PicWish review: Magically remove background from images

PicWish iPhone app review

PicWish removes image background with ease and AI-level smartness. Moreover, it’s quick, and the web version is absolutely free, perfect for one-off users, beginners, and intermediates.


  • Super easy to use
  • The AI is quite accurate
  • Quick background removal
  • Free web version
  • More tools in the web version


  • Different features in the apps and web
  • No cloud sync between app and web
  • App features locked under a paid wall

Price: Web – free, iOS app – $6.99/month, $49.99/year with a free trial


We all take photos, whether all day, every day or once a month; that varies. And sometimes, we need to remove the background from an image. However, not all of us have the required skills. The good news is that you don’t need them because PicWish can help you get rid of the background in one click.

PicWish: A transparent background for any image, any time 

PicWish is an easy-to-use background removal tool available for web, iOS/Android, and Windows. Using a smart AI trained on millions of real-world images, the platform can smoothly and accurately remove background from even complex images.

I presented the AI with some simple and challenging photos to see how it performs, and here are the results.

Sample image : 1

Sample image : 2

During my exploration, I also observed that AI is indeed pretty smart and can help you extract

  • People – Group, solo, ID card, digital scrapbook, etc.
  • Animals
  • Cars
  • Products – For social media, eCommerce, advertisement, presentations, and more   
  • Graphics – Logos, posters, etc.

Whether you want to design something for a special one or remove background from the product for eCommerce or social media, achieve everything and anything you want from a transparent image.

How to remove background from any image    

  1. Go to PicWish.com on a browser of your choice.
  2. Click Upload Image, select the image, and click Open.
    The PicWish AI will auto-erase the backdrop of the image.
  3. To refine the removal, click Keep or Erase, select the brush, and draw on the areas to add/remove.
  4. Once you’ve perfected the image, click Download.
How to remove background from any image with PicWIsh

Note: You will have to sign up for a free account or log in with an existing ID to download images. Don’t worry, your information and data remain secure and confidential.

Why pick PicWish background remover?

For starters, it is pretty simple to use, as illustrated above. You don’t need to manually outline/crop an object or learn any special skills. Then there are a few more perks.

Accuracy matters 

You wouldn’t like a hand or a portion of the head missing from the image, would you? PicWish has been impeccably accurate in most cases, so kudos to the AI. And in instances with immensely complex images, there were errors, but not too major or catastrophic.

PicWish is quite accurate in removing background

Instant photo enhancer

When you click the Background button, many options are presented. You can pick a solid color or upload an image or pre-designed template (only in-app). So, you don’t need another app to accomplish this menial task; PicWish can handle it efficiently.

Add fun background with PicWish

Additional benefits of using PicWish AI

The PicWish website offers not only a free background removal but also a bundle of other great free tools.

  • Face enhancement
  • Photo retouch
  • Photo enhancer
  • Image compressor
  • Image cropper and enlarger
PicWish Banner 2

Do more with the PicWish iOS app

While the free web version boasts limited features, the iOS app makes up for it. You can:

Batch remove background from images

You can select up to 30 images and bulk remove their background. It took less than 5 seconds to bulk erase the background during my testing. So that’s a big plus👍. However, you can’t refine the removal like in the web version.

PicWish iOS app features

Image resizer

A great feature for marketers, you can resize the image as per the default size used by Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, or more without compromising quality. Although, you can’t crop it as per social media websites or a custom ratio.

Is PicWish a wish come true or not?


User interface
Value for money

It’s almost there; I am cool with the concept that additional features are locked under premium. But the discrepancy between the app and web features doesn’t bode that well for me. You can’t edit the selection in the app; I mean, that’s what I loved the most in the web version.

Then you can’t resize while using the website; why oh why? The app doesn’t even boast a cloud or some sharing system that’ll allow me to move from iPhone to Mac or vice-a-versa.

Overall, PicWish needs some tweaks to become the perfect tool. However, it’s a great tool for startup businesses, solopreneurs, crafters, content creators, and more; it’s quick, smooth, accurate, and easy to use.


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  1. This article really gives me the photo editing tool that I need. I have been surfing the net since this morning. I need a photo background editing tool for my product photography and I was happy to find out that this tool also offers batch processing wherein I can edit all my products in one go. Thumbs up to the developers!

  2. Awesome! This tool literally makes me happy.

    It really help me with my pictures. However, much better if they have windows version.

    Kuddos to the developers!

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