOT Apple Watch and iPhone 6 Docking StationIf you have a penchant for the accessory carved with natural wood, then TOOTPOOT charging dock can be a good buy for you.This wood dock is capable to power up both your Watch and iPhone at one go. It is very simple to use and offers a convenient charging as well as docking solution to your device. The superior quality of material makes it durable.

You can comfortably interact with your Watch while it’s being securely juiced up. It is compatible with both the models of Apple Watch (38mm and 42mm) and iPhone 6, 6Plus, 5 and 5s.

Price: $25.52 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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