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TREBLAB E3 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

No matter how upset, tense, or tired I am, my playlist can unwind, relax, and pump me up in some time. But along with the right song, I also need excellent audio output; it is only then that my feet, heart, and lips sync with every beat, and I enjoy the most. Thus, I always look out for great speakers, headphones, and earphones.

A week ago I received TREBLAB E3, over-ear wireless headphones, and xFit wireless earbuds for the review. I have put both the devices to the test in different situations for 7 days, and here are my thoughts.

TREBLAB E3 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Review

Starting with the design, TREBLAB E3 has a full-matt, anti-fingerprint black body with the glossy logo on both ears. The right side hosts power, play, and volume buttons, along with the MIC, an LED light and USB C port. As for the left earpiece, it has an Active Noise Cancellation button and an LED indicator.

Holding TREBLAB E3 Wireless Headphones

The overall design, including the case, looks and feels quite sturdy. I won’t call it the most compact over-ear headphones, but it is pretty handy. Additionally, the carabiner attached to the carrying case makes it more comfortable to carry along.

TREBLAB E3 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Case

TREBLAB E3 Sound Test

The sound output of the E3 Headphones is immersive and impressive. My extensive test playlist included some Jazz, Hip-Hop, Country, Blues, Classic Bollywood, and peppy dance numbers. And I am happy to report that the Bluetooth headphones passed with flying colors.

Sound Test on TREBLAB E3 Wireless Headphones

As for the noise cancellation, it is also top-notch. I tested the settings, both with music blaring on various volumes and without music. What impressed me is the difference in the mode made during music-less testing. In the environment mode, voices were muffled, but I could hear the ambient sounds.

Whereas, in the ANC mode, almost all ambient sounds were cut down massively. If there is noise-cancellation even when the music is not playing, I guess the headphones have passed the test remarkably.

Active Noise Cancellation Button and LED indicator on Headphones

How Comfortable are TREBLAB E3? 

Comfort is a significant parameter when it comes to over-ear headphones. TREBLAB E3 offered a snug fit without feeling too heavy. The earpads are soft and paddy, and even after hours of continuous usage, they did not hurt my ears.

TREBLAB E3 Headphones Comfortably Fits on Ears

What about Connectivity? 

Built with Bluetooth 5.0, I did not really experience a connectivity issue as such. And do note that I walked some miles in and around my office with them (obviously my iPhone was stationary at my desk during my movement).

Handy Features Galore

TREBLAB E3 can do almost everything you might need, from picking calls to voice assistant support. The headsets can even redial and attend multi-calls! Thanks to an included USB-C to Aux cable, you can convert them into wired headsets as well.

TREBLAB E3 Headphones Features-Voice Assistant Support Multi Calls and Redial

Battery Life – It also has a Quick Charger!

E3 can run up to 50 hours on a full charge, and it takes only about an hour to juice up. You can check the battery life anytime by pressing the power button slightly when the headset is on. The headset will speak out the status.

What’s impressive is the headphone support PD quick charging, i.e., in just 3 minutes of charge, they can run up to 7 hours at 100% w/o ANC. Now, that’s some fantastic feature!

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If you prefer an over-ear wireless headphone, then TREBLAB E3 is a great choice. However, most commuters do not prefer this big headset; they often look for something on the lines of an AirPods. If you also desire a more compact version, then you should surely check out the brand’s earbuds: xFit.

TREBLAB xFit Wireless Earbuds

The xFit earbuds come in a neat all-black box that is as small as a ring box. As for the buds, they are also quite compact, minimal, and black from the tips to the MFB Button.

TREBLAB xFit Wireless Earbuds with Case

Despite their small size, these beauts boast True-HD sound and deep bass, thus no compromise over those beats. In terms of connectivity, they are quite similar to E3 headphones, no hiccup during my office round-up.

Other Salient Features of xFit Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation
  • Great Fit
  • Multi-Function Button
  • Impressive Battery Life

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Some Commendable Qualities About The Brand

As you must have gathered by now, that I am highly satisfied with the packaging, sound quality, and overall performance of the two products. But some other things stood out for me as well.

  • Free Accessory Replacement: Yes, you read it right! The brand offers up to 3 free accessories replacements for both the products within 12 months of the purchase
  • Recyclability: In the last pages of the manual, the brand specially mentions the links and numbers from where you can avail of a recycling program. It might not be a big deal, but this is a sign that they care, and that’s big for me, at least

The Flaw in the MIC

In the sea of praises, there are rotten fish as well. The MIC on both the devices isn’t that great; it feels like you are speaking from afar. And then there’s echo and ambient noise mixed into the equation.

Overall, you can use them for quick conversations, but not for a long one! But then that’s one trouble I find in most wireless headphones.

TREBLAB E3 Bluetooth Headphones: Final Verdict

Between the two products, I clearly loved the TREBLAB E3 more. Given their price point, both wireless headphones and earphones by TREBLAB are a great catch.

In terms of sound quality, comfort, convenience, or build quality, they have performed exceptionally well. I even tested the devices with Audio novels and Podcasts; amazingly, I had no complaints with the duo.

If you love music and want to enjoy it fully, without hurting your pocket, then you should surely go for TREBLAB’s audio accessories.

Have you used any TREBLAB product yet? Feel free to share your reviews with us. Also, if you want our team to review any accessory for you, just shoot out a request in the comment section below.

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