How to Track Shipments on iPhone and iPad Quickly

How to Track Shipment on iPhone and iPad

Apple’s iOS has a very cool feature which many of you might not be aware of – it’s the ability to track shipments instantly. The operating system, which powers Apple’s devices, has an inbuilt data detection feature that can get your work done comfortably.

iPhone/iPad automatically detects shipments and packages. Be it an email, a note, or a message, your tracking number or code is detected automatically and is converted into clickable links. Next, you’re smart enough to click on them to instantly track a package or shipment.

So how do you get this feature up and working on your iDevice? There’s no need to mess up with settings in order to use the package tracking feature in iOS, all you got to do is have an email, a note, or a message with tracking number in it.

How to Track Shipments on iPhone and iPad Quickly

For example, you can consider a shipping notification from Amazon or Apple, or maybe eBay, and then go through the steps in the rundown:

Step #1. Open the document containing the tracking number.

Open Document on iPhone That Contains Tracking Number

Step #2. Tap and hold on the tracking number to bring up a menu.

Step #3. Now tap on “Track Shipment” to track the shipment.

Track Shipment on iPhone and iPad

Step #4. Your shipment will be tracked directly through the appropriate shipping service.

Tracking Shipment on iPhone

As soon as you’re done with the steps above, your iDevice will fire up Safari with the appropriate shipping services tracking page. To my surprise, iOS is smart enough to differentiate among Fedex, UPS, DHL, and probably other tracking services.

You have another option to copy your tracking number, which you can use later while manually tracking the shipment with appropriate service. I know you aren’t going to use this option – technology has made us lazy!

This feature has been around for a while and should work on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you don’t find this feature, it’s the time you should update the version of iOS – seriously!

By the way, we also have a bunch of really useful apps when it comes to tracking shipments on iOS, don’t forget to check them out.

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