Obviously, the iPhone is an awesome way to keep your receipts safe and also manage expenses well. Not many people realize that the iPhone with its camera and a few good receipt tracking apps can actually turn out to bean amazing way to track all your receipts. And keep them safe.

Receipt tracking – the traditional way – can be boring. And quite tedious. But with a click and enter a few words/numbers, you can now track receipts pretty fast and easy. In fact, you can even form essentially good expense tracking habits with a meticulous receipt tracking. So here is the best apps to keep track of receipts on your iPhone.  Some of these work perfectly on the iPad too.

Best Receipt Tracking Apps for iPhone

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Best iPhone Receipt Tracking Apps

#1. OneReceipt

OneReceipt iPhone App LogoFree, simple, exhaustive. That’s how OneReceipt is described usually. OneReceipt is great to use and right on top of the list because it’s very simple to use. You can configure it to read receipt-emails from Gmail or Yahoo, or you can just forward the receipts to your ‘@onereceipt.com’ account. And of course, there are these “click a photo of the receipt and we’ll take care of the rest” features.

Price: Free
Download OneReceipt

#2. Shoeboxed Receipt Manager

Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker iPhone App LogoShoeboxed is one of the most beautifully designed receipt tracking apps on the App Store. Although more of a comprehensive app that lets you track receipts and mileages to help you file for reimbursements, you can hack this to help you track receipts alone. The power lies in generating expense reports, and integration so you can export to QuickBooks, Outright, Excel and more.

Price: Free
Download Shoeboxed

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#3. Mobile Receipt

Mobile Receipt iPhone App LogoMobile Receipt is the old-school variant of having picture receipts. You’ll still need to enter the data but I’ve found this to be more reliable than any other app out there. Mobile Receipt isn’t exactly new in terms of interface and features but it does one job perfectly: allowing you to keep a track of all the receipts in one place.

Price: Free
Download Mobile Receipt

#4. Fresh Xpense Capture

Fresh Xpense Capture for Xpenser iPhone App LogoAgain, an app from yesteryear but one that does the job perfectly. You get to track, tag, search and generate reports out of receipts that you’ve stored in the app. The receipts are accessible from website’s too with your own Xpenser.com account. From here, you can generate PDF reports and all other exports.

Price: Free
Download Fresh Xpense Capture

#5. PaperPhobic Receipt Manager

PaperPhobic Receipt Manager iPhone App LogoPaperPhobic Receipt Manager is not the usual receipt tracker because there are no bloats in the features. There is a single-task focused approach that we really like about this app. It lets you provide as much info about a receipt as you’d normally want for better tagging and searching. As good as the app is, it still doesn’t let you do expenses or reports without upgrading to the full version.

Price: Free
Download PaperPhobic

#6. Kvitto

Kvitto iPhone App LogoKvitto doesn’t do scanning or expenses but it can be used as a simple app that keeps a photo of all the receipts. The basic idea is to digitize the receipt so the real one gets out of your way. It falls short when it comes to adding more data to the receipts (except the name which can be modified to be the detail of the receipt) but I guess the app itself was built just to be that. If you’re looking for something as simple and plain, Kvitto should be a cool alternative.

Price: Free
Download Kvitto

#7. Piikki

Piikki iPhone App LogoPiikki – despite our reluctance to add on a list of free receipt tracking apps – turns out to be compellingly powerful. It’s a bundle of an amazing app that lets you do a lot of stuff with your receipts. Scan, tag, create reports, share via cloud storage or email, have geo-tagging enabled and then there’s also AirPrint. Powerful and feature-rich to say the least. Read full review here.

Price: 3.99
Download Piikki

#8. Expensify

Expensify iPhone and iPad App IconIf you are a sales-professional or business traveller, you wouldn’t find a better app to let you track your receipts with utmost comfort. With the help of SmartScan technology, this app is equipped to read the detail of receipts easily.

You can capture your receipt and be able to keep a track of it even on the fly. This app allows you to categorise, tag and even group expenses in a report in order to make things quite simple for you. In case you lose your receipt, this app allows you to import your credit card transactions and then generates an IRS guaranteed eReceipt automatically for purchases.

It lets you pay your expenses right from the app. This app automatically creates flight status updates regarding your trip so that you are always in the best of know about your travel.

Price: Free
Download Expensify

#9. Receiptmate

Receiptmate iPhone App IconReceiptmate makes receipt tracking a very simple task. As this app is fully integrated with Evernote, your reports are synced in the cloud effortlessly. You can scan any receipts quickly and be able to create a report instantly. This app allows you to categorise, tag and even group expenses in a report in order to make things quite simple for you.

You can check out the PDF or Excel reports of your total expenses and be able to manage your task conveniently. If speed is what you are looking for in a receipt tracking app, this app can be a good try.

Price: $2.99
Download Receiptmate

#10. Receipts

Receipts iPhone App IconReceipts is an elegant expense tracking app. You can quickly create budgets, accounts and categories. Its auto-fill feature lets you to add new receipts fast. This app has nine different types of receipt fields to provide you the required freedom in managing your task.

Through well-organized graphs, it offers you the right insight about your income and spending. You can find out how much money has been spent over a specific period of time by account, currency or category.

It allows you to generate your reports in PDF, CSV, HTML or Excel formats. It offers many options such as, Dropbox, Box or CloudApp to let you sync your reports.

Price: Free
Download Receipts

  • DS

    I’m searching through all of these and what I’m not finding is the ability to have multiple photos of long receipts – since many receipts are not readable when the entire thing is captured at once, are there any apps that are efficient for tracking AND have multiple image capture ability?

  • Joris Brabants

    Good post but a little outdated. There are other apps that really save
    you time on expense reporting, like http://www.xpenditure.com for example.

  • Still looking

    It disturbs me when so many review sites list an app as free but for it it to actually be fully functional and do its job you need to pay. Still looking for a good one that’s completely free or at least doesn’t charge you money per receipt after you upload the initial few ones for free. Waste of my time.

  • Julie Awsoom

    For the last 6 months I’ve been using iqBoxy. So far I love it, it is free and no hidden fees or any other in-app purchases…
    It is simple and easy to use app but also very functional. It also integrates with Qucikbooks and Xero for filing expenses. To backup receipts it integrates with Dropbox, Box, Evernote and Google Drive. I definitely would recommend you guys to check it out: http://www.iqboxy.com