Waterfield Tech Folio Plus Review: A Well-Organized Techgear Case

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MacBook, iPhone, their chargers, AirPods, Pendrive, adaptors, power bank… the list goes on. With so much stuff to accommodate, a techie’s bag almost always cluttered. What’s worse, wires get tangled, things go missing or scratched. Only if there was a bag that doubled as a gear organizer. Good News! Waterfield Tech Folio Plus is precisely that and more. Dig in as we test and review this all-in-one bag.

WaterField Tech Folio Plus: Convenient Home For Your Tech & Its Accessories

If you often travel or commute with your laptop/iPad and other related products. Or you need to unpack & pack your Home office daily due to limited space. A carrying case & wire/gear organizer is essential.

And while most laptop bags have sufficient space for all your accessories, they don’t get designated areas for themselves. As a result, the bag looks messy, and finding an item can be difficult and time-consuming.

Understanding all such concerns, WaterField has designed a tech folio that has clever storage for almost any tech product or accessory you will wish to carry.

waterfield tech folio plus laptop bag for all your tech accessorie

The 16-inch Tech Folio Plus is an almost perfect blend of a handy, slim laptop bag and smart gear organizer.

Design and Material

While handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and designers, it is technically a consumers’ design. Thanks to a unique customer-collaboration process, WaterField invites ideas and suggestions for their product development.

And Tech Folio Plus is indeed a functional product tailored to meet almost every techie’s requirement. It is designed to securely hold your laptop/tablet and associated accessories in an organized and portable manner.

For one, Tech Folio Plus opens on three sides and lies flat for you to view, access, pack or unpack conveniently. The nylon top handles not just makes for an easy grab; it doubles as suitcase passthrough.

waterfield tech folio bag opens flat and easy to pack

Such thoughtfulness is also reflected in the materials used. Tan waxed canvas looks quite rugged and is claimed to develop a nice patina over time. Leather trimmings and gold lining adds oomph to the product.

waxed canvas material used for waterfield tech folio bag

Notably, the laptop compartment carries an impact-resistant foam packed inside a plush, no-scratch fabric. And while this keeps scratches at bay, water-resistant lining and zippers help protect your device further.

Pockets and More Pockets

One of the best parts about WaterField’s Tech Folio is the innumerous pockets it boasts.

  • Five zippered mesh pockets in different sizes with multiple interior dividers.
  • Two open-topped padded pockets for mouse, AirPods Pro, myriad cords and dongles, SD cards, zip drives, and more.pockets of waterfield tech folio laptop bag to put all tech accessories
  • Front flap pocket with sections to accommodate smartphones, pens, cardholder, etc.
  • A back pocket for files, mouse pad, or other stuff.front and back pocket of waterfield tech folio laptop bag

We have been going on about the utility of the Tech folios’ storage system, but let us cite an example to illustrate how intensive it is.

First and foremost, the padded laptop compartment can house laptops and tablets up to 16 inches, including MacBook Pro 16-inch and  Surface Laptop 3. Then you can neatly and easily organize other items such as

  • Phone
  • Charger brick
  • Cables and cords – whether short/long, thick/thin
  • Dongles and adapters
  • Mouse
  • Earbuds
  • Portable headset
  • External hard drive
  • Battery packs

More Options

Not just versatile in its design, the Tech Folio Collection by Waterfield also has multiple variants to choose from. While we concentrated on the waxed canvas, 16-inch folio, here are some other options

  • Material: Ballistic nylon with leather and waxed canvas with chocolate leather
  • Strap: Matching simple strap and matching supreme suspension strapmatching straps for waterfield tech folio laptop bag
  • Size: 11-inch Tech Folio (ideal for tablets), 16-inch Tech Folio Plus and 13-inch Tech Folio Plus
  • Matching Pad: Oh, yes! You can avail of a matching mouse pad also to complete the set.matching mouse pad for waterfield laptop bag

Our Verdict

Have you ever wished that Harry Potter’s summoning charm, Accio was real, and you could use it to retrieve stuff from your bag? Well, if not that, the Waterfield 16-inch Tech Folio Plus is the next-best option.

collection of waterfield tech folio bags

I usually have a bias towards bags that have multiple pockets, and Waterfield took that obsession to another level. What scored the most points for me is the attention to detail and the thoughtfulness behind them.

And while the case seems reasonably priced, paying an extra $15 for the simple shoulder strap is a bit too much. You can charge for ‘supreme suspension’ strap, but the basic one should be part of the package, as per my opinion.

To be honest, that’s the only complaint I have… rest everything is wonderfully convenient. Do let us know your take, and if you happen to buy Waterfield Tech Folio, share the review and feedback in the comment section below.

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