How to Route iPhone Calls to Speaker or Bluetooth Headset

Depending on your need, you can change call audio routing on your iPhone during a phone or FaceTime call. Read on to know how it works:

Whenever you receive or make any call, the audio is played through the standard built-in earpiece of your device. However, iOS lets you automatically route your iPhone calls to the speaker or Bluetooth headset.

Slightly hidden within Accessibility suite is a feature named “Call Audio Routing.” It lets you determine where audio will be played during FaceTime audio or a phone call. Read on to customize call audio routing on your iOS device based on your convenience.

How to Route Calls to iPhone Speaker or Bluetooth Headset

How to Route iPhone Calls to Speaker or Bluetooth Headset

Step #1. Launch Settings on your iPhone → Now, tap on General.

Tap on Settings then General on iPhone

Step #2. Next, you need to tap on Accessibility → Now, you have to scroll down and tap Call Audio Routing.

Tap on Accessibility then Call Audio Routing on iPhone

Step #3. Next up, you can select Speaker or Bluetooth Headset based on your need.

Route iPhone Calls to Speaker or Bluetooth Headset

If Speaker is selected, it’ll automatically route the call to your device’ speakerphone.

Likewise, when you choose Bluetooth headset, it will route the call to the connected headset.

That’s it!

Wrapping up:

Whenever I’m listening to songs via Bluetooth headphone, I prefer to select headset. But when I’m at a location where it’s a bit difficult to hear the audio during a phone call, I use the speaker on my iPhone. Thankfully, iOS offers the needed flexibility to change call routing.

What’s your take on this nifty iOS feature? Share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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