How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer Without iTunes – Quick Tip

It is not often that you find yourself having to transfer music from your iPhone to computer manually without using iTunes. But when you do, it gets very hard because of all the legacy stuff Apple does.

Think of a time when all data on the system is lost and you need to transfer music from your iPhone to the computer. How do you get that done?

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This is what you do:

There are several options to choose from:

  • You can use free software like i-Funbox or Sharepod to access the files on your iPhone
  • You can use paid software like Lenogo to access the file system on iPhone
  • You can use shareware like Aimersoft (

If you’re going the no-iTunes way, these are the best options to choose from. And these are the only options too.

Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer

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Now, to copy music files from your iPhone to your computer, you’ll need to fire up one of the software that you use to access the files on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the software

Step 2: Access your device (iPhone/iPod) in the software

Step 3: Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/ on your iOS device

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Step 4: You’ll see a folder called Music

Step 5: This is the folder you should copy. If you open this and see, you’ll find a bunch of folders named F00, F01 etc. and they have a lot of audio files with strange names (don’t worry about them).

Step 6: Copy the Music folder to your PC/Mac

How do we access these music files?

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Unfortunately (or fortunately), only iTunes recognizes these audio files properly (you can of course play them on any media player). iTunes understands the whole folder system and can easily help you manage the tracks.

To get the music sorted, just import the Music folder into iTunes Library and you’re done.

The only problem is, iTunes won’t import playlists, play counts or ratings of the songs. But hey, the music is now on your computer! Intact!

Image Credit: lifehacker

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