Facebook has been a hugely popular social site since its launch in 2004. People were charmed by its interface and still continue to be so. From time to time, Facebook keeps on updating the app in order to remain at pace with the fast changing interest of users. The new add-ons may or may not be liked by users depending on individual interest.

Facebook has added in-app sound effect in its newest version. By default the in-app sound is enabled and makes a bit teasing sound whenever you like or comment a post or even refresh news feed. If you are not a big fan of little popping or squishing sound, then you may get annoyed by this little sound effect. Of course, you can mute the speaker of your iPhone but what if you want to listen music and hence don’t wish other sound to become a distraction? Is there any way of muting it on iPhone? Head over to check out how you can get rid of it.

How to Turn Off Facebook Sounds in iPhone and iPad App

How To Turn Off Facebook In-App Sound On iPhone/iPad

Step #1. Launch Facebook app.

Step #2. Tap on More from the bottom right corner.

How To Turn Off Facebook Sound Effect On iPhoneStep #3. Scroll down and tap on Settings under SETTINGS.

Tap on Facebook Settings in iPhone AppStep #4. Tap on Sounds.

Tap on Sounds in Facebook App SettingsStep #5. Switch off the In-App Sound.

Turn Off in-App Sounds in Facebook iPhone App

How to Turn Off In-App Sound in Facebook Messenger App on iPhone

Step #1. Open Messenger App.

Step #2. Tap on Settings from bottom right corner.

Tap on Settings in Facebook Messenger App on iPhoneStep #3. Toggle button next to In-App sound.

How to Turn Off In-App Sound in Facebook Messenger App on iPhoneThat’s it!

From now onwards, the distracting sound won’t disturb you. In the event that you happen to change your mind and feel like enjoying the Facebook sound effect, you can follow all the above mentioned steps and then switch the in-app sound to on.

What do you think of this in-app sound? Is it helpful for users? Do let us know in the comments.

  • Grandma D

    Thank you, thank you for your explanation on how to turn off in-app sound for Messenger! The first time I heard it I wondered what in the world it was. But my poor little dog hit the ceiling and took off running! And every time after, she went bonkers…must be like a dog whistle or something. Too bad they didn’t give us a choice to change it to a different sound. I like the notification…but not if it puts my dog in cardiac arrest!