How to stop others from changing passcode on your iPhone

How to stop others from changing passcode on your iPhone

Apple devices are well-known for providing the best-in-class security to their users. But at times, if some other person has access to the passcode of your iPhone, they may enter the device settings and make significant changes. However, you can prevent this from ever happening using Content and Privacy Restrictions. Read on to understand enabling this feature can stop others from changing the passcode on your iPhone.

What are Content & Privacy Restrictions on iPhone?

Content and Privacy Restrictions are a blessing in disguise. You may operate your iPhone on a daily basis while surrounded by a ton of strangers. This makes your device prone to many vulnerabilities, and it especially puts you at the risk of exposing your Passcode.

Your passcode is the ultimate key to your iPhone or iPad, and unauthorized personnel could replace your current passcode or, worse, change the password of your Apple ID. That’s where Content and Privacy Restrictions on iPhone come in. It is equipped with a series of amazing features that allow you to take better control of your device.

In essence, Content and Privacy Restrictions enable users to set a passcode, block explicit content, disable downloading new apps or deleting existing ones, limit in-app purchases, or prevent unauthorized tampering with existing settings.

However, to use this feature, you need to ensure that the Screen Time is enabled on your iPhone. Once the settings are adjusted as per the requirement, follow the steps mentioned below to turn on Content and Privacy Restrictions.

How to stop anyone from changing passcode on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Tap Screen TimeContent and Privacy Restrictions.
  3. Toggle on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

    Access screen time, content and privcy settings, toggle on the same in the settings app
  4. Now, scroll down to the ALLOW CHANGES menu and choose Passcode Changes.
  5. Select the Don’t Allow option.

    Choose passcode settings, enable don't allow in settings
  6. Similarly, tap the Back button to go to the previous interface. Then repeat the same exercise for Account Changes.

    Choose account changes, tap don't allow in the settings app

That’s it!

Now, to verify, head back to the prime interface of the Settings app, and you’ll notice that your Apple ID card is blurred out, thereby completely prohibiting changes.

Later, if you change your mind and wish to change the passcode for yourself, then repeat the steps mentioned above and choose Allow for Passcode Changes and Account Changes.

Benefits of using restrictions on iPhone

The use of Content and Privacy Restrictions on iPhone can be highly beneficial in maintaining security and control over the information accessed by specific individuals, especially in a professional setting. Some of the main benefits of using this feature include:

  • You can set up a password and restrict certain apps, websites, and content from being accessed.
  • These settings prevent anyone from making unauthorized purchases or downloading malicious software.
  • Allow you to better control your overall app usage.
  • Restrictions can help protect a user’s private information, such as contacts, location data, and browser history, from being shared or accessed without their permission.
  • Being a parent, you can block inappropriate websites, apps, and content, and you can help ensure that your child doesn’t become exposed to dangerous or inappropriate material.

As a result, you can increase your sense of security and parental control by using Content & Privacy Restrictions.


Can I track who changed the passcode on my iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no way to track who changed the passcode on your iPhone. However, you can take proactive measures to prevent this from happening in the future by setting up a strong passcode, enabling two-factor authentication, and keeping your iPhone secure at all times.

Can I prevent my children from changing the passcode on my iPhone?

Yes, you can prevent your children from changing the passcode on your iPhone by enabling restrictions and parental controls. This will limit their access to certain features, including the ability to change the passcode.

Protect your device!

In conclusion, preventing someone from changing the passcode on your iPhone is essential to protect your personal and sensitive data. With the suggested measures, you can ensure that your iPhone is secure and that no one alters your device’s security wall.

Thank you for reading. Don’t hesitate to drop your thoughts below.

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  1. This article is really helpful. After hearing about how thieves can steal in iPhone and then change the passcode and Apple ID to gain full access to data, and shut the owner out, I looked for a way to protect against this. Thanks, Yash, for this useful info.

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