How to Turn ON Facebook Dark Mode on Desktop

Facebook previously introduced dark mode in its Messenger app for iPhone. However, there are millions who use Facebook on both Mac and Windows computers. If you often find yourself on this social media channel till late in the evening or night, it’s nice to turn on Facebook dark mode on desktop. This can help limit eye strain. Moreover, you can easily disable dark mode when you don’t need it during the day.

How to Get Facebook Dark Mode on Desktop

  1. First off, open in your computer browser
  2. Sign in with username and password, and then click on the down arrow from top right corner.Click on Down Arrow in Facebook
  3. From drop-down menu, click ‘Switch to new Facebook’.Click on Switch to New Facebook
    You will be greeted with a box that reads: Welcome to a Fresh, Simpler Facebook. You can turn on dark mode, catch up quickly with faster loading times, and find things easily
  4. Click on Next button.Click on Next in Facebook
  5. Again, a box appears on the screen. You will be prompted to choose between Light and Dark.
  6. Click on Dark and then ‘Get Started’.Get Dark Mode on Facebook Desktop

Hurray! You can now experience dark mode on Facebook desktop.

Get Facebook Dark Mode on Desktop

In case you want to turn off Facebook dark mode on desktop, you can follow the same steps. However, you should not forget that you are now using a new Facebook. Click on the Account tab from top right corner and from the drop-down list, and disable Dark mode.

That’s all friends!

Summing up…

Since Facebook has launched this new feature in its browser, anybody can turn on dark mode on Mac or Windows computers. Now we hope to soon see this on the Facebook iOS app as well, which has so far exempted itself from dark mode on iPhone and iPad.

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