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iGBEditorialMost interesting facts about iPhone you should know now! (2024)

Most interesting facts about iPhone you should know now! (2024)

It’s been about seventeen years since former Apple CEO Steve Jobs launched iPhone. The smartphone did not just change how we used to look at phones but also made us believe that a tiny device can do much more than we ever thought. The legend of the iPhone is as fascinating as you can imagine. It has been the leader of its time and boasts several innovative features. Here are the most interesting facts about iPhone you would love to learn!

Creation of iPhone: From Tablet to Phone

  • It began with a tablet. Yes! During a conference in 1983, Steve Jobs revealed his vision for a “computer in a book”, aka a tablet – Source
  • Later, in 1983, Steve Jobs and Jony Ive developed the first iPhone prototype called the “Purple Project” and codenamed “Purple.” 
  • Many years later, Jobs decided to use the same display technology for a touchscreen phone. This was how Steve Jobs laid the foundation for the iPhone.

    Apple First iPhone
  • Later, in 1983, Steve Jobs and Jony Ive developed the first iPhone prototype called the “Purple Project” and codenamed “Purple.” 

Interesting facts about the first iPhone

  • On September 7, 2005, Apple and Motorola came together to launch a phone called ROKR E1. Being unhappy with ROKR, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at the Macworld convention. On June 29, 2007, the iPhone was rolled out.

    First iPhone details  
  • The smartphone featured a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, a 2-megapixel rare camera, and a Safari web browser. It was capable of taking photos only.
  • It was priced at $499 for 4GB storage and $599 for 8GB storage in the U.S. market.

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced iPhone
  • The initial iPhone had a massive 30-pin connection. With the debut of the iPhone 5 in 2012, Apple launched a smaller and more efficient Lightning connection. However, the iPhone 15 series in 2023 waved goodbye to the Lightning port.
  • The first iPhone lacked a GPS sensor. So, the pre-installed Google Maps app could not show navigations. In July 2008, Apple released the iPhone 3G with built-in GPS.
  • The first advertisement for the iPhone was called “Hello” and was played during the 79th Academy Awards on February 25, 2007.

    79th Academy Awards
  • The first iPhone was powered by iOS 1.0. Since then, Apple has kept the tradition of launching an updated version of its software with every new iPhone model.

What does “i” in iPhone stand for? 

The “i” in iPhone denotes the internet. No matter how well you know about iPhone facts and history, the chances of you knowing the answer to this million-dollar question were relatively low. So, if you know it, please tap your back.

9 Fascinating facts you should know about Apple iPhone

  1. The iPhone was not the first smartphone. It was IBM Simon’s Personal Communicator or IBM Simon. It was the first personal digital assistant to include telephony features. 
  2. Apple reportedly paid US$1 million to Michael Kovatch on July 1, 2007, for transferring the domain name as Cisco Systems initially registered the trademark “iPhone.”
  3. In 2010, Apple introduced an LED light to the rear of the iPhone 4 to be utilized while shooting photos with the rear camera. An integrated flashlight feature was first included in iOS 7 in 2013.
  4. Have you ever noticed the time in Apple ads or marketing stuff? It is always set to 9:41 AM. This was when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2007 during his speech at MacWorld Expo.

    apple iphone 15 series
  5. Needless to say, the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the history of humankind. Reports suggest that in 2022, the Cupertino-giant sold over 235 million iPhones globally. iPhone supremacy is at its peak! 
  6. In 2007, the iPhone became the first smartphone to be rewarded with the title “Invention of the Year” by the prestigious Time magazine.
  7. Additionally, Apple made the first smartphone with Gorilla Glass protection. In 2007, Steve Jobs observed his prototype was damaged rapidly while in his pocket. So, the team changed the plastic display with chemically strengthened glass only weeks before the launch event.
  8. The ‘Slide to Unlock’ function, standard on early iPhone models, is patented by Apple. Its purpose was to prevent accidental calling or app launches when the phone was in the user’s pocket.
  9. The iPhone 4S in 2011 introduced Siri, the voice-controlled personal assistant that made smartphone user engagement hands-free. It paved the way for many other digital assistants by demonstrating how artificial intelligence might be integrated into ordinary technologies.

Apple App Store facts

  • Apple launched the App Store on July 10, 2008, alongside the release of the iPhone 3G models. Before that, all iPhones had essential apps such as notes, calendars, photos, calculators, weather, etc. pre-installed.
  • At its inception, the App Store had a teeny-tiny collection of 552 apps. This contrasts sharply with the diverse pool of over a million apps adorning the website currently.

    Apple App Store
  • The App Store was the first legal portal for downloading apps, and it is the world’s largest one.   
  • Cook announced at WWDC 2018 that Apple had paid $100 billion to developers. What makes the figure so striking is that Apple had paid $50 billion by June of 2016, and the number doubled in just two years!
  • In June 2023, Google’s search engine was the most downloaded app on the App Store in the world.   

Wrapping up 

Before wrapping things up, let’s take a moment to applaud Steve Jobs for his farsightedness, innovative visualization skills, and self-belief. Had it not been for his stubbornness, the iPhone might have been a mere idea.

I hope you liked exploring these trivia facts about these hidden facts about iPhones. If you know more such good facts about iPhones, please spam our comments section.   

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