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iGBHow-to25+ PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for iPhone: Master the battle royale

25+ PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for iPhone: Master the battle royale

Welcome to the world of PUBG/BGMI, where your imagination meets reality in the form of a first-person shooter game. If you’re an active iPhone gamer, it would be impossible for you to stay away from the most popular battle royale game of all time. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, mastering PUBG Mobile on your iPhone is a journey worth embarking on.

Follow this guide to dive into a treasure trove of tips and tricks that will give you the edge you need to conquer the battlefield. Remember, PUBG Mobile is popular in certain parts of the world under the alias BGMI. So, whether you’re looking to refine your strategy and gameplay to optimize your settings for peak performance, this article has you covered! Why wait? Let’s get going!

1. Enable ADS

Although FPS games have been around for far too long, there are still players who are not aware of the benefits ADS can provide. ADS stands for Aim Down Sight and plays a very prominent role in managing in-game sensitivity. Consider the following measurements for better performance.

Enable ADS in BGMI

While stuck in rushes or heated battles, ADS helps in providing better control over the recoil of weapons you operate. It doesn’t matter if you’re sniping or a go all out in a focused spray; ADS will help you to aim better and gain triumph over your enemy. This stays true while driving or running to a desired location. You can monitor your surroundings smoothly without any hassle.

Remember, it still takes a lot of practice before getting your hands on a sure shot control over your aim. But with a little perseverance, you’ll be there in no time. So, heads up and devour all enemies in your way.

2. The shotgun clutch

It’s not uncommon to feel that itch to get involved in action as soon as possible. But you can never predict the outcome of such battles. Regardless of whether you’re equipped with tons of supplies, you still can miss and die.

The shotgun clutch in BGMI

However, that doesn’t mean 1v4 is impossible. You still can manage to get a hold of an entire team all by yourself. Simply remember, during a clutch, try to get a hold of a shotgun as quickly as possible. One shot from this weapon will bless you with a one-sided win. Take cover and shoot as you manage to land a direct headshot. We’re in for a win and won’t back down.

3. Try TPP as much as possible

If you’re able to spot an enemy or an entire squad, simply rushing onto their position before planning things out is diabolical. While you’re with your enemies running around, find a safe location and simply stand for Third Person Perspective (TPP).


Take your time, and once you’re well aware of the position of your enemy, let them have a taste of your victory. The more you practice, the more you’ll get the hang of this trick. And trust me; you’ll have a better understanding of real-time combats.

4. Customize sensitivity for your favorite weapons

The new updates of BGMI have now enabled the users to customize the sensitivity of the weapons to their preferences. With a wide range of weapons available on the map, each of them has a different property. The recoil, damage, and long-range kill ability vary for every gun.

Customize sensitivity for weapons in BGMI

In such a scenario, if you have to make a far-sighted spray shot and do not have the necessary attachments, the process can get a little tricky. But you now have the ability to set a desired sensitivity for your favorite weapon.

This is highly recommended for snipers who are not able to get their hands on high-end scopes. You can use your normal AR weapons to do the impossible. It might take a while to understand your preferred settings, but once you get there, it’ll be a smooth ride.

5. Adjust the recoil of machine guns

Never rush into a battle without a proper supply. It’s very important to be aware of the guns you’re using. Not only Ammo but attachments suitable with your weapon will help you tremendously in finishing your kills.

Take your time to completely stock your weapon with important add-ons like compressors and tactical stock. Doing so, you can benefit from various external factors that will improve the performance of you and your team.

6. Pre-fire before engaging in a fight

It is always good to carry your gun in your hands when you’re running through a hot spot in PUBG or BGMI. You never know when a bullet might hit your helmet, and you may not get the proper time to respond.

However, if you do get hit and decide to rush over to your opponent, pre-fire the location before making an entrance. Sprays carried out in such a manner give you a better chance of survival against most of the players.

You can also peek and shoot until you’re certain that the enemy is running low on health. Pick your fights wisely, and you’ll be unstoppable.

