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iGBAccessoriesxFyro ARIA True Wireless Earbuds for iPhone

xFyro ARIA True Wireless Earbuds for iPhone

Most popular smartphone manufacturers have removed the headphone jack, and thus wireless earbuds have become the trend. There has never been a better time to invest in a great pair of wireless earphones than now. The departure of wires, comfort while listening, and portability are some of the highlights of these. Here is our hands-on review of xFyro ARIA true wireless waterproof earbuds that does much more than the competition.

Review of xFyro ARIA True Wireless Earbuds for iPhone and Android Phone

Build Quality, Design, and Portability

The first thing I wanted to touch is the first-class build quality of these buds and the accompanying charging case. The earpieces are small and extremely lightweight. The construction is superior, and the buttons on both the left and right buds are easy to click.

ARIA earbuds are IP67 waterproof and dustproof certified, which opens a whole new window of situations where you can use these buds. You can wear these worry-free while sweating in a gym or walking in the rain.

Waterproof Test of ARIA Wireless Earbuds

The strong charging case is also lightweight, small, and portable. It sports a fresh-looking round design that makes it pleasant and professional to look. Its build quality is robust, and there is nothing to complain about here. Magnets on the case ensure a satisfying opening and closing of the lid.

Round Design Charding Case of ARIA Earbuds

Ear Fit and Music Controls

For this test, I had a few of my co-workers join me. We tested different ear shapes with vivid music choices. My colleague had no problems, but I slightly had an issue with the left earbud. Still, it is not a deal-breaker or anything.

I switched among the two wingtips (small and large) and three ear tips (small, medium, large) and found my suitable combination. I would rate it 8 out of 10. The secure in-ear attachment creates a reliable seal for outside noise cancellation.

Windtips and Eartips for Earbuds

Music Controls are achieved through buttons on each left and right earpiece. You can perform several controls using a single tap, double-tap, and press and hold for two seconds. Switching to previous or next track, activating Siri or Google Assistant, play and pause, picking up a call, ending a call, rejecting a call, or working with second call are all easy and straightforward.

Tap on Button to Perform Different Actions on Earbuds

However, what got me excited is the volume control. Yes! You can lower volume by double-tapping on the left bud and increase by double tap on the right piece. I am an AirPods user, and when I found volume controls on these ARIA earbuds, I was elated. I won’t shy from saying that this is an invaluable feature, and I wish to have it on my Apple AirPods too.

Charging, Paring, and Battery Life

It is convenient to charge the case and the buds. Four light indicators ensure that you know the remaining capacity of the charging case that holds three additional charges for the earpieces.

To charge these buds, you just have to nest them inside the case and press a single button. It takes around two hours to charge fully, but the fast 15-minute charge is capable of giving you 3 hours of listening. Battery backup of these tiny wireless miracles are superb. No complaints here. You can see the remaining charge in the iOS battery widget.

ARIA Earbuds in Its Charging Case

Thanks to the cutting edge and efficient Bluetooth 5, the paring process is effortless and quick. I had no trouble connecting it with my iPhone X, OnePlus 3, and MacBook Pro.

Just keep in mind that when you are switching from one source to another, you first disconnect it from the currently connected device. Also, your most recent connected device acts as the priority for auto-pair, which is a neat feature.

Sound Quality of ARIA Wireless Earbuds

Finally, what you may be excitedly waiting for! The most important aspect of a wireless bud – Sound Quality. If I have to use one word for how ARIA True Wireless Earbuds sound, I would say ‘Rich.’

Being a music aficionado, I listened to various songs using these. Initially, I tested it with old tracks like The Way You Look Tonight (by Tony Bennett) and Strangers In The Night (by Frank Sinatra). Next, I listened to new songs like Wow (by Post Malone) and Blinding Lights (by The Weekend). I also extensively enjoyed my favorite tracks from Bollywood, Punjabi music, retro music, electronic music, hip-hop, and more. Clearly, I was able to get great sound on every kind of music that I played. 16mm drivers do an outstanding job.

Checking Sound Quality of ARIA Wireless Earbuds

These in-ear buds create a comfortable seal for maximum sound quality, and it reflects. The bass is abundant, and it feels comfortable. I did not need to play with any equalizer settings. The out-of-the-box sound output was perfect, and I am satisfied. I would go on to the extent to confidently say that it sounds better than my AirPods 2nd Gen.

Our Verdict

These wireless earbuds are so brilliant that even after my testing, I had them in my ears and kept listening to my favorite playlist on Spotify while I was working on this review. Tracks kept changing, but I never got a sound complaint, neither I had to charge them. On the downside, this version of Aria Wireless Buds are missing Ear Detection, but maybe in next, they add it.

Coming in a great black color and a small form factor with excellent sound, I have no hesitation in recommending it. IP67 waterproof and dustproof, inbuilt microphone, Bluetooth 5, volume controls, and up to 8 hours of listening time on a single charge elevates these buds to a level that the most expensive wireless earphones will have a difficult time achieving.

Holding Wireless Earbuds in Hand

When you couple it with the ongoing offer, it is tough not to prefer these over any other wireless earbuds. So, if you are seriously looking to invest in a comfortable, wire-free music experience, ARIA True Wireless Earbuds are the best contender for your buck.

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