Best iPhone X and Xs Privacy Screen Protectors in 2019: Protect Your Private Information

When you are browsing sensitive content on your smartphone, you should be careful about people around you. With these iPhone X and Xs privacy screen protectors of 2019, you may rest assured that strangers won't be able to spy on your content.

Your iPhone is a constant companion as you use it for multiple purposes. Apart from using social media apps, you may use your device for sharing sensitive data and personal information with banks and governments. During the process, strangers can sneak up on you to steal your private details. To protect your privacy, you need privacy screen protectors for your iPhone.

The online market is cluttered with countless anti-spying screen guards. To make your life easier, we have listed some of the best privacy screen protectors for iPhone X and Xs. Since both phones have similar screen size, you can pick up any tempered screen glass from the list and install on your device.

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Best iPhone X and Xs Privacy Screen Protectors in 2019

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#1. Supershieldz

Supershieldz iPhone X, XS Privacy Screen Protector

Supershieldz has carved a niche in iPhone screen protectors. The brand has also successfully launched privacy screen protectors for the latest iPhone Xs and iPhone X. This pack contains two anti-spy screen guards, which boast 9H hardness and maintains original touch experience.

2.5D rounded edge glass provides much comfort to your fingers and hands while you are interacting with your phone. Supershieldz has used a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to prevent smudges and stains from harming the screen.

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USP: 2.5D rounded edge glass
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#2. Pehael

pehael iPhone X, XS Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This conceptually designed privacy screen protector keeps your personal and sensitive data safe from strangers no matter how you hold your phone. This screen guard is made from 0.33mm top-notch tempered glass, which keeps your phone’s screen dust- and fingerprint-free.

For daily protection against wear and tear, Pehael has used 9H hardness, which can prevent scratches. A highly durable screen guard is easy to install as it is made of bubble-free adhesives.

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USP: Bubble-free adhesives
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#3. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone X, XS Anti-Spy Screen Guard

Whether you hold your iPhone horizontally or vertically, Maxboost screen guard ensures full security of your sensitive information and browsing. This screen guard filters a portion of screen brightness; hence, your phone’s screen brightness will be decreased by 35%. It is advisable to adjust your phone’s brightness during the day.

When you hold your phone directly in front of your eyes, you can see the contents. Like other makers of screen guards, Maxboost also uses a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to protect the phone screen from oil stains and fingerprint smudges. Furthermore, the screen protector also safeguards the screen from accidental spills, bumps, and other wear and tear.

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USP: Compatible with 3D Touch
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#4. Sameriver

Sameriver Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone X, XS

This 4D curved fit privacy film is specially designed for iPhone Xs and X. An anti-spy screen protector provides you privacy in public. Although you can watch your phone screen from the front, a person standing next to you may not see anything on the screen. This product is 3D Touch and Face ID compatible.

With its 0.3mm ultra-thin profile, this screen guard offers reliable touch sensitivity and full coverage. Among other notable features of the screen guard are anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil, anti-dust, and bubble-free.

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USP: Face ID compatible
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#5. Hartser

Hartser iPhone X, XS Anti-Spy Screen Guard

Hartser has crafted a privacy screen protector from 0.2mm real glass. This provides not only full transparency to users but also offers sensitive touch. Apart from preventing peeping, the screen guard offers extreme strength for your phone screen with its 9H hardness.

Keep your personal information hidden from strangers and enjoy natural viewing experience on your iPhone. Hartser gives you long lasting protection against scratches. Its ultra-thin screen is resilient and promises touchscreen sensitivity.

USP: Long lasting protection
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KSWNG Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone X, XS

KSWNG introduces DoubleDefence technology to its anti-spy screen protector, which prevents scratches, fingerprints, and bubbles. When the viewing angle crosses 30 degrees, your phone screen turns invisible. KSWNG has intentionally left small gaps to make the guard compatible with all phone cases.

KSWNG has used Japan AGC 9H hardness to safeguard your phone screen from unwanted scuffs and scratches by knife and keys. You would love to glide your fingers over the screen.

USP: Japan AGC 9H hardness
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ANYOYO iPhone X, XS Privacy Screen Protector

Keep your personal chats, slideshows, and web browsing safe from the prying eyes of people around you by using ANYOYO anti-spy glass protector. As long as you are holding your phone in front of your eyes, nobody can see your phone screen.

For the protection of phone screen, ANYOYO has used 9H hardness tempered glass, which stands firm against daily wear and tears. For the peace of your mind, the screen guard also keeps sweat and oil residue away from the touchscreen.

USP: High-impact resistance
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#8. Spigen

Spigen Black Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone X, XS

Spigen is one of the leaders in iPhone accessories. From protective cases to screen protectors, Spigen impresses users with premium quality products. This privacy screen guard keeps your phone screen only visible to you. This tempered glass is known for its durability as it is rated at 9H hardness.

Apart from being protective, this protector is compatible with all Spigen cases. For effortless installation, Spigen gives you an auto-alignment kit. By using this kit, you can ensure the fail-proof installation of the screen protector.

USP: Auto-alignment kit
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AILUN iPhone X, XS Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Protect your sensitive data from strangers in bus, metro, elevator or other public places. People are more interested in snooping on others’ secret. While using your iPhone, stop those peeping eyes from feasting on the screen by using AILUN’s privacy screen guard. The screen protector darkens the image on your phone, and therefore, you need to adjust the brightness on your iPhone.

Before you install the guard, remove dust and align it properly. AILUN has crafted a premium 0.25mm tempered glass screen protector with 9H hardness; this extremely durable screen guard protects the phone screen from scratches and drops.

USP: 0.25mm thin
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#10. ESR

ESR iPhone X, XS Privacy Screen Protector

ESR is one of the emerging brands of iPhone accessories. This privacy screen protector from ESR is your passport to browse your phone without getting unwanted attention from onlookers and bystanders. With its light transmission level of 75%, this tempered glass keeps your personal data safe from strangers.

You need to adjust the screen brightness on your device to get the best performance from this anti-spy screen film. For easy installation, ESR gives you an alignment frame. Before installation, clean the screen with a wiping cloth and remove dust to ensure bubble-free application.

USP: 75% light transmission level
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Your pick…

When a privacy screen protector meets strength, it becomes one of the must-have iPhone accessories for any user. Choose the best screen guard from the above list and never expose your phone screen to any stranger.

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