7. Try to use jump and punch method more often

TPP is not very uncommon among PUBG players. It’s an old trick in the book, and almost every player is accustomed to it. So, you can expect to be targeted by a player and be the victim of the cause. However, if you ever get the feeling of getting spotted by an enemy, there’s a way around it.

jump and punch in BGMI

Simply perform the jump and punch move. This will help you in covering wide regions in less time and give you an opportunity of detecting your enemy. As a result, whenever you engage in an open area battle, put down your weapon and detect your enemy. You know what to do next.

8. Create a smoke barrier before reviving your teammate

There are many instances where I have noticed the teammates of knocked-out players rush directly to revive their teammates without any cover. This is the sign of a noob. While in a match, your team should be a well-functioning machine.

If your player gets knocked out, it’s very important to smoke the region as much as possible. As your other teammates stand as a lookout, you can revive your partner and take cover. This will give a lot of time to heal and recover from the damage.

9. Don’t hold up an area for too long

We, as a team, are very fond of always staying in the play zone. It’s only because nobody likes to rush into the playable region in the last moments. And if we’re lucky, we tend to stay in a cover for far too long.

While this holds true for many players, including me, it can be very risky. As there are 25 times in total, making up to 100 players on the map, there is a high chance that you may get attacked from all sides at once.

As the play zone keeps shrinking, all players change their positions respectively, and you may get caught in the crossfire. So, take your time for one location but keep on changing it after a significant period of time. It will improve your chances of survival.

10. Prone in surprise attacks

You must have encountered a situation where an enemy takes you by surprise, and you’re not able to come out alive. This is pretty common for campers. However, while running or searching for loot, you can handle this situation with care.

Prone in surprise attacks in BGMI

While running and coming across your enemy, simply perform a quick prone in from of your enemy. However, this trick is not very effective but will give you a few milliseconds to turn your opponent into a crate. This turns out to be very helpful if you regularly perform prone mode while engaging in battles.

11. Pre-fire lurking enemies

One of the most irritating categories of the players, in my opinion, is the campers. Especially when you’re on the receiving end, it might sound hypocritical, but it’s true. We’ve been killed countless times by campers holding on to a location since the beginning of the game.

But there’s a method of detecting them. While moving or holding a position, try to get a gist of the location by hearing wriggling sounds around you. If an enemy is hiding in the thick grass, they’ll make a weird noise while moving. It is simply a matter of pre-firing the entire area surrounding the noise.

If you see a spray graphic, shoot till you’re out of bullets in your magazine. There is a high chance that you’ll get the enemy before he does the same to you.

12. Try to finish your enemy

Long-range battles are often fun to engage in. Enemies never know what hit them. If you are the same as me and love to use snipers, then this trick is dedicated to you.

Finish your enemy in BGMI

While knocking out an enemy, always make sure to kill the same before they get revived. Moreover, you can also use them as bait and wait for their remaining squad to come into your sniping range. This will allow you to take out the entire team in an instant.

Personally, I am a fan of knocking out players with snipers and finishing them off with DP-28. Since DP-28 has the least recoil, you can use the tap-tap trick to finish off your enemy. Try the same if you like; you’ll definitely love the results.

13. Kill bots to improve F/D ratio

Are you among those who grind BGMI all day yet are running on a low F/D ratio? Then this trick will get you started. As abrupt as it may sound, try killing as many bots as possible at the beginning of the game. You can locate a bunch of bots around the hot-drop locations.

Kill bots to improve F_D ratio in BGMI

As you last longer and kill actual players along the game, your overall F/D will increase significantly. Moreover, these bots carry a good set of loot, which will help you advance further with maximum firepower.

14. Keep on diverging while attacking

Players often tend to engage heads-on as they spot an enemy. But let me assure you, your opponent is prepared for your attack and might be spotting the location to welcome your arrival.

To prevent getting in the crossfire laid out by your enemy, diverge your attacking path. If you’re in a house, then try jumping from the window and getting back in from the way around. You can perform the same for open-area battles.

Not attacking from the Line of Sight can provide a great advantage and help you overpower your enemy.

15. Avoid finishes in team battles

Gamers are highly motivated to achieve the maximum kill count. It’s just like leaving bloodhounds to hunt their prey. However, iPhone games like PUBG or BGMI ask for more. There are multiple players planning out strategies to overcome their opponents.

