How to Play Ambient Sounds on HomePod

Want to experience the relaxing or nature sounds on your HomePod? Here’s how to play ambient sound on your HomePod. Check the sound list here!
How to Play Ambient Sounds on HomePod

Getting relaxed from the daily hustle and bustle life is what everyone wants. Or to get a nice sleep, sometimes you listen to different ambient sounds from your iPhone or any other smart devices. But, if you own an HomePod, you are the luckiest to own one as it now plays the ambient sounds.

The latest HomePod update of iOS 13.2.1 made it possible to play these sounds as per your inputs. But to make this work, your iPhone needs to be running on iOS 13.2 or later as well. It’s not at all complicated to play these ambient sounds on your Apple HomePod, in fact, it’s very simple. So let’s see how you can do it.

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How to Play Ambient Sounds on Your HomePod

There are different sounds available in your HomePod after the latest update. So it’s up to you which sound you want to play. Here are some examples of how you can play various ambient sounds on the HomePod.

Play Random Ambient Sound

To play any random sound, you just need to give this voice command, “Hey Siri, Play Sounds.” Once you give the voice input, it will start playing any random sound by starting with “Here’s ‘Ocean’ from ambient sounds.” Just in case, if you didn’t like the sound, you can simply say “Hey Siri, Play the Next One.”

Play Specific Ambient Sound

As of now, it supports limited ambient sounds and it’s easy to pick any one of the sound name to play it on your device. Just speak out, “Hey Siri, Play [Sound Name] from Ambient Sounds.”

Say for example you spoke, “Hey Siri, Play White Noise from Ambient Sounds” and it will only play the White Noise sound on the HomePod.

That’s how simple it is to play the ambient sounds on your HomePod once you update it to the latest version.

HomePod Ambient Sounds List

If you’re wondering how many ambient sounds list are added to your HomePod, check the below given list.

  • Rain
  • Fireplace
  • Forest
  • Night
  • White Noise
  • Stream
  • Ocean

So as of now, you can play these 7 sounds on the HomePod. We will update the list once we find more sounds being updated to the HomePod ambient sounds list.

Summing Up…

Have you tried listening to the all-new ambient sounds on your HomePod? If not try it now and let us know your experience in the comment section right below. And also let us know if you find any new sounds.

What do you think of this Apple’s HomePod ambient sounds? Share your feedback right away in the comment below.

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