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Treblab X3 Pro Review: A True Wireless Sport Earbuds [Video]

Every music lover who is also a sports enthusiast generally fancies true-wireless earbuds. After all, it gives them freedom from the ever-entangling cable. However, while you are living your active lifestyle, these buds are at risk of falling out!  To save you from such hassles, Treblab has launched the perfect workout earbuds, Treblab X3 Pro. But how well they perform? Check out our detailed review to find out.

Treblab X3 Pro: A True Wireless Earbuds for Working Out

Thanks to the smart design that combines ear hooks and silicone ear tips, the X3 Pro offers a perfect fit. It may look a little bulky at first look but they are surprisingly lightweight, making it an idol workout partner.

Another benefit of the design is that it evenly distributes the weight to the ear offers better support. Because of this, the wearer does not experience pressure or aches even after wearing them for a long time.


These premium wireless earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0, with Qualcomm QCC Chipset with aptX technology that enables seamless pairing with iPhone and Android.

While Treblab claims up to 30 feet of connectivity, I was able to get a perfect connection even when my phone was nearly 40 feet apart. Allowing you the flexibility to move around your home, gym, or office without missing a beat.

Build Quality

Build Quality of Treblab X3 Pro Earbuds

The build quality seems pretty strong and could easily hold through regular wear and tear. Although the charging cum carrying case is just made of hard plastic.

But consider the price point and the sound quality of these earphones, this is one flaw one could easily ignore.

The package also includes three sizes of silicone ear tips, namely Small, Medium, and Large, to make sure you get a secure and comfortable fit even while running.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality of Treblab X3 Pro Earbuds

At first, I could not get a punchy sound, but that was probably due to ill-fitting. The moment I switched the size of the ear tip, dynamic output came into play.

I was genuinely impressed by its output. The audio is clear, vibrant making it possible to hear even those smallest notes in the music. Even at the highest volume, the audio was sharp, nice, and didn’t clip at all.

Battery Life

Battery Life of Treblab X3 Pro Earbuds

Expect up to 9 hours of run time from the buds after a full charge. In addition, the case can charge the earbuds up to five times. So, you get up to 45 hours of battery life with just 2 hours of charging time.

Along with this, it comes with a USB type-A to USB type-C charging cable to power up the battery case.

IPX7 Rated Water-Resistant

For most consumers, water-resistance on earphones is not necessary. But if you are a sportsperson, things are different. A good amount of sweating can easily lead to muffled sounds.

Maybe this is why this treblab X3 Pro is IPX7 rated water-resistant. So, you can withstand an unexpected rainstorm or a heavy & sweaty workout session.

Microphone Quality

Microphone Quality of Treblab X3 Pro Earbuds

X3Pro boasts cVc™ Noise Cancellation Technology 8.0, which allows the mic to deliver optimum voice quality. Treblab claims that this is the best microphone in the industry with the best experience in calls.

And after vigorously testing the bud’s on-call experience, I somewhat agree with that claim.

Supported Devices

The Bluetooth device can easily pairable to iOS & Android devices and luckily doesn’t offer biased audio quality to any platform devices.

Control Buttons

Being a TWS earphone, these houses a bunch of control on both earbuds with tactile feedback, allowing you to adjust volumes quickly, play/pause music, change tracks and answer or decline calls.

Command Assistance

Along with those controls, a button at the earbud’s center can wake up Siri or Google Assistant by double pressing it. But what’s more impressive is the practicality of these, as I can perform any function, even if I am only wearing one bud.

Video: Treblab X3 Pro Wireless Sport Earbuds

Our Verdict

There may be many alternatives of Treblab X3 pro, but keeping the price factor along with audio output, build quality, and microphone quality in my mind, it would make it one hell of a purchase.

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