As a result, during a heated 4v4 battle, avoid going for the kill and keep a lookout for the rest of the squad. Doing so, you’ll have the upper hand on your enemy. If you end up rushing to kill the player without any cover, chances are you might be baited by the opponent team.

Remember, you should always play like a team and not rush around just to increase your kills.

16. Find what scope works best for you

If you’re struggling to decide what scope suits the best for weapon in your hand and keep on missing shots while operating a Sniper, SMG, or AR, then follow through. As such, there is no guide to using a gun like a pro. It all depends on your practice and the claw you play on.

I’d recommend trying as many settings as possible on the training ground. There are a bunch of possibilities, and you never know what works best for you. In such cases, you should try out operating long-range shots for both automatic guns and snipers.

And once you successfully find an optimal setting that works at all times, then start practicing the same format. Remember not to change your fighting style until you’ve mastered one completely. Keep grinding until you ace your shots.

17. Learn to transfer aim

As the game proceeds, we collect a series of weapons and equip them with the best combat tools. But this can often obstruct our LOS in close combat. Suppose you’re operating a UMP-45 with 4x scope and get stuck in a close-range battle, then you’ll be at a huge disadvantage.

To prevent such scenarios from disrupting your smooth gameplay, you must understand the aim transfer move. Basically, you should always carry a red dot or any low-end scope in your backpack. While you engage with an enemy close to you, quickly change your scope to use close combat ADS.

Although it might sound a bit tricky, you can switch the scope rotate switch close to your claw set so that you can perform this trick easily.

18. Curate a personalized layout

BGMI or PUBG are always set to a default layout for beginners to start their gaming adventure. But as time passes, we tend to have a personalized layout profile that suits our style the best. This technique turns out to be fruitful as gamers can be themselves and customize their own environment.

Curate a personalized layout in BGMI

However, if you’re one of those who tend to keep on changing your claw layout casually, then you’re missing out on a core way to become a pro. You must accustom yourself to one form of gameplay rather than always looking for something new.

This is very prominent because if you keep changing the way you play, you’ll never be able to master or break your gaming barrier. Precision takes time in gaming, so be patient and give your best in the playground.

19. Juggle in covers

If you haven’t practiced it yet, you better start performing this trick today. As you know, if an enemy is around your location, you can predict their movement with the sound of the footsteps they make. You can use this same method to confuse the enemy you wish to attack.

Simply put, you must learn to run around in circles. Run back and forth so that the enemy cannot predict your direction. This confusion will give you an upper hand over your enemy as you take them down in cold blood. It’s simple, isn’t it?

20. Develop a habit of clearing roofs with grenades

As the game begins, the first thought that runs through our mind is to have fulfilling loot. While this is acceptable at the beginning of the game, players should mind their looting strategies after a significant time has passed. As there are players scattered over the map, and some might be camping for kills.

Use grenades in BGMI

To prevent this occurrence from ever happening, you should always try to clear out the upper floors of the building before entering. Use grenades to clear out the building, and if there’s a moment, then prepare yourself for a brawl.

21. Practice your tactics on training grounds

Earlier, when I was a novice in FPS games, I used to wonder what it was that I was doing wrong. Even after playing for hours, I could not see an improvement in my gaming skills. If you’re the same, then I have got a solution for you.

Training grounds in BGMI

Players often don’t realize that the plan they are running in mind might not be compatible with their skills and movement. This is because you have still not practiced it. You must develop a habit of spending some time in training grounds, TDMs, or two-player modes on a regular basis. This will enable you to hone your skills and act quickly on strategies running on your mind.

You might think it’s ridiculous, but you’ll not realize it until you try it out. So, take a few minutes to practice, and you’ll slowly spot the difference in your gaming skills.

22. Look out for casual lags

Have you ever heard of a gaming glitch that turns out to be a blessing? Yes, you’ve heard it right. While in the midst of an ongoing game, if your game suddenly starts to lag, then there are probably enemies around.

