Loved the new wallpapers accompanying the second-generation iPhone SE? Explore iPhone SE 2020 wallpapers and download it for any iOS device.

As per Apple’s ritual, iPhone SE 2020 accompanies six new wallpaper options. And quite like the 2020 iPad Pro wallpapers, these ones are also available in a light and dark version.

Notably, the dark version wallpapers are automatically applied to your iPhones running iOS 13, when set to Dark Mode.

Download iPhone SE 2020 Wallpapers on Any iPhone or iPad

The iPhone SE 2020 Wallpaper sport a semi-structured swirl design in vivid colors. And thanks to the high resolution, it can bring your screen to life instantly. 

Moreover, you get to explore three color schemes, namely Blue and Purple, Yellow and Green, and Red and Orange. What’s great is that these wallpapers have been optimized to fit any iPhone or iPad. 

In fact, you can even download the wallpapers and use them for your Android devices as well.