Gone are the days when people would erroneously dial wrong numbers only to face the music from the other end. It was an age of dial-up rotary phones, and there was a psychology behind dialing wrong numbers. But today, your smartphone saves thousands of entries and you have to select the right person to make a call.

Though wrong number dialing has become a passé, we have encountered another challenge over the couple of years. Now, people send emails to the wrong person. The problem is that whenever we draft a new mail, we type in name of recipient in To, CC or BCC fields; we hardly remember entire email id. After typing first two-three alphabets of a name, the Mail app shows one or more email ids (this is due to number of email ids starting with similar alphabets).

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How to See Full Name & Email Address of Recipients in Mail on Mac

If we hit the Enter button on a wrong email ID, the email will be delivered to that mistaken ID. Because of “Smart Addresses”, user don’t get to see full name and email address of recipients. To stop this, you need to adjust the Settings on your Mac OS X. Once you follow the below-mentioned steps, you will be able to see full name and email ID of recipients.

How to See Full Name and Email Address of Recipients in Mac Mail App

Step #1. Launch the Mail app → Open Mail menu → Click on Preferences.

Click on Preferences in Mail App on Mac

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Step #2. Now click on Viewing tab.Click Viewing Tab in Mail App on Mac

You can see an option: Use Smart Addresses with a check box. Right below the option, you can read a note: Turn this off to always display names and addresses.

Step #3. Uncheck the box.

Uncheck Use Smart Addresses Option in Mac Mail App

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Now come out of the Preferences and compose a mail and check the difference. This feature is important especially when a user has to send emails to a person, who has more than one email IDs.

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