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Best Accessories for AirPods and AirPods 2 in 2024

AirPods have become an integral part of life for many. But not many are comfortable with the original design of AirPods and often need an extra accessory to hold it comfortably on to the ears. Be it a strap, skin, or an ear hook.

There are plethora of accessories available for AirPods. Even the beast (iPhone 11 series) needs camera accessories for best results, and this smaller beast (AirPods) cannot be ignored too. Hence, we’ve reviewed some of the best AirPods and AirPods 2 accessories just for you. Right from the case to the skin and from the wireless charger to the cleaning kit, we’ve covered it all.

1. Coffea AirPods Case

Coffea AirPods Case

Protecting your AirPods must be your priority besides just entertainment. They don’t come at a low cost, and hence, it’s up to you to protect them safely. Coffea has come up with a perfect AirPods case that is made of pure silicone and it’s available in a staggering 30 colors. Well, you have got a lot of options to choose from.

Due to the features such as scratch-resistant and drop resistant, your AirPods are always safe from external bumps and drops. Even if they are placed in this case, they can still be charged with a wireless pad as the case has an ultra-thin wall. The flexible opening makes it easy to take out your AirPods when you need them.

The metal carabiner that is attached to the case makes it possible for you to carry your AirPods on the go! Due to its lightweight and slim look, it’s easy to carry in your pocket as well.

USP: Metal Carabiner
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2. Spigen Strap

Spigen Strap for AirPods

I am sure that quite a few of them are comfortable with the wireless thing, but they still love the sound quality and the functions of AirPods. If you’re one of them, you’re sure to love this strap from Spigen. Of course, it’s just a strap and doesn’t affect the wireless functionality of your AirPods.

It’s just an additional strap for AirPods which is perfect for outdoor activities. The compact design and lightweight doesn’t add any weight to your Bluetooth headphone. The adjustable, convenient clip holds your AirPods tightly and softly so that you never lose them when you indulge yourself in outdoor activities.

Your AirPods are always secure with Spigen’s strap, which is 22 inches long. It’s made of durable TPU and gives a secure hold to your AirPods 2. The strap is available in black and white colors only.

USP: Lightweight and Durable
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3. APSkins AirPods Skins

APSkins AirPods Skins

Not just your MacBook or iPhone, but your AirPods need skins too. It lights up your earbuds in a unique way with the skin and makes them different from the rest. These skins are made of a premium adhesive vinyl and don’t affect any functionality of your AirPods when you have these skins on it.

It’s easy to install and will protect against the scratches for sure. Be it a red, gold, blue, green, pink, etc, there are dozens of colors available for your AirPods skins. If you ever face a problem with the skins, they can be replaced for free and that too for a lifetime.

USP: Free Replacement for Lifetime
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4. Ahastyle Ear Hooks

Ahastyle Ear Hooks for AirPods

AirPods are the best in style and design when it comes to the uniqueness of the product, but few just fear of dropping them down as they aren’t comfortable wearing them for outdoor activities. And here comes the ear hooks from Ahastyle that solves the equation.

The C-shaped ear hooks securely hold your AirPods on to your ears and stay tight on it. It’s designed in such a way that it passively reduces the noise on the earbuds tips and improves the bass of your AirPods 2. The product comes with a silicone pouch where you can store your ear hooks when your AirPods are charging.

To make it easy for you, it comes with both large and small ear hooks so that you can decide which one suits the best for you. It’s made from pure silicone and durable as well. The ear hooks come in black and clear colors. Take note that when the ear hooks are on the AirPods, it will not charge them. So remove them before you charge your small beast!

USP: Secure Fit
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5. Catalyst Waterproof Case

Catalyst Waterproof Case for AirPods

There’s a saying, “Better safe than sorry” and this perfectly goes with your AirPods as it needs extra protection when you carry them for outdoor activities, water sport activities or an adventurous trip. The protective case from Catalyst has got everything covered in the box.

It can protect your AirPods 2 even when they are dropped in water up to 3.3 feet with the case and even when they are dropped on the ground up to 4 feet. Such is a sturdiness of this case from Catalyst. It’s not just a waterproof case but you can also call it a bumper case for AirPods.

The aluminum carabiner makes it easy to carry your AirPods on the go without any extra bag to carry. With military-grade protection, you cannot ask mode from a case. It comes in 9 vibrant colors, and hence, you have a lot of options to choose from.

