How to Share Your Location Using Apple Watch [Quick Guide]

How to Share Location from Apple Watch

Imagine this: you are all set to meet your girlfriend at a decided location. But on the way, you stumbled upon a wild idea of changing the rendezvous. Your beloved may not be familiar with the new location and may go astray. In this situation, your Apple Watch can help you. Sent your location with your Apple Watch to your love interest.

This feature on your Apple Watch can be very useful for sending your locations to your friends and family, who don’t know your whereabouts while you are traveling. Now, take a look at how you can share your locations from your Apple Watch.

How to Instantly Share Location from Apple Watch

Step 1. Launch Messages App on your Apple Watch

Step 2. Tap on the existing conversation to whom you want to send your location; or if you want to send a location to new contact, press firmly on display to start a new message. (To send a location to new contact, you need to send a custom text before sending your location)

Step 3. After opening a new message, press firmly on the display.

Step 4. Now press Send Location to automatically send your contact your current location.

Share Location from Apple Watch

Apple Watch is designed to stay in touch with your loved ones, and therefore, it is your most personal device yet. Use this Location feature on your Watch, and never lose your way to your near and dear ones, even if you are in the most crowded locations.

Please note that by following the above steps, you can send your current location only. If, after sending your location, you move away to another location, your friend will not get an update of your fresh location automatically; you need to send a fresh location to your friend.

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