Best mushroom identifier apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

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Whether you’re planning a day of mushroom hunting in the woods or have spotted a fungus in your potted plant, mushroom identifiers for iPhone can give you all the details you need. With a simple tap, you can find out if a mushroom is safe to eat, harmful to your plants, or dangerous for your pets.

We scoured the App Store and explored a lot of fungi to bring you the best apps to identify mushrooms on iPhone and iPad. Take a look!

  1. Picture Mushroom Fungi Finder
  2. ShroomID
  3. Shroomify
  4. Mushroom Identificator
  5. Mushroom Identification

1. Picture Mushroom Fungi Finder – Uses AI for identification

For complete details, including toxicity, season, region, and characteristics, Picture Mushroom gives you everything you need to know. Snap a photo or upload one from your Camera Roll and get an identification in seconds.

You can add notes and share your findings with friends. Plus, you can hold onto your identifications and sort them by name or recently added which is handy if you identify many mushroom varieties. You can also explore helpful articles and use the Mushroom Field Guide with photos, tips, and warnings.


  • Quick and accurate identifications
  • Great amount of details
  • Offline mode (paid)
  • Ability to capture or upload multiple angles for more precise identifications


  • Limited identifications with the free version

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


2. ShroomID – Comprehensive database of species 

ShroomID App Identify Mushrooms

For identifications, along with tips on growing your own mushrooms, check out ShroomID. After you identify your mushroom, move through the different tabs for information, charts, lookalikes, and tips.

You can also share your findings, mark your favorites, and create reminders to identify more mushrooms next season. Also, be sure to check out online groups to communicate with other mushroom enthusiasts.


  • Option to upload up to four photos from different angles
  • Full-featured app with bonus features like a community and encyclopedia
  • Offline mode (paid)


  • Interface isn’t intuitive for identification and features

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99)


3. Shroomify – Pre-loaded with images

Shroomify is a bit different than the other apps in that you identify mushrooms by their appearance. Choose the type, colors, and width, and then see which mushrooms match.

You can also take advantage of the app’s foraging tips, monthly common fungi, and a list of the top edible mushrooms with complete details on each.


  • Search by name feature
  • Large number of details from edibility and smell to commonality and region
  • Additional photos for identifying the correct species (paid)


  • No camera or photo identification

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $3.99)


4. Mushroom Identificator – Recognizes 900 types

Mushroom Identificator App

If you want to share your mushroom love with others, Mushroom Identificator is the app you want. After you identify your mushroom, you can head to the community section to discuss your findings or help others confirm their guesses.

Add mushrooms you find to the map and check out the helpful guides for edible, toxic, and those mushrooms you should avoid.


  • Lots of photos shared by others for your identification
  • Calendar showing the seasons for the most common mushrooms
  • Fun built-in quiz to test your mushroom knowledge


  • Not as many details as similar apps
  • Tapping for further information takes you to the web

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99)


5. Mushroom Identification – Great accuracy

To get started with a photo, Mushroom Identification gives you the option right on the main screen without all the extra fluff. Snap or upload a photo, see which type of mushroom it is based on percentages, and select one for full details.


  • Automatic saving of your identifications
  • Additional photos of identified mushrooms
  • Overview, details, common names, and Wikipedia links


  • No extra features like articles or guides

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $3.99)


Fungus friend or foe?

Whether you love mushrooms or hate them, these little fungi are interesting parts of nature. Each species has its own different characteristics that can be fascinating. Use one of these best mushroom identification apps for iOS to find out more about the fungus you see.

Are you a mushroom lover who hunts the forest for that delicious fungus? Or are you simply trying to find out if a mushroom in your yard or garden is harmful? Let us know below!

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