Best Apple Arcade Role Playing Games in 2023

apple arcade role playing games

In role-playing games, you take on the ‘role’ of a particular character and get engrossed in the imaginary game world. You collect items, build teams, take on various challenges, and more. Apple Arcade has several RPGs that you can play and enjoy on your iDevice or Apple TV. Here we have listed out the five best role-playing games. These games make you look into the surrounding, think, and plan strategies. Let us get the ball rolling.

1. Oceanhorn 2: Roleplay in a Magical World

Oceanhorn 2 Apple Arcade Role Playing Game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Oceanhorn 2 is the best role-playing game currently available on Apple Arcade. The graphics and colors are amazing. Controls are easy to remember and play. The game takes you on a magical journey across the vast world of Gaja – an imaginary mythological world, where the antagonist has returned with a dark army. Your role is to unite men and fight for the fate of the world. On the journey, you also have a companion named Trin, who is the granddaughter of Arcadia’s leader.

In this wonderful role-playing, adventurous game, you have to fight, solve, collect items, and explore through your way. The game is for ages nine and above. Controller support is built-in, and you can play on the iPad as well as Apple TV. This adventure game is significant at 2.3 GB, but the attention to detail makes it worth checking out.


2. King’s League II: Hire, Train, and Battle for Glory

Kings League II Apple Arcade Role Playing Game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

It is a strategical role-playing game, where you lead your team to victory. You have to recruit, train, and manage the fighters of over 30 different classes. Each has its unique traits. You meet and hire individuals and perfect your team composition for various playing styles and challenges. After training, you enter the battle for glory and riches.

King’s League II has two modes – Story Mode and Classic Mode. In story mode, you follow the journey of exciting League participants. In classic mode, you create your own stories and can take on the League in the way you like, without restrictions.

This sequel to an award-winning game also has controller support. Download and dive right in. A grand adventure is waiting for you!


3. Spaceland: Sci-Fi Puzzle Game with Twists and Turns

Spaceland Apple Arcade Role Playing Game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Spaceland has been ‘inspired by the best turn-based strategies of the old school.’ In this game, you land on a lost planet. Now you have to show the mutants what you are made of. You can shoot, kick, blow, and destroy. You put together a squad of space rangers made up of seven fighters who have unique fighting styles and powers.

The graphics are detailed and polished. This sci-fi puzzle game has controller support and is for ages 12+. Spaceland has colorful effects that transform it into an exciting action movie! Get on this adventurous journey!


4. Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale: Maps, Multiple Characters, and Various Endings

Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale Apple Arcade Role Playing Game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

You are Ivan in this ‘darkly funny action role-playing game that changes every time you play!’ You are a one-handed blacksmith who has incredibly bad luck and you must take on the impossible tasks given to you by the tzar. A mysterious witch Baba Yaga watches over your fate. What you do as a player changes Ivan’s story, reputation, and the upgrades he can make.

There are multiple endings and multiple ways of solving the encounters. Procedural maps, various characters you have to encounter, and the hidden secrets invite you to play it numerous times. Vibrant graphics and smooth animations make Yaga a fun game.

Ivan’s grandma wishes that Ivan finds himself a wife! Download the game now, and do not disappoint her.


Signing off…

These were the best role-playing games on Apple Arcade for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. These games are detailed and fun to play. Which ones are you planning to download and play first? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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