How to Share Wallet Passes on iPhone and iPad

How to Share Wallet Passes on iPhone and iPad

There have been quite a few occasions when I had booked tickets to watch a grand show life or my favorite movies. However, at the last minute, I had to cancel the program due to some urgent work. In that case, I happily offered those tickets to my friends who were willing to watch those programs.

Supposing you have also booked tickets for a movie or any program using the stock Wallet app. unfortunately, you come to know that you won’t be going there owing to some personal reason. Don’t worry; you can share your Wallet pass with your friends. I think you have got it exactly what I mean, haven’t you? Great…!

How to Share Wallet Passes on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Wallet app on your iPhone.

Open Wallet App on iPhone

Step #2. Now, locate the pass which has been stored on behalf of your friends.

Step #3. Just tap on the pass you want to share. Then, you need to choose “i” icon at the bottom right corner.

Tap on i Icon in Wallet App on iPhone

Step #4. Tap on Share Pass.

Tap on Share Pass in Wallet App on iPhone

Now, you have several options through which you can send the ticket to your friend. For instance, AirDrop, email, iMessage. If your friend is nearby, select AirDrop option. Otherwise, send him via iMessage or email.

Share Wallet Passes on iPhone and iPad

How to Add Passes to Wallet on iPhone and iPad

It’s easy to add your pass to Wallet.

Once you have received the pass, simply tap on it. The ticket will pop-up on the full screen. Tap on the Add option to get it in Wallet.

That’s done!

You can follow these same steps to share more wallet passes with your friends just in case you wish to let your friends enjoy the party as well.

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  1. Hello,

    Try this method instead if you can’t see an ‘i’ icon when you tap on the pass. Tap on the three dots placed on the top-right of the page; from here, tap on the Share icon to invoke the Share Sheet and share the pass.

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