USP: Waterproof and Military Grade Protection
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6. Camyse Silicone Skin Case

Camyse Silicone Skin Case for AirPods

Here’s yet another silicone case and this time, it’s from Camyse. But this one is a lot different as compared to the other cases available online. The night glow variant turns into white color in daylight and glows in sky blue color when it turns dark in the night. There are 15 other colors available as well.

The carabiner makes it easy to carry your AirPods with ease and you can easily attach it with your bag or your belt as well. Its silicone material is shockproof and drop-proof as well, which protects your AirPods against the shocks and drops. You can charge it with a lightning cable without removing the case.

With its unique design and lightweight, it’s loved by many customers on Amazon and has over 250 positive ratings. It comes with a warranty for 1-year.

USP: Glows in the Dark
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7. ICARER Leather Case

ICARER AirPods Leather Case

Softness, elegance, beauty, the look, and what not! I often fell short of words when I have to describe this leather case from ICARER. It’s such beautiful, and it suits your AirPods as it adds a style statement when you use it. It’s made of top-grain genuine leather material, which gives the shine a leather case needs.

With molded cover, it gives complete protection to your AirPods against the drops and bumps. The metal clasp attached to this leather case makes it easy to carry your case. Its precise cutouts make it easy to access the charging port without any hassles.

It supports wireless charging, as well. It’s available in black, brown, red, and khaki colors. Well, when it’s a leather case for AirPods 2, I would go with brown color. Which one would you choose for your AirPods?

USP: Made of Premium Top-Grain Leather
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8. Apple Wireless Charging Case

Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

You simply cannot get away with this wireless charging case from Apple. In fact, it’s the most loved case by AirPods users all around the world. It works with both AirPods 1st and 2nd Generation as well.

When you get a product from Apple from your AirPods, it doesn’t need an introduction regarding the quality and features. Isn’t it?! You can charge your AirPods with the case using a Qi-compatible charging mat or with the lightning connector as well.

USP: Charges Within the Case
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9. Twelve South Wireless Transmitter

Twelve South Wireless Transmitter for AirPods

How often you felt that getting a wired earphone or headphone would be beneficial when you’re in the gym or Airplane and wanted to use the entertainment systems? Well, they are beneficial for sure, but when you have AirPods with you, it’s often seen you run out of options to connect your AirPods to these systems. And that’s where wireless transmitter comes into play.

Twelve South’s wireless transmitter helps you connect to the systems which have wired earphones option and doesn’t have wireless connectivity to support your AirPods. It transmits the wired output to the wireless output with the help of its transmitter and delivers the best results to your AirPods with the help of Bluetooth technology.

You can use this transmitter when you’re flying or in the gym as well. The battery life of this transmitter can last up to 8 hours. It comes with 3.5mm headphone cable, USB charging cable, travel pouch, and a manual so that you know how it works.

USP: 8+ Hours Battery Life
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10. WGear Hard Case

WGear Hard Case for AirPods

With a mesh pocket inside the case, WGear’s case has a unique design overall. You can easily carry your AirPods and the charging cable as well because it has 2 mesh pockets within the case. This makes it a perfect case to carry it when you’re traveling. Other than AirPods and charging cable, you can carry some extra accessories as well.

The soft lining on top of the case provides sturdy protection to your AirPods inside the case. Of course, it’s not a perfect hard case, it’s a semi-hard case that gives minimal protection against the bumps and drops. It’s available in purple, blue, gray, and matte rose gold colors.

USP: 2 Mesh Pockets
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11. Reflying Cleaning Kit

Reflying Cleaning Kit for AirPods

Getting a protective case, ear hooks, straps, charging page, and any other accessory for AirPods is fine, but cleaning it regularly also matters. And hence, we’ve included the cleaning kit from Reflying, which is a perfect pick for your AirPods cleaning.

It comes with a strong cleaner, microfiber cleaning cloth, 5 soft bristle brushes, 1 brush, 1 soft brush, 20 cleaning swabs, and 5 antibacterial wipes. And I hope these things are more than enough to clean your little AirPods 2 with ease and precision. There are no harmful chemicals in all these products, and hence they are safe to use.

Not just your AirPods, but you can also clean up your iPhone, Mac Keyboards, iPad, and camera as well. It comes with a 180-days worry-free warranty.

USP: Multi-purpose Cleaning Kit
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That’s it, folks!

Final Verdict!

Of course, every accessory for AirPods 2 and AirPods listed above is essential but not mandatory. It’s up to you to select the ones which you need the most. So which accessory you’re going to buy for your Apple AirPods? Let us know in the comment section now!

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So which one of these accessories you loved the most? Share your feedback with us in the comment box.

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