Zagg Rugged Book Go Detachable Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

review of zagg rugged book go detachable keyboard case for ipad pro

iPad Pro is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and versatile tablets. So much so that it can even become your next PC. The stand, case, and keyboard combination can manifold the versatility of your iPad Pro. But for that, you’ll probably need several accessories, or you could opt for Zagg Rugged Book Go. Check out our hands-on review to find out more. 

Review of Zagg Rugged Book Go Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

Whether at home or office, on leisure or work trip, on a desk or on your lap, you might need/use your iPad Pro at any time & any place. And the right accessory for such purpose is something that fits every mold.

Zagg Rugged Book Go is one such multi-functional accessory for iPad Pro 12.9″ & 11″. It combines a tough, durable case and a detachable lightweight keyboard. The case lends the needed protection, whereas the keyboard maximizes your productivity.

zagg rugged book go wireless keyboard case for ipad pro

Further, each section incorporates essential features that make your usage seamless. Let’s check them out individually. 

The Detachable, Multipurpose Keyboard 

Zagg Detachable Keyboard

You may fix it to a desk or take it around the world with you, the Zagg Rugged Book Go’s wireless keyboard can suit any situation. It’s slim, lightweight, and a perfect portable solution.

Laptop-Style Keys: With optimal key travel and evenly pressured keystrokes, the QWERTY Keyboard supports fast and accurate touch typing. So, whether you are a rabbit or a snail, typing will be a breeze.

laptop style keys of zagg rugged book go keboard case

Special Function Keys: While not similar to the MacBooks array of function keys, this one has a fair few to assist and simplify your tasks. For more details about these special keys, check out the tutorial from Zagg.

special function keys of wireless keyboard

Backlight: Preempting certain lowlight conditions, the keyboard smartly incorporates backlit keys. And not just one, you get to choose from 7 different options.

Multi-device Pairing: Another very interesting feature of the Rugged Book Go keyboard. It can pair with two devices at once, so you can easily toggle between them. I tried to shuttle between my iMac and iPad, and it worked flawlessly.

Long-lasting Battery: As per the brand, ‘you could type up to one year between charges’. Further, the keyboard incorporates a handy way to check the battery status anytime, to avoid unfortunate woes. 

I could easily rank the Rugged Book Go amongst best iPad Pro Bluetooth keyboards currently available. However, in all that goodness, there is just one potent thing missing, a trackpad. Especially, now that iPadOS 13 has added trackpad support.

Rugged Protective Case 

Quite like its keyboard counterpart, the case also incorporates some essential features. And as the name suggests, it’s the priority is to offer rugged protection.

Optimal protection: Crafted from durable TPU, the heavy-duty case can withstand drops up to 6.6 feet. Further, the texture on the outside lends a non-slip grip. And that’s not all! It also incorporates:

Holder for Apple Pencil: To accommodate users with an Apple Pencil, the top of the case has a built-in holder. So, the pencil is handy when you need it and securely stored when you don’t.

built-in holder for apple pencil

Reverse Kickstand: Oh yes! you don’t need a separate iPad Pro Stand if you own Rugged Book Go. Quite like the rest of it, the kickstand is quite sturdy and reliable. The hinge might feel a bit tight, but that is intentional to take the device’s weight efficiently.

heavy duty kickstand case for ipad

Rugged Book Go, an All-In-One Accessory for iPad Pro

As proven from the above list of features, the Rugged Book Go could indeed mold itself according to your current requirement. It’s a stand, protective case, wireless keyboard & even an Apple Pencil holder.

zagg rugged book go case all in one accessory for iPad

Impressive right! Further, it delivers what it promises. And we also tested iPadOS generic and Safari keyboard shortcuts, they worked like butter on hot sticks. So, apart from the missing trackpad, we could not find any fault. 

Buy it from ZAGG Inc for iPad Pro 11″

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