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Whether a backpacker or a leisure traveler, nowadays, everyone needs their devices close to them. Thus having a backpack that can house your phone, laptop, iPad, and other stuff is a necessity. But what about a bag that can also charge these devices? Yes!! A bag smart enough to secure your device and juice them up while you are on the run.

MOS blackpack is one of the most gadget-friendly bags I have come across in recent times. As part of my passion, job, and love for gadgets and traveling, I am always on the lookout for a multipurpose backpack. Which is why I got intrigued by MOS blackpacks at the first place. This is their new and improved pack. Obviously, I had to try and review it for you all.

MOS Blackpack: Smart Solution For Carrying and Charging Your Devices

I almost always have a few gadgets on me; for instance, at the time of writing, I have a Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods on my desk. While I am commuting or traveling, these devices, their respective chargers, a power bank, and other essentials are bundled up in my bag.

MOS Blackpack for Techie

Thus, I need a bag that is strong and sturdy on the outside while being soft and comfortable for devices and my back. The MOS blackpack offers this and tons of other features, including multiple charging options for almost all devices. Let’s check them out in detail.

Keeps Your Devices Comfortable: Dozens of Pockets

It ain’t a great bag until it does not have many – many pockets; at least I think on the lines. MOS Blackpack more than fulfills my wishes on this end. The designers have thought of almost everything you might need when you are traveling. Several smartly segregated sections allow you to carry everything you might need safely and of course, comfortably. The bag includes:

  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Padded tablet sleeve
  • Smartphone pocket
  • Reinforced Power bank pocket and wall charger pocket
  • Sunglasses pouch/Quick access pocket
  • Airline ticket pocket
  • Passport pocket
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Cable pocket
  • Extra mesh pocket

Impressed!! Well, there are definitely more pockets than mentioned and some more noteworthy features that I am going to elaborate on below.

Keeps Your Devices Charged 

Keep Your Devices charged on the go with MOS Blackpack

Looking at the energy needs of our devices, almost all gadget-friendly bags now incorporate a cable management system and space for a power bank. So, all you have to do is just pull your charging cable through a cable pass and connect it to your device.

However, MOS Blackpack quite conveniently incorporates the option of using a power adapter. That’s right, you can charge your laptop, iPad, iPhone, Bluetooth headsets, smartwatches, and even a power bank. With a “MOS Reach” power adapter, you can plug in all your devices to a single outlet without taking them out of the bag.

If you imagine the freedom this lends, you can charge your devices anywhere. Whether you are at an airport or a restaurant or at home/office, just plug in your blackpack and charge all devices.

Feel Comfort

MOS Blackpack is comfortable straps and back

Your favorite devices are safe and charged. Is there anything more comfortable for a tech-freak? Well, what about a proper cable management system or comfortable back support? Here are some fantastic MOS blackpack features specially built for comfortable and stress-free usage.

  • For the ease of managing cables: Cable management straps, cable management bungees, and multiple cable pass-through
  • For the comfort of carrying the backpack: EVA foam air-flow back panels, contoured EVA back straps, sternum straps, luggage pass-through, and bar-tack reinforced the top handle
  • For stress-free traveling companion: Hidden rainfly, Zipper extension, and TSA Friendly

Tell me honestly, guys, aren’t you floored by listening to these ultimate features? The bag literally has every possible zip and pocket you might need during your travel, even an extension. But that’s not all, here’s another great thing about the bag:

Strong and Sturdy 

MOS Blackpack has understood it’s consumers and their needs to a tee. Along with smart design techniques, the brand has also employed excellent materials to construct the product. As a result, the robust and sturdy structure looks good and performs brilliantly. Everything from the fabric to the YKK vislon zippers is of top-notch quality.

MOS Blackpack is most durable backpack

The exterior fabric of the MOS Blackpack is crafted from 1680D ballistic nylon. A unique basket-weaved synthetic material that is waterproof, highly abrasion-resistant, and has a high-tensile strength. Meaning, the bag can take some beating and survive unscathed.

As for the vibrant orange lining, it is made from waterproof ripstop nylon fabric. As the name suggests, it is resistant to tearing and ripping. What I loved most is the well-thought-of color of the lining. The orange not just adds some jazzy spark, it also helps locate your stuff easier, especially in the dark.

Moreover, the color is instantly noticeable in the black surrounding, and thus, I can easily spot if any zipper is not closed correctly. A testament to the strength and durability of the bag is displayed in the video below; a pouch, with sunglasses inside, is being tested under extreme circumstances.


The MOS Blackpack is available in the US and Canada for $139.95.

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All in all, I loved the bag and the feel of it on my shoulders. My devices haven’t really complained as well, so I am assuming they also liked the bag. Although the features do justify the price point, it is on the expensive side. Further, to avail the plugged in charging function, you will have to buy MOS’ power adaptor or other third-party compatible wall chargers.

This definitely makes the price higher than most people might prefer. In saying so, it is to be pointed out that good quality and great features do come at a higher price point. You may rest assure that MOS Blackpack is a one-time investment, whose benefits will be reaped for years to come.

There is only one more issue, at least for someone who lives outside the US or Canada. The brand and Amazon only ships in these two countries as of now.

That’s all, folks!!

When it comes to accessories for our devices, it all boils down to just three key things – Usage, Choice, and Price. Depending upon these features, MOS Blackpack might or might not be your cup of tea. As for me, it is a great product that is giving my beloved devices a proper amount of care and security.

Don’t forget to share your experience with MOS Blackpack with us in the comment section below.

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