Workaround to Hide Messenger “Seen” on iPhone and Android Devices

How to Hide Facebook Messenger Seen on iPhone and Android

“Seen” is an annoying feature for people who are very concerned about their privacy on Facebook. If someone sends you a message and you open that via the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone or Android, the sender will get a “seen” notice. This tells the sender that you’ve seen the message.

If you don’t want this to happen i.e. you read the message but do not let the sender know that you’ve read the message – there is no straight forward way to get this done. However, there’s a cool trick that can just come in handy. Let’s check it out! This is not a device or an app-specific workaround. Hence, the steps remain the same for both, iPhone and Android device.

How to Hide “Seen” in Messenger App on iPhone or Android Device

Step #1. Turn On Airplane Mode.

Turn On Airplane Mode on iPhone or Android Device

Step #2. Open Facebook Messenger on your device and view the Message.

Hide Seen in Messenger on iPhone or Android Phone

Step #3. Quit messenger by Swiping up the App card.

Step #4. Turn off Airplane mode.

Thought this sounds silly, this is the only trick works like a charm for now.

Wrapping up:

I wish there is an easy and official way to hide Seen FB messages. Anyway, till then we need to manage this way. Do share your feedback with us in the comment below.

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  1. Not true. I asked my friend to send me a message and when I turned on the airplane mode, I read the message and she said my icon came up that I read her message.

  2. Hi, sorry to hear that. I just tested the method, and it worked fine for me. The sender can only see ‘seen’ after my AirPlane mode is turned off. Just try it once again; I hope it works this time.

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