Softorino Folder Colorizer for Mac: Mary Kondo of folder organization

Softorino Folder Colorizer for Mac

We create folders on Mac to organize and segregate files to find them more easily. However, when you have tons of folders that sport the same baby-blue icon, finding the right file quickly can be a task. It is where a neat software called Softorino’s Folder Colorizer comes in handy.

As the name suggests, the Folder Colorizer helps you style and decorate your folders in the color/pattern of your choice. But before we test and review the software, let’s first understand the logic and utility behind the software.

Why do you need Folder Colorizer for Mac?

Well, I can think of two key reasons.

Aesthetic – Instead of Mac’s default baby-blue icon, you can pack your desktop/Finder with your favorite colors. It will look different and surely spark some joy in you.

Better organization – In the sea of folders, how will you find a certain folder quicker? By reading the titles or looking at the color, emoji, or image on the folder? Wouldn’t a red or yellow color folder be easier to spot?

Softorino Folder Colorizer for Mac

And the Mary Kondo fan can even color coordinate the folders according to importance, personal/professional, and whatnot.

Hmm! This seems to have some lucrative benefits, but do I really need special software for it? Well, you can change folder icons on Mac with this trick, but it isn’t a 1-click process as Folder Colorizer promises. Plus, the software offers some exclusive perks.

How to change folder color on Mac in 1-click? 

  1. Open the Folder Colorizer app on your Mac.
  2. Drag and drop folders or tap + icon to add them.
Change folder color on Mac with Softorino Folder Colorizer
  1. Now, select a color, emoji, symbol, or image you want to assign to the folder
  2. Click Colorize Folder to finalize the changes.
Customize folder color on Mac

Softorino Folder Colorizer is more than just a colorizer 

Now that I have illustrated how simple it is to change folder color/icon with Folder Colorizer, let’s move on to the exclusive perks incorporated into the app.

1. Endless possibilities

While the term ‘endless’ sounds too much, what else would you call the 1 trillion combination options the app has to offer.

  1. Colors – Choose any color from the color tab or click the color picker icon to select a shade you want.
  2. Emojis – You are privy to a library of emojis; just tap a befitting one, and it will be yours.
  3. Decals – Symbols that’ll instantly indicate the content of the folder.
  4. Images – A collection of beautiful wallpaper-like images that’ll definitely make the folder stand out from the rest.
YouTube video

As seen in the video above, you can choose any of them or mix multiple elements to simplify recognizing folders.

2. Multiple folders in 1-Click

Want more than one folder to look-alike? Gratefully, you’ll not have to do it one by one as Softorino Folder Colorizer allows you to apply bulk changes to multiple folders; drag and drop them all into the app.

3. Harness the power of AI

You can’t decide which mix will work for your folders or don’t have time to surf through multiple ones? The app has thought through that.

Thanks to an AI-based magic wand feature, it recognizes the folder’s name and suggests appropriate colors, emojis, and images. Like it did here for my audiobooks folder.

Get suggestion from Softorino Folder Colorizer AI

What’s more? You don’t have to search through all the galleries; a smart search feature can find you a relevant image, color, emoji, or decal.

4. Synced across all devices

Have more than one Mac, or are you worried about losing the folder settings because you’re switching to a new device? Don’t worry, Folder Colorizer offers cross-system compatibility, i.e., the style transfers to another mac, external drive, and iCloud folders.

5. Track every step

Gone overboard with decorating a folder? Don’t worry; you can undo and redo to your heart’s content. Plus, you can even reset to the original/default look even after days of saving the changes.

Reset to the default folder color

Softorino Folder Colorizer: The final take


User interface
Value for money

Softorino Folder Colorizer is a pretty decent app. It efficiently does what it promises and brings some cool features to the table. Most importantly, the app is super simple and quick to use.

If smartly used, it will certainly lend both aesthetics and organizational services. I just have one beef, though; why couldn’t they allow the import of an external image. Imagine segregating folders with company logos, photos, etc.

The catch – Folder Colorizer is an expensive app if you plan to subscribe to it individually. However, thanks to Softorino’s unique universal license plan, you can access a bundle of other worthy apps like WALTR Pro, iRingg, Volume Concierge, etc., at almost the same price.


  • Super fun and easy to use
  • Manage multiple folders at once
  • Endless choices
  • Helps you organize folders


  • The AI feature isn’t perfect
  • Can’t keep personal pictures as album covers
  • Expensive if bought alone


  • Individual license – $2.92/month when billed annually;
  • Universal license (includes 11 apps) – $2.92/month when billed annually


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