The Juxtapose Edition: A Special Wallpaper Series For iPhone

juxtapose edition: special wallpaper series for iphone

On the hunt for some fantastic iPhone wallpapers that look different and have an edge to them? Well, then you have entered the right space. We were looking for something similar, but nothing had that charm we wanted. So, we curated an exclusive collection to suit your and our taste. Here’s the ‘Juxtapose series of iPhone Wallpapers.

What is the Juxtapose Series? 

A striking contrast, balance, B/W, colorful, lively, subtle, and attention-grabbing were some of our key inspiration terms while designing these wallpapers.

As you may notice, most of these terms are the exact opposite of each other. And we were divided in half. HALF! That’s precisely the edge and uniqueness we were hunting for.

So on and so forth, the Juxtapose of iPhone Wallpapers came into existence. And let’s get into them without further delay:

Note: To download the wallpaper on your device, tap and hold to the wallpaper you want and save it to your Photos app. And set them as wallpaper via the Photos app or settings.

An Over-Thinker’s Internal State

an over thinker's internal state iphone wallpaper by igeeksblog

Red or Black? Can’t decide!

red or black? can't decide

Yay To iPhone SE

yay to iphone se

Whatcha Hiding?

whatcha hiding iphone wallpaper by igeeksblog

Which Half of the Court?

which half of the court iphone wallpaper by igeeksblog

When your Need is Speed

racing car wallpaper for iphone by igeeksblog

Catch the Wave

catch the wave iphone wallpaper by igeeksBlog

For the love of All Things Apple

love of all things apple iphone wallpaper by igeeksblog

Curvacious Tessellations

curvacious tessellations iphone wallpaper by igeeksblog

Northern Lights are Calling

northern lights are calling iphone wallpaper by igeeksblog

While these wallpapers will suit all iOS versions, we have a feeling that they will look especially rad in iOS 14. Especially if you keep all the widgets on one side and all the icons on another side.

Signing off 

We hope our creativity, sweat, & graphical expertise has helped you out. Do let us know which of the lot did you love the most. Your feedback will inspire and help us develop more awe-inspiring wallpapers.

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