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Spy-Fy: An Elegant iPhone Case To Secure Camera Privacy

A simple protective case for iPhone provides so much scope and opportunity for innovation. When brands like OtterBox and LifeProof created different cases, I thought this was it; nobody can go further. But I was wrong. There is no limit to human imagination. Until now, case makers have limited their vision to protection, style, and luxury. It seems that Spy-fy has added a fourth dimension to complete the square. And that fourth dimension is privacy.

There are privacy screen protectors, which are known for ensuring users’ privacy; and now there is a camera privacy case, which boasts a camera privacy system to safeguard your camera use. Spy-fy has woven that privacy magic in its protective case, which integrates a camera privacy system into a premium iPhone case.

Whether it is a private enterprise or government security agencies, they like to scan your iPhone camera by built-in backdoors or apps. Since we are living in an age of information technology, technocrats understand the value of user data. Every so-called marketer of products and services is keen to know who you are, what you are doing, where you go, what you buy etc. By gaining access to our camera, such intruders can purloin crucial information from your device. However, a camera privacy case helps you in many ways.

Spy-Fy iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR Camera Privacy Case

Designers of Spy-Fy have used traditional wisdom to manufacture this case. On your iPhone X and XS, both cameras are shrouded by a simple mechanism. Like olden days, Spy-Fy has installed a wicket gate on the back and front camera to hide the lens. This prevents any third eye from snooping on your privacy when you are using the front or back camera while the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi network or mobile data.

The Devil is in Design

Spy-Fy iPhone Privacy Case

Spy-Fy has discreetly integrated privacy features into this classic case. A person next to you will never know you have smartly covered front and back camera of your device. Rather, s/he would always appreciate the case for its beauty and strength.

Back Blocker

Using Face ID while iPhone Camera is Covered

The wicket-gate blocker at the back and front makes all the difference. The cover not only nobbles somebody from spying your camera movements but also enables you to use what you have to use. For example, the front shutter never limits your use of Face ID feature, which was first introduced in iPhone X. The shutter will only block the 7MP selfie camera. Thus, you can always unlock your iPhone or make purchases with your Face ID, and still, you can protect your privacy.

Rear Shutter

Spy-Fy iPhone Camera Privacy Case

Similarly, the rear camera shutter allows you to capture and shoot great pictures and videos on the go. You can quickly open and close the rear shutter to use your iPhone camera when you spot something worth capturing or shooting.

What about the Flashlight?

Using Flashlight while iPhone Camera Lens Covered

Does the rear shutter block my iPhone’s flashlight? Not at all. You can always use your phone’s flashlight to locate the missing keys or anything in the dark. Even if you have closed the rear shutter, your iPhone’s flashlight will light up your room, so you can easily cuddle up next to your partner without disturbing him or her.

Wireless Charging

Do I need to remove the case while charging? This case is compatible with wireless charging so that you can keep your wireless charging case on. Moreover, the design has left the bottom open to allow you to charge your iPhone with a lightning cable.

Minimalistic Design

Spy-Fy iPhone Camera Privacy Case for iPhone X, Xs, and Xs Max

Fully integrated camera privacy system and minimal design help you use your iPhone the way you have used. One of the best things about this case is that Spy-Fy has successfully combined elegance and privacy in a single case. The case is available in four colors: black, ocean blue, coconut white, and mallow pink.

Compatible Models

As of now, Spy-Fy has come up with a case compatible with iPhone X and Xs; once the makers are funded enough, they will launch camera privacy cases for iPhone 8, iPhone XR, and iPhone 2019. It is rumored that Apple to keep the same screen set up in future iPhones as there are on current iPhone X models.

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That’s all folks!

Wrapping up…

With Spy-Fy case, your iPhone camera privacy is secure 24×7. And you don’t have to make efforts to open and close the shutter. A single flick can shut and open the camera shutter, which not only protects your privacy but also safeguards your camera lens from damage.

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