Best Apple Arcade Puzzle Games For iPhone

Best Apple Arcade Puzzle Games For iPhone

Apple launched its game subscription Apple Arcade with a handful of new games across various categories. We have already created a list of the best games you can play on this platform. However, in this post, we are looking only at the best puzzle games on Apple Arcade. To play these games, you can start a one-month free trial, and after that, it is $4.99 per month. You may also ask your family or friend to share your Apple Arcade subscription.

All the puzzle games listed here are family-friendly, and you can enjoy them anywhere. Games listed here have a minimalistic yet mesmerizing look, and you can play these on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. This shows that the game developers for Apple Arcade have put in a lot of work. Not only the games listed here but almost all the puzzle games I played on Apple Arcade are well-created. So, what are you waiting for? Here, we look at some of the best Apple Arcade puzzle games.

1. Possessions

Possessions Apple Arcade Puzzle Game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

It is a beautiful zen puzzle that I have been hooked to. The 3D layout feels so satisfying when I rotate it to complete the problem.

Possessions welcomes you to a world where your eyes deceive you. What you see at first is not what it is. You have to look at various objects from various different angles. You will score or complete the puzzle only when you look at the object from the right angle.

The game has beautiful soothing colors, and the smooth 3D visuals are a treat to watch. Once you start rotating, zooming, and perfecting the room’s layout, there is no turning back. You will want to solve and move to the next chapter. It is engaging!.


2. Spek

Spek Apple Arcade Puzzle Game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Just two colors can never look so beautiful! This puzzle game makes it possible. In earlier levels, it uses black on a whitish background. In later stages, it uses another set of colors. The whole 3D rotating and viewing the block like puzzle is one of a kind.

In Spek, you have to guide a dot along the edges of an unseen world. In this journey, you have to collect mysterious fragments of the broken dimension. In simpler words, you have to guide a circle dot along the edges and make them touch square or other shapes that pop up at random places on edge.

The game is perfect and straightforward to play on your Subway or Uber ride.


3. Word Laces

Word Laces Apple Arcade Puzzle Game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Do you have kids at home? Well, here is the perfect game for them which at times you too can enjoy for fun.

Every stage of Word Laces has an image at the top. Related to that image, jumbled letters are shown. You have to swipe the words in the correct order and form a word. There are over 1000 such puzzles. When you pass through a level, you are given a shoe. The goal is to collect as many!

Word Laces is addictive. The hunger to quickly swipe and make words will make it your perfect recess companion. Like other games on this list, the entire family irrespective of age group can play, learn, and enjoy. Word Laces also has new daily puzzles.


4. Dear Reader

Dear Reader Apple Arcade Puzzle Game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

This unique concept game turns your classic literature into clever word puzzles. Here you have to unscramble passages from famous books like Pride and Prejudice, Wizard of Oz, and more.

The developers of Dear Reader believe that this is the first game where you can play with the actual written words from so many famous books.

Dear Reader is a bit on the higher side. It is for Age groups 12 and above. I played this game for a considerable amount of time, and I guess it helped me revise my English Grammar!

The look and presentation are simple, on point, and beautiful. If you make the wrong choice, you lose a drop of ink. Get playing and be smarter every day.


5. Lifelike

Lifelike Apple Arcade Puzzle Game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

The moment you open Lifelike, the incredible opening graphics that spell the game’s name will make you excited. You will wonder, ‘Wow! This looks amazing!’

Lifelike invites you to explore an ever-changing world full of fascinating flocking creatures. The game is a bit slow, but the colors and the whole execution is genuinely mind-blowing. Install and embark on this calm and dreamy adventure!


Signing off…

These were five puzzle games from Apple Arcade that I think are the best. Your choice may differ. At the time of writing this, there are a total of fifteen puzzle games on this subscription service. New games will be regularly added to this category.

Apart from puzzle games, there are many other games across various categories that you can currently play on Apple Arcade.

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