You might have experienced it before, if there are too many players in one server and they pile up in one coordinate, the system server lags. This is the reason behind BGMI lagging. However, you can use this issue to your advantage by preparing yourselves for a battle.

23. Play aggressively in 1v1

The gaming skills vary among every gamer out there, and if you’re an aggressive player, then there are a few things you should keep in mind.

While pre-fire and peeking come in real handy in aggressive gameplay, it’s important that you are well aware of crouch and shoot style. This will give you better control of bullet spray so that you can take down your enemies effectively.

However, this playing style is a two-sided sword. If not played wisely, you can become the victim before you realize what’s happening. So, think before acting against your enemy.

24. Use smoke to cover up the distance

If you’re ever stuck up in a situation of covering a long-distance region on foot while being attacked, then smoke the distance you foresee. This strategy allows you to stay in cover and buy you some time.

Use smoke in BGMI

In order to play out this move, you must make sure that you’re never low on smoke grenades. This trick is helpful in countless conditions. If you ever find yourself without cover, prone to attacks, you can always hide behind the smoke.

Don’t miss out on this play technique, thinking it’s useless. In high-ranked matches, you’ll often find yourself stuck in the middle of flying bullets, and smoke is the only fail-safe you can use to escape from the battle.

25. Roof snipe/spray whenever possible

This is only applicable in certain regions of some maps, like Pochinki in Erangle. You can take support of the door by opening it outdoors and then climb over the same to get on the roof. Now, you’ll have a wider vision range to monitor lurking players.

Roof snipe spray in BGMI

Simply try to grab the ledge of the roof and perform the jump action quickly. You’ll get to the roof. Now, you can push yourself to the ridge of the roof and shoot your way up the ranking players. Trust me, and it’s so fun to kill players while they wonder where did the shot come from. And before they realize you’ll have all the enemies on their knees.

26. Don’t engage directly in door-to-door fights

Usually, while attacking an enemy, you may find that your opponent is right behind the wall trying to take you down as you enter the room. You must think carefully before you make a move, as your adversary has the higher ground in this situation.

Hence, try to take a peek gently and get your opponent to fire. Remember, don’t get involved in the pre-fire. Hear closely for the reload sounds. As the enemy reloads, rush into the room and bring down hellfire.

It’s wise to equip yourself with drinks and bandages as you might deal with some damage carrying out this trick. But with care and planned timing, you’ll be the victor.

27. Don’t leave covers in 1v4 fights

Instead of being motivated to win the match, players often run on adrenalin and make very silly mistakes. One such instance can be observed in 1v4 battles. You might knock out one player but suddenly expose yourself to the remaining squad just to finish your kill. This is a rookie move.

Until you and your squad are not sure of your enemy’s positions, never leave your cover. It’s your best chance of survival. If you stand and start shooting from LOS, your enemy might get you first. To avoid such scenarios, take cover and peek to shoot.

You can confuse your enemy until they try to revive their squad member. This will give you an edge over them and a better chance to take them down.

28. SMGs provide faster maneuverability

This trick is subjective to users as not many of the players carry SMGs to fight. However, there is one benefit that comes as a surprise for those who choose to fight with an SMG like UMP-45 or UZI. You can move faster while carrying these weapons.


Unlike other weapons, our Avatars use only one hand to manage SMGs which results in faster movement and response time. You don’t have to believe me; try it out for yourself.

29. Manage Ammo wisely

Effectively managing the bullets and stock supply while going through a battle is an essential skill a player must develop. Suppose you’re able to spot an enemy quite far away, and you know you cannot manage to knock them out.

In such cases, you must preserve your stock if you’re running low on bullets. These can come in handy while you’re engaged in close combat. You must learn to make choices and not be a player driven by adrenalin.

Aim. Shoot. Reload!

PUBG continues to attract millions of players each year. With the upcoming release of PUBG New State, a substantial amount of players will be added to the fanbase. This means that the competition will increase as well.

So, why not get the hang of the basics in the meantime? Use these PUBG beginner’s tips and tricks to ensure a smooth transition to the sequel. Did we miss a trade secret you implemented during the game? Share them in the comments below!

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