How to fix ‘no AirPrint printers found’ error on iPhone and Mac

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AirPrint is Apple’s proprietary technology that can print stuff from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac over the air, without installing additional software or drivers. However, all good things come across some errors. And if you are facing the ‘no AirPrint printers found’ error, we have just the guide for you.

Usually, the problem is quite minute, and so is the solution; check the connection, restart, etc. However, I will take you through the troubleshooting process step-by-step to cover all bases. So bear with me and skip the step you have already done.

  1. Check printer compatibility
  2. Check printer settings
  3. Verify your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
  4. Update all devices
  5. Reconnect to the network
  6. Restart devices
  7. Remove and reconnect the printer if using a Mac

1. Check printer compatibility 

If you have used the printer with an Apple device before, skip to the next step. But if you are using the printer for the first time with an Apple device, check for compatibility before anything else.

You can either wade through the printer’s manual or package or check the complete list of AirPrint-compatible devices from Apple.

2. Check printer settings

  • Ensure the printer is turned on and not in power-saving mode; it can sometimes affect the connection, disrupting the print command.
  • Ensure the printer is switched to Wi-Fi mode and connected to your Wi-Fi network.

While you are at it, check your printer for ink, the printer queue, and ensure that all systems are a go, the paper isn’t jammed or something.

3. Verify your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection

  • Ensure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on, and obviously, the Airplane Mode should be off.
  • Both Printer and iPhone, iPad, and Mac are on the same network.
  • Also, if the printer has an assistive smart app, ensure that it has Bluetooth access.

Quick Tip: Check your network type

  • As a security measure, AirPrint doesn’t work on public networks. So, ensure that your Wi-Fi is running a private connection.

4. Update all devices

If your iPhone, iPad, and Mac are not running on the latest OS, update it. This might eliminate bugs and resolve the no ‘AirPrint printers found’ issue.

Plus, check your printer’s firmware and make sure it is up-to-date. You might have to do a bit of Googling for that, but trust me, it might be worth it.

5. Reconnect to the network

Now that all the preliminary checks are done, let’s get on to some troubleshooting. First and foremost, reset the network settings on all devices.


  • Most printers boast Wi-Fi wizards; try using it to troubleshoot the issue. You might have to re-enter your Wi-Fi password to reset things.
  • If your printer doesn’t have a wizard, simply disconnect and reconnect the Wi-Fi.

iPhone, iPad, and Mac

  1. Go to Control Center, and tap the Wi-Fi icon to disable it.
  2. Now, wait for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Now, turn on the Wi-Fi again from the Control Center.
Turn off and on Wifi on iPhone and iPad

Quick Tip: Bring devices closer to the router

If you can, bring the printer and your device closer to the router for an interruption-free connection.

6. Restart devices

Well, our BFF restart can resolve almost all issues, including this one. So let’s get going.

  • Shut down the router and start it after a minute or two.
  • Restart the iPhone, iPad, and Mac 
  • Switch off the printer and start back again in a minute or so

Once all the devices are up and running, try to AirPrint. Hopefully, it should work fine now.

7. Remove and reconnect the printer if using a Mac

  1. Go to Apple menuSystem PreferencesPrinters & Scanners.
  2. Select the printer from the list and clickDelete Printer.
  3. Now, click + to re-add the printer.
Remove and add printers on a Mac

Happy printing!

I hope you are back on your printing spree. But in case the problem persists, you’ll have to connect with Apple Support or the printer’s consumer support for hardware-related support.

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